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It ain't over till it's over... But just so you know, it's over on Tuesday

Hi there, Nicole Kimberling here with the Blind Eye Books 2011 Round Up and Jamboree. We will be here for three whole days answering questions and giving away prizes! Today, I’ll talk to Ginn Hale about the upcoming release, His Holy Bones, the tenth and final book of her ongoing novel serialization, The Rifter. Tomorrow, Josh Lanyon and Astrid Amara will be join Ginn and I to talk about our 2012 release, a shared-world anthology called Irregulars. And finally on Saturday, Astrid Amara brings her own wacky sense of humor to the island when she interviews the main characters from Irregulars about what it takes to be an agent in the super-secret Division of Irregular Affairs.

But first things first. Ginn Hale is known to most people as the author of the Gaylactic Spectrum Award winning novel Wicked Gentlemen. This year Blind Eye Books teamed up with online indie ebook wizards Weightless Books, to digitally serialize Ginn’s epic fantasy novel, The Rifter.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, here’s the upshot:

When John opens a letter addressed to his missing roommate, Kyle, he expects to find a house key. Instead he is swept into a strange realm of magic, mysticism, revolutionaries and assassins. Though he struggles to escape, John is drawn steadily closer to a fate he shares with Kyle—to awaken the destroyer god, the Rifter, and shatter a world.

I adore this complex and amazing story so much that I could go on about it for days, but I thought that most readers here on the island would prefer to hear about The Rifter from Ginn Hale herself.

Nicole: When I suggested that The Rifter was a good candidate for reviving the 19th century practice of serializing fiction, did you think I was off my nut?

Ginn: Hmmm… how to answer tactfully… I was pretty surprised by the thought of releasing the book in ten segments. But after we talked a little I started to see how it could all work and I got excited about the whole idea. Soon I realized that you were right on your nut as always!

Nicole: Now that Rifter Book 10, His Holy Bones, is about to be released, how do you feel about the success of the project?

Ginn: I’ve been very pleasantly surprised to discover just how many people wanted to discuss the plot as it developed. It was really fun to hear all their ideas and answer their questions. It brought back the whole reason I love writing, which is to share stories.

Nicole: One of the fantastic things about this whole serialization experiment has been the response from the readers at Goodreads. I personally thought it was great to go chat with them and hear their theories as they all read along each month. But I was there as an editor and also a fan of your work. As an author, was it intimidating to participate in such a lively discussion of your work?

Ginn: I didn’t find it intimidating so much as slightly nerve-wracking because I had to be careful to keep my trap shut to avoid spoiling future releases.

The more I got to know the individual members of the Goodreads group the more I wanted to be able to re-assure them about their favorite characters or pass on “valuable” information. And once various delicious bribes began to be offered I really had to fight to clam up!

I’m feeling almost giddy about the release of book ten because I’ll finally be able to reply to people without having to edit myself for all potential spoilers.

Nicole: Did you have a favorite character in The Rifter?

Ginn: That’s a very tough question. It’s an epic inhabited by a good number of characters and I tried my best to make them all interesting. Though for me, as the author my enjoyment of the characters often differed depending on what I got to write about them.

For example I really enjoyed describing John’s experiences of geology and botany, particularly as the book went on and his awareness grew. Kyle was a joy for moody action; as an author I could always count on him for some cathartic butt-kicking. Ji was awesome for feeling wise and dangerous and Pesha almost bounded off the pages, she was so energetic, flirtatious and excited to fulfill her own potential. Of course, after a thousand pages certain characters actually started to give me a feeling of nostalgia. Both Alidas and Saimura were that way.

Nicole: Any last thoughts?

Just that I’m quite glad that you convinced me to serialize The Rifter. It’s been a pleasure and conversing with the Goodreads group not only allowed me to see my own work in an entirely different way but it also made me appreciate how involved, excited and clever readers really are.

To celebrate Ginn’s epic achievement, we’re giving away one complete Rifter subscription to one lucky commenter!

Got questions for Ginn? Ask away!


Tam said...

Hey Ginn, great interview. I really must catch up on my Rifter reading. Maybe over Christmas. (I keep saying that about everything, I better take another week off work. LOL)

I'm curious if you've ever thought about following up on the Lord of the White Hell stories. I'm curious about their life after they went off together. I think they could have some interesting adventures. But I'm sure everyone asks. :-)

Chrisbails said...

Hey Ginn, loved the interview. This is a new series for me and would love to win and read this book. You are also a new author for me and always looking for new books and authors to read. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

I read the 1st in the Rifter series then decided to wait until it was *all* released! So I am looking forward to this final section.

