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So, You Think Your Know Your Romance Heroes?

Well let’s just see, shall we? SidneyKay from Kay's Blog here and I am always amazed when I’m around romance readers who can remember names. Lord So-and-So from Love on the Roof written in 1972…wasn’t he the dreamiest with those emerald eyes? Exxxccuse me! Who? When? I’m even more amazed (and jealous) that some readers can even remember what these characters looked like. So, I had a thought: wouldn’t it be fun to have a quiz? Oh what a brilliant idea! Anyway, the first thing I did was visit All About Romance and select the 10 favorite romance novels (from the top 100 list) as voted by romance readers. I’m not sure what I was thinking; I thought it would be easier to find the descriptions of the hero and heroine. Ha ha, the joke’s on me! After lots of digging, in a couple of cases from prequels, I compiled my list. I even had to read two contemporaries! Oh, the humanity!

So, here’s what you need to do - just match the hero with his description. That’s all! Anyone who participates in this quiz will qualify to be randomly selected as the winner of a lovely leather-bound writing journal (with Celtic designs). The winner will be announced Saturday, September 24 along with the answers. So, have fun and don’t cheat!

1. Sebastian, Lord Dain
Lord of Scoundrels, Loretta Chase, 1995

2. Derek Craven
Dreaming of You, Lisa Kleypas, 1994

3. Sebastian, Viscount St. Vincent
Devil in Winter, Lisa Kleypas, 2006

4. Wulfric, Duke of Bewcastle
Slightly Dangerous, Mary Balogh, 2004

5. Fitzwilliam Darcy
Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen, 1813

6. Anthony Bridgerton
The Viscount Who Loved Me, Julia Quinn, 2000

7. Christian Jervaulx
Flowers From the Storm, Laura Kinsale, 1992

8. Jamie Fraser
Outlander, Diana Gabaldon, 1991

9. Calvin Morrisey
Bet Me, Jennifer Crusie, 2004

10. Phineas Tucker
Welcome to Temptation, Jennifer Crusie, 2000

A. “He was tall and well-formed and dressed with consummate elegance…. His hair was dark and thick, expertly cut and neatly worn. His shoulders and chest looked broad and powerful beneath the exquisite tailoring, his hips slender in contrast, and his thighs very obviously in no need of a tailor’s padding. But it was not so much his impressive appearance that held (─) silent and rooted to the spot…. It was more his utter assurance of manner and bearing and the proud, surely arrogant, tilt to his head. He was clearly a man who ruled his world with ease and exacted instant obedience from his inferiors, who would, of course, include, almost every other living mortal.”

B. “... the deep blue eyes intense, frozen cobalt rage: a caged and bound pirate, a brute at bay. He lowered his face a little looking at her from beneath his eyelashes. Wariness, anger, a deep and powerful passion – they were all in his face, in his stance...”

C. “He had broad shoulders, mirrored sunglasses, and no smile, and (─) could hear ominous music on the soundtrack in her head as her heart started to pound. His fair hair shone in the late-afternoon sun, his profile was classic and beautiful, the sleeves of his tailored white shirt were rolled precisely to his elbows, and his khaki slacks were immaculate and pressed. He looked like every glossy frat boy in every nerd movie ever made, like every popular town boy who’d ever looked right through her in high school, like every rotten rich kid who’d ever belonged where she hadn’t.”

D. “ (─) was heavy artillery, she thought. Nothing (─) or anyone else could have told her could have prepared her. Coal black hair and bold, black eyes and a great, conquering Caesar of a nose and a sullen sensuality of mouth – the face alone entitled him to direct lineage with Lucifer…. …(─) had told her (─) was a very large man. She had half expected a hulking gorilla. She had not been prepared for a stallion: big and splendidly proportioned – powerfully muscled, if what his snug trousers outlined was any indication. She should not have been looking there, even if it was only an instant’s glance, but a physique like that demanded one’s attention and drew it…everywhere”

E. “With his black hair and tanned face, and features that were neither chiseled nor coarse but somewhere in between, he was handsome…almost. His strong white teeth were slightly snaggled, giving him the appearance of a friendly lion when he smiled. Nearly irresistible, that smile, although it never reached his hard green eyes.”

