Friday, February 20, 2009

so bad, so good

Ok, clearly I'm late to post today. And for some reason I have bad boys on the brain. Specifically one very bad boy, Guy of Gisbourne as played by the delicious Richard Armitage.

And then it got me to thinking about his voice and how smooth and silky and even DANGEROUS it is. Click here for proof.

So what is it about the bad boys that makes them so....good? Is it just that we like to believe we will be THE ONE to make his heart melt and find the secret key to changing him? Or some other hidden reason? I'm curious to know what you think. And who are some of your favorite hero bad boys?

For fun, here's random photos to whet your appetite.


Anonymous said...

I am currently watching bad boy Guy in season 2 of the BBC's "Robin Hood". :o)

Renee said...

Great pics and post.

I love Henry from the Blood series. He is a very good bad boy.

Some bad boys I like: Ranger, Eric, Clay, St Vincent, Hawke, Derek Craven.

Something about their edginess is so dangerously attractive!

Pretty, pretty pics (especially Zahn.)

Tracy said...

Ah - gotta love those Bad Boys. Zsadist, Ranger, any Rake: insert name here. Gotta love em.

Katie Reus said...

I love the tortured hero, but that doesn't always equal a bad boy ;)

sula said...

msmoonlight, I have yet to see all of season 2, but I am waiting with baited breath. guy is soooo bad and yet soooo good. le sigh.

renee, I'm glad you liked them. And that someone recognized Henry! hehehe. Those Kleypas heros really do have the edgy thing going on, don't they?

tracy, I'm hopeful that Rhev's story will not neuter (snerk) him into a tame bad boy. I like him twisted.

katie, tortured heros aren't always bad boys. And bad boys aren't always tortured heros, but I find that usually there is some sort of backstory to justify their baddddddness.

Carolyn Crane said...

yay! What fun!!!

JenB said...

Pretty pictures!

And I must say that I love you for using "whet" properly. :D

(does that make me a geek?)

Renee said...

JenB: You've just outed yourself as a lit major. (It takes one to know one. lol)

JenB said...

Renee - Heh heh...yup. In English AND Spanish.

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