Question: any thoughts of catching up with Belimai and Wm. from "Wicked Gentlemen"?

Sherry F from the Midwest

Ginn said...

Hi Tam!

A week might just be about right :D

I am very seriously considering revisiting the characters fro Lord of the White Hell. I don't want to make any promises, because I've found that the pressure sort of "chokes" me. But I do think there are more stories there.

Ginn said...

Hey Chrisbails!

Thanks for coming along to the island! I'll make sure to put your name in the hat for the drawing!

Ginn said...

Hello Sherry!

I know a number of folks are waiting to read the series all in one go. I get nervous about reading an incomplete series myself, so I understand.

I have written more about Belimai and Harper, but nothing that's come together as a novel as of yet. They aren't forgotten!

Eva said...

Great interview Ginn. I've been hearing/reading good things about The Rifter on GR and blogs but was waiting for all books to be out before buying. So this giveaway seems like perfect timing :)
I don't really have any particular questions. Well I am curious about the awesome sounding anthology. I'll just have to remember to come back to the island tomorrow to read more about that.

alan said...

A question I have is -- how much of the Rifter was written before the idea of serializing came up? Because if it was something like 600 pages, then I can imagine you thinking to yourself with a tear in your eye, "How am I going to bring this tome to the world?"

Ginn said...

Hey Eva,
Thanks for dropping by!

I hope that you enjoy The Rifter. I'm interested in finding out how it reads as one large book as compared to ten smaller ones.

Ginn said...

Hey alan!

The entire book had been written before I even thought of publishing...but when I did I realized that it was simply too big. After a number of publishers taold me as much, I actually threw the manuscript away and went on to write the Lord of the White Hell.

Then Nicole approached me about publishing The Rifter as a serial... and then I was in the kind of embarrassing position of having to ask members of my writing group if they still had any copies.

Luckily, between other writers and Nicole herself we managed to piece together the manuscript. :D

alan said...

Wow, so you destroyed Basawar.

Ginn said...

Yep... I did it one worse than the Rifter himself... A whole world--recycled! :D

Chris said...

I've been waiting until they were all out before starting, so winning the set would be delightful! :D

orannia said...

Wonderful post Nicole! I must admit to be slightly concerned about how I would approach a serial, but I've really enjoyed madly speculating about various plots and worrying about the characters.

Ginn - I thought you were very circumspect WRT tidbits - I kept hoping you might slip with some little nugget of information :) And I didn't realize you had to pierce The Rifter back together! I'm so glad you published it - I've really, really enjoyed it. (And I didn't think anything could top Lord of the White Hell :)

I am very seriously considering revisiting the characters fro Lord of the White Hell.

*looks around wildly for potential offering*

And...I know I already have a copy of The Rifter, but if it's OK I would love to be entered into the draw - not for me, but for a friend who I know loved The Lord of the White Hell. (I got told off for not lending her both print copies at the same time, because she devoured the first). She has been waiting for the serial to be completely released, and since she was caught in an earthquake earlier this year I'd love to gift it to her (if I was lucky enough to win). Many thanks in advance :)

Josh Lanyon said...

I love these insights into your creative processes -- especially as regards Rifter which, as you know, I am utterly obsessed with.

Is it true the series will eventually be in print?

diana said...

Hi Ginn, I enjoyed meeting you through this interview and I'm very anxious to read the complete Rifter. My friends have loved the series and I was advised that I would too. I love finding new authors this way.

Ginn said...

Hey Chris,

You aren't alone. I thing a fair number of people have waited to read the whole thing at once.

Remember to pace yourselves and get lots of hydration! heheh

Ginn said...

Orannia! Good to "see" you!

You have no idea how tough it was not to give anything away-- particularly during the "on a boat" sessions of all our Good Reads discussions!

And fear not you're in the drawing!

Ginn said...

Hey Josh!

Yep, it will be coming out in print. Probably in four volumes... I'm planning on selling them door to door like encyclopedias. :D

Ginn said...

Hi diana,

The pleasure is mine!
I hope that you enjoy the books...and ah... geez, now I feel all nervous like I'm trying to ask you out for a dance at prom... your hair sure looks pretty...

But seriously, I'm always delighted when someone decided to take a chance and read one of my works. Thank you!

Nikki said...


Sure, I don't see why you couldn't be entered to give a gift.

And I'm glad you took a chance on the serial. I think the main thing that makes a serialization work is having it fully written out in advance. Because the production on them takes up all the time you'd spend writing them (if they weren't finished) and you'd miss deadlines (which would be deeply disappointing.)

Tracy said...

The winner of the Rifter subscription is:



(Orannia I will forward your email info to Nicole)

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