F. “Tall”

G. “The (─), (─) noted with irritation, was blindingly handsome. Dressed in stark black and white, he eschewed the garish colors that had become popular among the ton more foppish members of the ton. He was tall, stood straight and proud, and had thick chestnut hair that tended to fall forward over his brow.”

H. “Dark eyes, strong cheekbones, classic chin, broad shoulders, chiseled everything, and all of it at ease as he stared out over the bar.”

I. “There was nothing kind, sensitive, or remotely boyish about him. He was a predator who undoubtedly liked to toy with his prey before killing it. … He was tall and lean, his body a perfect frame for elegantly simple clothes that provided a minimum of distraction from his tawny handsomeness. His hair, the antique gold of a medieval icon, was thick and slightly curly, with streaks of pale amber caught in the rich locks. His pale blue eyes glittered like rare diamonds …. Beautiful eyes that showed no emotion when he smiled. The smile itself was enough to steal the breath from one’s body…the sensuous, cynical mouth, the flash of white teeth…Oh, (─) was a dazzling man. And well he knew it.”

J. “The thick red-gold hair had been brushed to a smooth gleam that swept the collar of a fine lawn shirt…Well over six feet tall, broad in proportion, and striking of feature he was a far cry from the grubby horse-handler.”


Melissa said...

My guesses are:
I'm sure I'll be shocked when I learn the answers.

Tracy said...

OMG I have no idea - and I've read most of these books! So sad. lol I really only know 1 for sure. *sigh*

1 - E
2 - H
3 - B
4 - A
5 - F
6 - G
7 - D
8 - J
9 - I
10 - C

Beebs said...

OMG I've read most of these and the only one I can say for sure is 1D. I haven't a clue for the rest. Apparently I'm not very observant. I loved Dain.

SidneyKay said...

blah ha ha ha

Delia said...

1. D
2. E
3. I
4. A
5. F
6. G
7. B
8. J
9. H
10. C

Harder than I thought! I think we read the description, then imagine the hero for ourselves!

Melanie said...

Hey Chick!

I've read all but TWO of the books and I know my heroes! I think I ALMOST got them all but not 100% sure; you had me stomped with TALL! That was bad of you! They're ALL tall, so I went with process of elimination, so here we go:

James F. (NEVER can I forget him) 8J

Christian (the rage and caged gave him away)

Lord Dain (Caesar nose gave him away)

Bewcastle (tilt of the head and ruling all mortals gave him away)

Derek Craven (the almost handsome)

St Vincent (predator gave him away)

And here's where I stumbled...

6G or 6F?
5F or 5G?
C9 or C10?
H9 or H10?

I never read Jennifer Crusie, but there are 'sunglasses in the quote, so that could be either or...So take your pick ;)

The rest I'm 99.99% sure....


Anonymous said...

I've read all these, and some are my favorites! I had trouble with several and took guesses, but some were descriptions that have stuck in my mind. Crooked front teeth, for example! :)

Hilcia said...

Okay... well this is TOUGH!

How can Dain be the only one who stands out because of the nose? How can I not recognize some of them? Is it that they all start to LOOK the same after a while? LOL! Okay, here goes my best shot, and some of them are guesses because I'm not familiar with Bridgerton. And, tall? Okay.

1D... that's Dain! Ceasar nose.
2E - Derek!! Yum
3I - Sebastian!! Double Yum
4A - Wulfric
5F - Darcy
6G - Bridgerton
7B - Christian
8J - Jamie - Outlander(?)
9H - Calvin - Bet ME!
10C - Phineas - Welcome to Temptation (Cutie pie)

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