Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A national obsession.

So, here in NZ at the moment the Rugby World Cup is on. I live in a nation obsessed. It leads the news on all channels every night and dominates talk at work. I've never been a huge fan, but I must admit that I've kinda been watching the odd game and quite enjoying it. The atmosphere is a little infectious! I guess Rugby is to NZ, what Super Bowl is to the US o what the Soccer World Cup is to... everywhere else!
I watched Canada play Tonga last night and found myself quietly cheering on the rugged, beardy bunch from the north. As a beard aficionado, I could not help but marvel at the voluminous nature of Adam Kleeberger's facial hair. Goodness!
I also found myself standing and cheering at the loss of Sonny Bill's shirt, which was ripped in a maul and he then had to change on the field. Augh! Clip below...
Tonight is the big game between Russia and the USA. Miss Russia is here to support them along with some billionaire who sells vodka. Should be super exciting!
So, if it's the middle of the night over your way and you've nothing better to do, have a nosey through your sport channel and see if you can watch some of the magic games and even more awesome thighs! I feel a sports romance novel binge coming on :)


Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

What a timely post - I'm currently reading Sean Kennedy's Tigers and Devils (Australian Football - same as Rugby?) That video of Sonny Bill gave me a great image for the maincharacter, lol.

Chris said...

That is just WAY too much facial hair!

I'm still marveling that the US has a national rugby team.

Jenre said...

Oh dear Patti. You're going to have to hope that none of the Aussie readers see your comment :). No, Australian Football is not the same as rugby, although there are some similarities in the game.

That beard is just fabulous. Imagine the time he must have to spend grooming it.

So far England are doing well in the rugby world cup, which is to be expected when we've only played Argentina so far :).

Sarah said...

Hey Patti, nah Aussie rules is nowhere near as cool as Rugby union. heh. I've never been a huge Sonny Bill fan, but that's all changed now!!

Sarah said...

Chris, that facial hair is CRAZY! He also has a bit of a mop on top... it certainly stood out on the field as he was playing :)

Sarah said...

Hey Jenre, we've all been introduced to the Mike factor tonight on the news. Good lord, poor guy can't have a few beers without being filmed! And the freak job who released the footage, too weird!

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