Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 1 - My DIK Books - Wave

Today it's all about the books. As all of you know, I LOVE books and can't get enough of them, so here are my DIK picks.

My first book is ta da - Adrien English Mysteries by Josh Lanyon which includes Fatal Shadows and A Dangerous Thing. I love these books for two reasons - one is the characterizations and the second is they are the first Adrien English mysteries. The first books I read were mysteries including Agatha Christie and Erle Stanley Gardner so it's no wonder that I love the AE series. As those of you who have read these books know, the AE books focus on Adrien English, a gay bookseller, writer and amateur sleuth who has a knack for getting himself into dangerous situations from which he has to be rescued, most of the time by his on-again off-again boyfriend Detective Jake Riordan. These books were first published in 2000 by Gay Men's Press but it was only when they were released by Loose-id in 2007 that romance readers found them but I read them because they were mystery/suspense books. My favourite protagonist in this series is bad boy Jake who most people seem to hate.

Next up is the Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles. There are 5 books in the series - Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, Faith and Genesis. What can I say about the boyz? Johnnie and Tyler, Reese and Luc, Hell and Brent, and Darien and Chris are great and the band is phenomenal! These books are terrific reads and my favourite character is Hell - who can resist him? He is talented, tiny and has mauve hair *g*

My next book is Soul Mates: Secrets, the latest book in this series by Jourdan Lane. I was turned on to these books by reviews and word of mouth, especially from Jen B who wouldn't shut up about Soul Mates :) So I wrote Jourdan Lane to ask whether she would consider being interviewed on my blog and then when she agreed I had to read the books so that I could ask intelligent questions. When I read the first book I was hooked and I am still hooked on this incredible, wonderful series about paranormals and half humans. I have never read a series with so many lovers per person - there is no monogamy in this series, so be warned!

The Assignment by Evangeline Anderson was one of the first M/M books that I read and I was a fan of the genre for life. This book had hot detectives Sean O’Brian and Nicholas Valenti, partners and best friends for six years who are total opposites. Valenti is from a wealthy Italian family and he's tall, dark and repressed while O’Brian is small statured, blond and good looking, very much the product of his outgoing affectionate large Irish family. They supported and depended on each other through Valenti’s divorce and other disasters while on or off duty, and each knows that the other would take a bullet for him in a heartbeat. Their assignment to go undercover at the RamJack, a gay resort, posing as two gay men to catch a drug kingpin who is flooding the gay bars in the city with poison cocaine is the start of their love affair. The Assignment is a favourite of most M/M readers and I have re-read it several times

The Draegan Lords is a paranormal action/adventure series by M.L. Rhodes and I think that it's probably my most loved series to date! Actually the author, M.L. Rhodes is being interviewed on my blog today and we talk about the series and the characters as well as all of her other books. The Draegan Lords is about the long battle between the draegans, a race of dragon shapeshifters and their mortal enemy Byram, High Sorcerer and diabolical ruler of Velensperia who100 years ago launched a deadly attack against the draegans. The race was almost destroyed except for a few of them who lived in hiding but after a century of repression the remaining draegans, under the leadership of Keiran Hareldson began to fight back. Gaige Rizik, Captain of Byram’s High Guard and known as the White Panther, is sent to infiltrate the draegans posing as a human sympathizer to their cause and he falls in love with Keiran. The rest of the story is about their fight to stay alive and defeat Byram.

My last book is The Englor Affair by J.L. Langley. This is the second book in this Sci-Regency series and the two protagonists are Prince Payton Townsend and Marine Colonel Simon Hollister.
The plot is complex, with murder, political intrigue and the possibility of a worldwide nuclear meltdown. I loved this book because Payton was not just a prettyboy prince but really smart and helped save Englor, and in the process helped himself to Simon.
Simon is no ordinary soldier either - he’s heir to Englor and he never expected a dalliance with Payton to blossom into love.

Well that's my list of books. Tomorrow - my heroes. Some of these same guys will be here again but in more detail.


jetmykles said...

Yay! The boys would love the idea of a island vacation :D

Thanks, Wave

lisabea said...

Most EXCELLENT list Wave. Heh. We'll be swapping books, fer sher.

lisabea said...

On a separate note: What is UP with these capture words? They are so weird!!

jessewave said...

Hi Jet
I have first dibs on teh boyz.

Tracy said...

Great list Wave.

First I need to finish the Heaven series. Then I need to look into the Soul Mates and The Draegon Lords - sound good.

jessewave said...

You can have my books any time.

"Capture words?" Moi?

Heaven Sent is an awesome series and so are the others. I think we'll all be in the poorhouse soon with all the book recs.

Tracy said...

I'm with ya on the poorhouse thing! :)

I've read the first in JM's Heaven series I just haven't made it through the rest yet. Sooooon.

LesleyW said...

Love the Adrien English series.

I remember when you first posted your list - I was so jealouse because you'd read The Englor Affair and I hadn't.

Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, great picks! I totally have to read the assignment, I always hear such great things about it. And Jet. M., too!!! Thanks, Wave!

jessewave said...

We'll be poor together :)

The Englor Affair is a terrific book - I hope you get to read it - I think it's better than My Fair Captain.

The Assignment is a terrific story and I would recommend it highly. All of the Heaven Sent books are also excellent!

Kris said...

I'll leave you all fighting about the HS boys and put my dibs on the guys from the Indigo Knights series, which are sure to be just as hot and sweet. *g*

Great list, Wave. I've read all but one and enjoyed them immensely. Now, I'm off to buy the latest Jourdan Lane!

Sarai said...

Oh what an excellent group of books. Me so jealous!

jessewave said...

The Indigo Knights sound really cool! And enjoy Secrets - I think it's the best in the series.

You can borrow my books any time :)

JenB said...

Nice! I totally agree with the Jet, JL, Evangeline, and Jourdan books. Yum! :)

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