Saturday, March 20, 2010

Linda Howard

Linda Howard remains one of the favorite authors on my shelf. I love her taciturn heroes and occasionally whiney heroines. In fact, I like her heroes so much I am willing to overlook the flaws of these heroines, even when they grind my gears.

I think some of my favorite novels of hers were written during the nineties.

After the Night with Gray Rouillard and smart Faith Devlin embroiled in digging up nasty old family secrets.

Marni (not my favorite heroine) and Dane in Dream Man. I loved his solid cop presence and ballsy nature. Kinda overbearing, but I liked him anyways!

Random jungle book Heart of Fire with Jillian Sherwood and bad boy Ben Lewis looking for treasure and stuff. As I was slightly addicited to Romancing the Stone flicks, this story scored major points.

Jaine Bright and gorgeous cop Sam in Mr Perfect. I think it was the kitchen scene that did me in on this one! I have this in hardcover. It was sent to me by someone in the US. I luff it!

Linda Howard is one of those authors who I know I can sit down and read again and again without getting bored. Her books are truly keepers. This is not to say I haven't loathed a couple of her books! But, by and large, she just rocks my socks.


Martha Lawson said...

Amen!! I agree 100% - she is a keeper..

Tracy said...

I'm gonna have to duck and run for cover but I'm pretty positive I've never read a Linda Howard book. I know! I did get one out of the library not long ago but didn't read it in time and then had to return it because someone else was waiting for it. waahhh. Some day, I'm sure I will do it.

Sarah said...

Hey Martha, I have nearly all her books. They're all rather worn and rather far from pristine! She is such a great read. :)

Tracy, you should give her a crack! Some pretty classic he-man heroes and great writing!

Kris said...

"Random jungle book Heart of Fire with Jillian Sherwood and bad boy Ben Lewis looking for treasure and stuff. As I was slightly addicited to Romancing the Stone flicks, this story scored major points."

Snap! That has to be one of my fave eva Linda Howard's. I adore Ben's total bafflement in this when it comes to Jillian's resistance of his charms. It's awesome.

SiNn said...

i loveeee linda howard! my favorite of all time is After the night then my second favorite is Shades of Twilight I loveee those two books the most but all of her books rock open season is pretty awesome too

ElaineG said...

I loooooove Linda Howard! My favorites are MacKenzie's Mountain, MacKenzie's Mission and MacKenzie's Pleasure and A Game of Chance. The first romance book I read way back in High School in 1987 was Heartbreaker, and I think I read it 6 times in a row! They are all Silouette books, and I treasure my worn out original paperback copies! I have all of her books, but those 5 I constantly re-read over and over and over. She is an amazing writer and I am always waiting for the next release. Linda Howard books are what started my obsession with reading romance.

Sarah said...

Hey Kris, she was so ballsy and kinda nerdy. My kinda heroine!!!

SiNn, there is nothing better mid winter here than whipping these out to re read. They're still as good as the first time!!

Hey elaine, you're so lucky you got them early! I had to wait for ages as I could not get copies of them down here in NZ. Had to wait for some re prints of them to come out. They're two volume ones and I love them!! I even thought of buying them on Amazon at some exorbitant price once or twice! I was always a little disappointed by the final story, was it Chances story? One that needed a few years I think, too much expectation!

ElaineG said...

Hey Sarah--the last book, A Game of Chance was bittersweet for me.The ending, though, when Chance tells Zane the name of the baby? STILL gets me crying every stinking e time...I didn't want the family stories to end, but Wolf and Mary are so much older by the last book, I knew it would be the last I said bittersweet ending for the series.

Anonymous said...

I love all her books. Mr. perfect is my favorite, but I've reread them all. The only one I haven't read more than once is Cry No More. It was a great book, but messed up my emotions for weeks after. I had the same problem with the movie E.T. Loved it, cried like a baby, haven't seen it again:)

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