Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Top Ten List By Lisabea

Ten Things I Love
About DiK

10. On Line Community of Chicks Who Loves to Read
and We Don't Get Up in Everyone's Grill
About Asshat Stuff

(Although we have been controversial... by accident!)

You chicks rock cuz you're all about the joy of reading and the celebration of the craft(iness of writ-ors).

9. Unapologetic Ojectification of Smexy Menz

Works for me!

8. Great Times Squabbling Over Heroes

I heart you guys. But will still steal your liquor.
And your men.

7. Diversity and Open Mindedness.

So cute.

6. New Friends and Old Friends

Nothing to do with New or Old Friends but DAMN I love me some RC!

5. M/M Week

Ok maybe not THIS one exactly...but still
...I had to post it again.

4. That fucking hilarious post TPig and I did
with Josh Lanyon
(aka Good Sport)

Yes. I have no shame.

3. That fucking hilarious post CJ did.

Neither does she.

2. Author Interviews

Cute Red Head. Funny. Intelligent.
Likes long walks on the beach and men with wings.

1. You Guys. You rock.
And I appreciate the support and friendship.

Look at those drummies!!

Thanks and Have a Happy
Healthy, Stretch Pants wearing
Pig Out on Thursday (if you're in the States) have a great weekend!!


Tracy said...

Oh LB you are da bomb! Great post - probably because I agree with it ALL.

Now, wear in the hell did you find that man wearing his boots and an old, yellowed, threadbare jock strap. That sounds familiar for some reason. :) You DO find some awfully fine men.

lisabea said...

heh. I cannot reveal my sources..until I'm called before the judge. Which may happen!

JL Langley has offered to post bail for me the occasion arises. I'll keep you posted.


Kati said...

Umm, yeah about stealing my menz. Give me back my Taylor Kitsch, you thieving hussy!

MUAH right back to you, LB. You are one of my favorite peepz.

Renee said...

Right on, Lisabea!
I know I can always rely on DIK to put a smile on my face, whether its due to the preeety pictures, great, and sometimes hilarious, interviews (Lanyon!) or great posts by the ladies (where's little CJ? omg, so funny!)

Carolyn Crane said...

Whoa! What a great post, and so fun, lisabea. Way to spread the love! Always nice to see RC.

Ally Blue said...

LisaBea, you complete me!

er. I think I have a girl-crush on that redhead O_O

lisabea said...

Me too, Ally. Me too. She's the bees knees.

Tracy said...

ok - I just realized I typed wear instead of where. That's just so wrong! Dear God - lol

Sarah said...

You are just the business. What an excellent post, kisses from me!

Bev(QB) said...

O Noes! Your menz is hopelessly tangled in his shirt and needs me to help him rip it off.

Oh Noes! I can't reach!

Wait, let me just shinny up this tree trunk of a thigh.

Ahh, that's better.
Come to Mama, baby.

Oh Noes! My foot is tangled in his jock!

Ooops, those things rip apart kinda easy, don't they?

Oh Noes! The jock slingshotted away and wrapped around LisaBea's head! ::gee, how'd THAT happen?:: :-D Don't breath, LB, DON'T BREATH!

Oh Noes! While LB is otherwise engaged with the jock strap, I have stolededed her menz!



lisabea said...

I await further instructions on what to do now that this jock is on my head.

OH WAIT! I'll ask Gerry! He knows everything!

I heart you too, BevQB FAMOUS PERSON.

Did you take him away to your place? You'd better tattoo your name on him b'fore I do!

Bev(QB) said...

Are teeth marks a sign of ownership? Cuz, if so, dat menz be BRANDED!

Oh, and you're gonna have to breath sometime LB, so suck some air in and become one with the jock scent.

JenB said...

EEEEEEEEEEEKK!!!! That last pic is scary!

A little warning would've been nice.

*grumbles something about jockstrap nightmares*

lisabea said...

Jen...I thought for sure you'd LIKE that picture cuz he's all sweaty and dirty..and ripped...and his manly bits are sorta


little alys said...

Gah, I'm late to this again! >_<

Greatest post with the best pictures eveh! :D Teehee

DiK really is awesome for all the reasons you've listed. Thank you! *hugs*

Christine said...

Fantabulous post, LB! I love lists. I love lists with pictures even more! But most of all, I love DIK. And the gals who blog and comment here, too. ;o)

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