Monday, March 8, 2010

Exclusive! The Eric Northman - Little CJ interview

Island exclusive! Eric Northman interviews Crazy Little CJ to learn all about Carolyn Crane and her upcoming novel, MIND GAMES!

Eric: Welcome, Crazy Little CJ. I'm so glad you made the time to be here today. For our guests who don't know, Crazy Little CJ is Carolyn Crane's childhood portrait, painted by an elderly aunt. Crazy Little CJ, I understand you have hung on Carolyn Crane's office wall for years, because her husband won't let you be in the living room because he thinks your eyes follow him everywhere. I think that is terrible.

Little CJ: Yeah. It is. And it's just Little CJ. You can drop the crazy.

Eric: Okay, let's get right to it. Little CJ, I am so in love with Carolyn Crane. You have to help me get inside her head. How can I make her love me? I had hoped that now that I am a TV star, she would think I’m special, but frankly, I feel neglected.

Little CJ : Join the club, dude.

Eric: But you know her better than anybody else. Please, Little CJ—

Little CJ: [interrupting] - Excuse me, sorry, this isn’t what I want to talk about. I’m sorry for your problems and all, but I’m here to unveil something.

Eric: Is it Carolyn Crane? Is she here? How does my hair look? Is—

Little CJ: [interrupting] - you wanna shut your fang box for a sec?

Little CJ: That’s better, TV stud. Okay, I wanted to unveil the cover of the sequel to MIND GAMES! The title is DOUBLE CROSS. It was DOUBLE TAKE but it got changed.

Eric: But MIND GAMES isn’t even out yet. Shouldn’t we be discussing MIND GAMES? I understand it’s fantastic.

Little CJ: Whatever on MIND GAMES. The book you really want to pay attention to is DOUBLE CROSS, the second in the Justine Jones: disillusionist trilogy. And I happen to have a sneak peek of the cover to show our readers today!

~ stony silence ~

Little CJ: You like?

Eric: Not really. I don’t get it. Why are you on the cover.

Little CJ: What’s wrong? I don’t look kick ass enough? Don’t you see my knife?

Eric: Yeah, I see it.

Little CJ: And? And what do you think of my sidekick?

Eric: It doesn’t make sense that Spectra would have a book with this sort of cover, especially as a followup to MIND GAMES, which is a fun, psychologically plotty, sort of sexy urban fantasy. This new cover feels more YA.

Little CJ: What are you? A publishing industry expert now? My sidekick and I fight crime through paranormal cuteness. When people see how cute we are, they think of all the children and baby animals in the world and decide not to be evil anymore.

Eric: What happened to the psychological hit squad? The neurotic vigilantes? The tortured mastermind hero? All the plot elements of MIND GAMES.

Little CJ: That's all history in the second book of the trilogy. Because, let’s be honest, after that hot tub scene in MIND GAMES, I felt like Carolyn needed to clean up her act. Or that psycho hunting cabin scene? Please. I’m trying to rehabilitate her image here.

Eric: Carolyn Crane’s image seems fine to me.

Little CJ: Yeah - to you maybe. Can you guess what my sidekick is named?

Eric: *sullenly* Vampire snack?

Little CJ: *kicks Eric in the shin* No, his name is Buttons.

Tomorrow: Eric Interviews Miss Doreen about the secrets of getting to Carolyn Crane’s heart. The Miss Doreen Interview here. More about MIND GAMES here.


KT Grant said...

OMG I peed my pants.

Um, but I thought Carolyn had it bad for Russell Crowe? What's this Eric popping up out of nowhere?

Chris said...

Aw. Look at the sweet little puddy tat.

Carolyn Crane said...

KB: LOL. Apparently Eric has it bad for me, not the other way around! What is a girl to do! Too bad I'm married.

Chris: Slays with cuteness!

runner10 said...

Funny post!

Lea said...


I think the kitty, like Tori, is going to need therapy.

You made me laugh on a Monday morning Little CJ which is not an easy task.

NICE book cover!

Jenre said...

So funny, Carolyn. What a trial for you to have gorgeous men lusting after your body.

Erm, I don't think it's safe to let Little CJ run about with that knife, you know, or her kitty side-kick might end up minus a tail.

Unknown said...

Poor Eric! He's mixing up which Carolyn he's in love with. Cuz, it's me. You know?

Carolyn Crane said...

Denise: Thanks!! LOL

Lea: Poor Tori! Traumatized by Knife chicks and now kitties!!

Jenre: *snorts* She runs with scissors constantly, you know.

Carolyn! LOL. The OTHER Carolyn. Drats!

Tracy said...

ROFLMAO! OMg that is just one of the funniest things Ive ever read! I love you CJ!

That knife in LCJ's hand is just damn scary!

Renee said...

LOVE the book 2 cover! Will Miss Doreen be on book 3's?

Poor Eric. Unrequited love is a difficult thing.

Ina said...

*gg* FANTASTIC - couldn't stop grinning ;)

Chris said...

CJ: We must make sure to mention the secret we learned on Saturday on how to tell urban fantasy covers from paranormal romance covers... ;)

Blodeuedd said...

Lol, oh Little CJ on that cover is so so so so sweetly crazy kick-ass

Sullivan McPig said...

Double Cross sounds like a great read ;)

Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

Awesome. Just...awesome!

I hope you blow that up and put it on your other wall.

Chris said...

Oh! Little CJ staring down... Little CJ. Would the world survive?

Carolyn Crane said...

Tracy: Beware of Little CJ today!

Renee: Poor Eric! LOL

Ina: HEy, thanks! LOL

Chris: Dude, that's your post!

BLDD: LOL. Aren't the artists at the pub so amazing?

Sully M: Yes, you would love to read about cute animals, I bet!!

Patti: Snort. I'd prolly go slowly insane.

Bronwyn Green said...

I think more crime should be fought with paranormal cuteness! Well done, Little CJ!

Kris said...

I already have nightmares about Little CJ and now she has a knife in her hand?!

You hate me, don't you.

Unknown said...

Dear Eric:

Perhaps you don't know the legend of Little CJ...I'd be careful about pissing off the little lady. After all, Vampires are immune to the silver blade, and her cute little kitty cat hides another side....

(Kitty will be joining Tori for therapy soon...)

Dottie :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Bronwyn: Shhh! You'll just encourage her!!

Kris: Psst: Little CJ sez she wants to be your friend!

Dottie: LOL! Dottie, you make some VERY smart points here!!!

Kris said...

*trout stare*

Don't think I don't know who you've been talking to over Thai. Hmpf.

Chris said...

*nnocent eyelash fluttering*

Carolyn Crane said...

Kris & Chris: LOL. Ah yes, the Thai food convos can be MOST enlightening! Little CJ was VERY interested in my report when I got home.

Lori said...

LOL, Little CJ is kinda scary isn't she?

Sayuri said...

Too fookin' funny!

I haz Eric!

Kwana said...

That was too funny. Love the covers. Both of them. LOL!

Katie Reus said...

There should be a warning on that post not to be drinking anything while reading. And seriously, that knife is super creepy!

Jill Sorenson said...

Love you, CJ!! Go on with your paranormal creepiness. I mean, cuteness!!

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