Monday, September 12, 2011

kris' bookfession #1*

*A few people have already read this, but I reckon they overreacted so I'm trying it out with a broader readership.  Make sure you get it right this time.

I'm not sure if you've seen a project going on called 'the burning house'? It's where people take pics of what they would take with them if, well, their house was burning down. It's fascinating so go check it out if you haven't already.

Another cool meme type thingy is 'bookfessions'. I love these. As a bibliophile I can totally relate.

So, these concepts got me thinking about which books I would take with me if my house was burning down.

For those of you who know me from my old blog it's a no brainer. The books I would save are those by my beloved *hand to heart* Sir Terry Pratchett.

*moment of silent awe*

Of course, the possibility of loosing my Sir Terry's to a fire caused my anxiety and OCD levels to rise to astronomical levels, therefore I started to prepare a disaster plan.

As you would.

Which, naturally, led me to a dilemma and then to this realisation:

Kris' Bookfession #1

If my house caught on fire, I'm pretty sure that I would save my Sir Terry's before my boy kittehs. 

Yeah, I might regret and stuff, but still... it's Sir Terry.  

Nuff said.

What would you do?  And be honest... I bet a whole heap of you thought about grabbing your ereaders before you even thought about the kids or pets, right.


Case closed.


KT Grant said...

That's why you have 2 arms. One of carry your Sir T's, the other for your kitties.

You would put your cookies in your pockets.

Chris said...

My ebooks and the contents of my computer are all backed up offsite via Carbonite, thus freeing me to grab my kitties. :)

Kris said...

KBC: Don't be silly. Most of me Sir Terry's are hardcovers. That would take both arms and at least a couple of trips.

Chris: What about your print books?? There must be some special ones that you'd squish into the kitteh carrier. :P

Chris said...

Ok, probably the personally autographed limited special edition copy of Charles de Lint's The Onion Girl. :)

Kris said...


Jenre said...

I'm like Chris. I back all my books up on a remote site so I don't need to grab my puter or reader.

Plus, if I write a real sob story begging letter to Blind Eye Books, I'm sure they would replace the signed copies I have of their books so I'm not too fussed about saving the paper books either.

So..sensible as it is, I probably would save the kids and the cats first. The question is... which would it be kids or cats? :)

Kaetrin said...

I'd probably save something sappy like my wedding dress or the wedding pics - assuming the family were safe of course! The books can all be replaced - now that I have become anal about Goodreads, I have a record of all my books and I have all my ebooks backed up on dropbox. All the rest - insurance. Hubby would save the dog so I could save something else.

I still think if you glue some Discworld novels to your kittehs you could have a twofer... :P

Kris said...

Jen: The fact that you're actually thinking about it says it all. ;P

Kaetrin: "I still think if you glue some Discworld novels to your kittehs you could have a twofer... :P"

*gasps* SACRILEGE! I would NEVER do that to my Sir Terry's! The thought... *shudders*

I don't even know why I type to you.

You book killer.

Tracy said...

Let's see...the kids and that entire file drawer with all the birth & marriage certificates. As long as I have my purse and book bag I have all my really important books things. :)

Kris said...

You have a book bag?? Why did I not know that you have a book bag? What's in it? You have me curious now, Tracy. :)

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