Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wedding Bells

I'm getting married a little over 10 days from when this posts. Scott proposed this past January, and we immediately made plans for a BIG wedding to celebrate with every person that we love. We set the date: March 17th (which is also my birthday), and we booked the venue. And we talked and talked and talked about guest lists, food, plans, etc. But as the date got closer, we began to realize that really, we just wanted to be married. And the prospect of taking on tons of debt to have that BIG wedding was both daunting and frankly, stupid. We both had big weddings the first time around. So we talked about it, and decided that we didn't want the big wedding, we just wanted to get married - as soon as possible, which translated to December 27th.

So,we decided instead to have a small family wedding at our house with only our direct family and our very best friends in attendance. We decided to have dinner after the wedding at our favorite little Italian restaurant. We also decided to have a BIG party this summer at our house so that we could still see all those people who we love and want to celebrate with.

As a bride to be, I love all the wedding shows. I love seeing the pomp and circumstance associated with weddings. Hell, I'll freely admit to watching the Kardashian extravaganza (I know, I know...). I watched every moment of the Royal Wedding coverage. I love the spectacle. But for Scott and I, small and intimate is what we wanted.

What about you? If you're married - did you go BIG? Or small? If you're not married, what does your dream wedding look like?


Samantha Kane said...

We went small. I wanted to go to Vegas, but my husband-to-be vetoed that idea. Had so many family members who wanted to come we had to have the reception at the local lodge, can't remember which one. But everything was done cheaply b/c we were grad students and we paid for it ourselves. It was okay, but it wasn't the wedding I wanted, so I'm not overly emotional about the memories. Hate the dress, now, too. Wish I'd picked another one. But it was cheap. :-) Best memory: we took our wedding pics outside and thousands of monarch butterflies on their fall migration stopped in the garden while we were there. They filled the trees. Moral: the best moments aren't the ones you plan.

Kati said...

So true, Sam! So true! Ours had just gotten SO big, and we had this really frank talk about it one night and decided that small was the way to go. From the moment we made the decision, we both breathed easier. I love the Monarch butterflies. That must have been amazing!

Samantha Kane said...

It's the one thing everyone remembers about our wedding. They still talk about it.

Hilcia said...

We went with small and intimate. :) Never regretted it either. It was lovely and to this day a day we remember the fun and the details. No real pressure or stress. A happy day. :D

I love, love watching the big, beautiful weddings too, but my favorite weddings (to attend) have always been the intimate ones.

Congratulations to you and Scott. Enjoy your day! Wishing a happy future to you both.

lisabea said...

Beyond small. There were 14 people in attendance including bride, groom, and justice of the peace (a local realtor--that I would do differently) in my mother in law's entry hall.

The thing is, for all the beauty and glamour and glitz of a fairytale wedding, marriage is the goal. Not pretty pictures. And starting out in debt? Such a bad idea. Best to keep love and the promise of a happy future and your family as priorities--you'll never regret that.

So happy for you, Kati. x0 **throws rice**


Tracy said...

congratulations once again! The day is almost upon you and it will be wonderful, you'll see.

We the middle. We paid for it all ourselves so we had about 100 people and did dinner and dancing at a local women's club that was gorgeous (and cheap! lol). It was fun but there was definitely stress involved. If I had to do it all again? I'd say I'd go smaller and more intimate. I loved the wedding but would do the reception differently.

Lea said...

Congratulations Katie! :) Wishing you every happiness.

We had a big wedding but it was a long time ago. Having it to do over, I would do exactly what you and your fiance are planning.


Anonymous said...

We went small but big...does that make sense? I had a lot of contacts/friends due to a high profile company I owned and when we announced our engagement everyone "close to us" thought they would be invited to the wedding, some 300 people. Oh, the expense! We cancelled plans on U.S. soil and since we were going to Europe for a honeymoon, we made a side trip to Scotland and got married in a private castle (that's it's own story). Just the two of us, the lord and lady of the castle and their friends from neighboring castles. What a memory!

Carolyn Crane said...

Kati! OMG, that is in 3 days! I'm so excited for you. My man and I went SO small. So so small. We were saving money for a downpayment on a house, and had it in a park! And our reception hosted by a friend. The only thing I regret: not having a decent photographer there. We gave no thought to photos, and that would have been a splurge we should have made.

Have FUNNNNN!! So excited for you.

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