Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why You Should be Reading Kaki Warner

I first heard of Kaki Warner through Kate last year when she read Pieces of Sky. At first I thought, western? I don’t know. And then I heard the sex scenes were pretty much fade to black, and kind of pushed the book away. (Bad Smexy!)

A little while later I received an arc of the second book, Open Country and maybe I was just in a different mood, but I tried it. And I LOVED it. I went back and read Pieces of Sky and then devoured book three, Chasing the Sun when it came out. Then went into a depression because the trilogy was done. No more Wilkins brothers. *sob* This series is just so romantic and adorable. There is always a little action in each book, but what really stands out are the relationships, not just between the hero and the heroine, but the three Wilkins brothers.

But my sadness didn’t last long, because Kaki Warner started a new trilogy this year and the first book is fabulous. Heartbreak Creek is the start of her Runaway Brides series and is just as smart, funny and romantic as her previous books.

Getting back to my “fade to black sex scenes” comment – yes,  we are not privy to what happens when the lights turn off. But Kaki puts so much romantic gestures in these books, that I really have no complaints in the romance department. Okay, maybe teeny tiny part of me wants to see the whole package. But I would have missed out on an excellent series of books had that stopped me.

I’ve noticed Penguin is rereleasing her Blood Rose Trilogy in Mass Market Paperback. Pieces of Sky will come out in this format October 4th, with Open Country and Chasing the Sun coming November and December respectively.
Pieces of Sky by Kaki Warner: Book Cover
So giddy up and give these a try!

~Mandi/Smexy Books


Tracy said...

I skipped these books because of the western aspect as well - they're just not my favorites. Now that I've read your thoughts though I may have to pick up one of her books (in order of course). Thanks for the heads up. :)

JenM said...

I wanted to read these, but they were out of my budget. If they are coming out in MMPB, hopefully the Kindle price will also come down.

Anonymous said...

I finally got to read the first 2 and they were both very good! Now I need to read her new book but I'm on a tight budget just haven't been able to buy it yet! I will soon!

Theresa said...

Hi Anonymous, Have you looked for the books at your library? I'm a huge Kaki fan and hate to think of you missing out. If they're not at your library, ask them to carry them. Just a thought.

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