Monday, October 26, 2009

Vampires and vampire music and vampire cats, oh my!

Hi, everyone, and thanks for inviting me to visit you here on the island today! *waves wildly*

Sadly, I haven't been able to figure out who to bring with me to the island without poaching on y'all. So I guess I'll just be sitting down here on the beach, watching the waves, enjoying the fact that I'm not in cold and rainy Minneapolis right now, and listening to music.

What I am I listening to? I'm listening to Vampire Life, which is a mix I put together for day(or night)dreaming about hunky vampires. Sure, I'll share it with you... if you'll think about sharing some of those hunky heroes y'all are hoarding... ;)

Please note that some of these songs are a bit obscure. I've tried to link to youtube videos and a preview/purchase link for each song, but, alas, that wasn't always possible.

  1. Andy Martinez - Born in Blood: preview at cdbaby
  2. The Chrysler - First Blood: preview at amazon
  3. Bon Iver - Blood Bank: watch at youtube - preview at amazon
  4. Destroyer - Your Blood: watch at youtube - preview at amazon
  5. Ben Weaver - Blood: preview at amazon
  6. Bright Eyes - Devil Town (Daniel Johnston cover): watch at youtube
  7. Mercury Rev - Vampire Blues (Neil Young cover): preview at amazon
  8. A. A. Bondy - Oh the Vampyre: watch at youtube - download free'n'legal from from Daytrotter
  9. The Catholic Comb - Vampire Life: watch at youtube - preview at amazon
  10. Pete Yorn - Vampyre: watch at youtube - preview at amazon
  11. Jonathan Richman - Vampire Girl: preview at amazon
  12. Gooding - Clap If You Love Vampires: preview at cdbaby
  13. Future Bible Heroes - I'm a Vampire: watch at youtube - preview at amazon
  14. People in Planes - Vampire: watch at youtube - preview at amazon
  15. Roky Erickson - Night of the Vampire: watch at youtube - preview at amazon
  16. The Go Betweens - Spirit of a Vampyre: watch at youtube - preview at amazon
  17. Ash - Vampire Love: watch at youtube - preview at amazon
  18. Inkubus Sukkubus - Vampire Erotica: watch at youtube - preview at amazon
  19. Peel - Love Soaked in Blood: preview at amazon
  20. Mystery Jets - Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis cover): watch at youtube

And now for the furriest, least hunky vampire of them all...

Thanks for letting me visit the island!
Chris - Stumbling Over Chaos


Jenre said...

Ooh, like the new look!

Welcome to the island, Chris. You may NOT share my men.

Unless you want Vic. He's more trouble than he's worth, especially since *that incident* outside Kris' cabana.

What a lot of Vampire themed songs, who'd have thought there'd be so many.

Chris said...

Um, thanks? ;)

Gee, only one incident involving Vic? Seems like things are going pretty well.

Scarily, there are many, many more vampire themed songs.

Lea said...


Welcome to the island... *waving madly*

I'm of a mind to jet off and spend a couple of days with you.. ;) Of course you can share any of my menz you might like too.

I love the eclectic music mix - perfectly in keeping with the season. ;)

Enjoy your visit!

lbgregg said...

Holy Smokes! Who changed the blog?

Hi Chris--sadly I cannot share my men. I am extending an invitation for frozen beverages from Jake and Adrien, Nate, Colin, Derek, Savitri, and, er, Robin Hood. I think I have another hero? OMG. That's bad housekeeping! I think I lost one!



Chris said...

Hi Lea! Hope you can make it!

Hmm. There's a niche for me, LB, lurking about and snagging lost stray menz...

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!! Welcome to the island!

I see we've had a renovation since Johnny and I were kick escorted off the island after the fire incident. *grin*



Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

I have this cd and it rocks!!!
Oh.. and you know my fave vampirecat is the one you have pictures.. He is just so fangsome!
Humm... share my men... but I do share... You should know that I love to share... Expect Caleb *8wink wink**!

Tracy said...

Hey Chris! Thanks for stepping in!

I love all the songs. I'll have to listen to all of them when I get home tonight.

Cute cat!

Carolyn Crane said...

Okay first, this is a super cool playlist and it makes a ROCKING CD!! I am frankly shocked how many vampire songs there are, too.

Well, as for sharing menz, you could always make a list of what men you would want...if only they were available.

Or, maybe somebody would want to trade for a day - they could have Chaos. (But not in a creepy way--in a fun, kitty way)

Chris said...

Aw, how generous, Cecile. :D

*waves at MsMoonlight and Tracy*

Thanks, CJ! Um, I actually have a second completed vampire mix/playlist, with a third nearly done (I have plenty of songs - I'm at the just trying to pick the ones that fit best). And then there's the werewolf mix...

Tracy said...

*raises eyebrows* there's a werewolf mix? Now we're talkin!

Mary G said...

Hi Chris
Enjoy your visit.

Chris said...

Tracy - I suppose I could come back to the island for the werewolf mix, hmm? ;)

And just wait until I get that manlove mix figured out...

Marta said...

Hi, Chris, I just mentioned your fab playlist on my Vampire Wire blog. I love this mix, and I hope you'll share your Werewolf Moon list with readers, too. Love your eclectic selection of songs!

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