Friday, December 16, 2011

Love Your Books....Just Don't LOOOOVE Your Books

*I originally posted this at Katidom about three years ago, but it's such a fun topic, I figured why not do a re-post?*

When you're reading, are you a delicate reader? Or do you beat the crap out of your books?

I can honestly say, that each and every one of my books is well loved by the time I'm done with it. I'm one of those readers who immediately cracks the spine of my book. If I'm interrupted while reading (usually to let the dog in or out of the house), the book goes open faced down on the coffee table. If I'm reading and I can't find a book mark, the page gets folded down. And yes, I've been known to hop, paperback in hand, into the swimming pool on a raft.

Sacrilege, I know.

Now, there are certain books of mine that I cherish and treat much better than others. I own a couple of copies of different books so that I always have one that is in good condition.

But yes, my name is Kati, and I beat the crap out of my poor defenseless books. I will say though, that I am VERY careful with loaned books. If the book belongs to someone else, I treat it very, very carefully. But my own books I beat the crap out of.

Now it's your turn. Are you hard on your books? Or do you carefully read them so that the spine never cracks, a page is never turned down and they go back on the shelves looking as pristine as ever?


Unknown said...

I absolutely do anything/everything with my books. Dog-ear pages, drop them in the bathtub (ooops, one major reason I rarely use my Nook in the bath - I learned my lesson about electronics after a cell phone tried suicide by that route), etc. Books are meant to be read, not treated like fine crystal.

That does not, however, include antique books that deserve to be treated with kid gloves.

Anonymous said...

I invariably spend the first several minutes breaking spines, especially on Harlequins, which otherwise tempt one to read right across both the left and right hand pages. Sometimes, it's a tough job to break that spine, too. After all, I read a book for what's inside nor for it's pristine appearance.


Dr J said...

I really do love my books, and I start out trying to take really good care of them. But so often as I am reading, especially paperback books, the tight glue job just drives me crazy. I am a little easier on hard back books, but I don't have as many of those now except in my professional library. Kindle and my eBookwise readers have helped calm that binding frustration considerably. But I have to admit, I am far more hard on my books that I probably should be. I know when I take some to the second hand bookstore, they sort of get that look on their faces which tells me that they know I treated them like @#$%. Oh well . . .

Tracy said...

The funny thing is...I'm a spine cracker extraordinaire, but I shudder at the thought of folding down a page. Either turn the book over or find a bookmark, I say! lol I know, bizarre and makes no sense but that's me. :)

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