Friday, October 30, 2009

Strange Offer

Jake Riordan (see photo) from the Adrien English Mysteries my DIK hut is here today to tell you about a very Strange Offer.

Jake: No. I'm not.

LBea: Why must you be difficult? I just need you to step up on this box, right here, and tell people about the one time, special offer, interview with the love of your life, Adrien--

Jake: I never said that.

LBea: Out loud--no, but, sweetie, you totally love him.

Jake: ::sighs:: What do you want me to do?

LBea; Tell everyone about the interview you guys did with your very good friend, Josh Lanyon.

Jake: Friend? Did Lanyon tell you that? I think you misunderstand the meaning of that word.

LBea: I don't! I think you're just mad because everyone thinks you're a nit and it's slightly his fault.

Jake: ::stony silence::

LBea: I don't think you're a nit.

Jake: Get on with it, LBea. And keep that bastard Nate Hawkins away from my side of the hut. He calls me 'boy' one more time...

LBea shudders delicately: That is

Jake: You have your alpha beta pairings confused.

LBea: Do I? Just tell the ladies here on the Island what's going on, and I'll keep Nate from spanking you. Yes? That's a good deal. Then I can give some free books away, drink my Jamaican Butter Rum coffee, and write my own books!

Jake: Who the hell is this guy?

LBea: You like? He looks like ADRIEN! No?

Jake: No. Here's the news. Pay attention. I'm only saying this once.

::crinkle of paper::

A Strange Offer

Order Strange Fortune, the new spec fiction novel by Josh Lanyon through the Blind Eye Books website by midnight on November 20th and uncover a small fortune in exclusive promotional plunder.

Jake: Did you just make me say 'plunder'?

LBea: Nope. Not I.

Order between November 5th and November 20th and receive:

Sketches of Hidush. A PDF sketch book containing 6 pages of gorgeous original illustrations from Strange Fortune by noted artist Dawn Kimberling.

A Cookbook for Gentlemen featuring one recipe from each of Josh’s works. From Italian margaritas to rabbit pie, there’s something for every appetite in this little gem.

Adrien and Jake: A Private Conversation. Josh’s most popular characters answer a host of questions posed by their creator and a score of readers in this “private” interview.

“The French Have a Name for It.” An original short story by Josh Lanyon. This story is only a
vailable through this offer.

Vintage bookplate template of mysterious swami chap.

Remember, like all things magical…there’s a catch. You must order before midnight on November 20th. When the clock strikes twelve all this lovely loot vanishes like white smoke from a Hidushi temple sacrifice.

LBea: See that wasn't painful at all. Thank you, Jakey. ::pats hand::

Jake: Well, the cookbook looks interesting.

***In honor of my birthday, which is All Saints Day, and rightly so, I'm tossing two copies of Josh's I Spy Something Wicked out to the crowd. It's a Halloween story. Happy Birthday to me!

Just leave a comment in the, er, comment section, and I'll pick someone by midnight on Sunday. WOOT!

Jake: Does that DIK banner say all the heroes here are naked in their huts?

LBea leers: Yup. Even you, sweetie.


Kati said...

I think it should be noted that the men in my hut aren't kept naked. I keep them in tight jeans or leather pants, depending on which mood I'm in.

No shirts, of course. But they're not all naked. Feel free to send Jake over to my hut, if he wants to try on leather pants.

And LBea, I loves you. Happy Birthday, to one of the Saintliest chicks in the land!

lisabea said...

I don't keep them naked either, but the sign on our blog says that we do!

I like my men in faded jeans and worn Led Zeplin T-shirts. Barefoot.

::purring noise::

Thanks Kati! (Jake is on his way, he says)

Chris said...

Oh, I had not noticed that about the DIK header. *snort*

Hey, Jake, can you turn around? ;)

Happy Birthday, LBea! I fear to ask what you're going to do to celebrate....

No need to enter me in the contest, as I already have the book.

lisabea said...

Thanks Chris--

I'm writing, and I'm going to see a midnight live performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Also that stinky day light savings is going to be an unfortunate coincidence for me. Boo.

Hope you enjoy the book! I love these guys...


KT Grant said...

MMMMM your men are so forceful.

How does it feel to be 21?

thelastaerie said...


Jake is not a nit! He was just confused *pats Jake*

And yeah, keep some distance between him and Nate, please. They each have love of their love already. Jake needs to leave all temptation and devote the rest of his life to Adrien!

Love the SF extra goodies. No need to put my comment in for the draw, LBea, I got the ISSW already. Can't wait!

thelastaerie said...

Happy B-Day, LBea! You rule!

lbgregg said...

thelastaerie--I agree. He's not a nit--but there are those who are confused. I think he's tres romantic.

Katiebabs--I like a strong man. And yes, those are my lashes fluttering.

The Scarf Princess said...

Okay, I want to have some half-naked men hanging out with me too. Is there an application I have to fill out? LOL!

Anyhoo, Happy Birthday and enjoy the party!

Lea said...

Happy Birthday LBea.

BTW The naked men in the hut thing was on the previous banner. Isn't it a DIK um.. motto or something?

I like the tight jeans too..


Once again you have a wonderful birthday!

lbgregg said...

Lea--Thanks sweets! I never noticed it--but it's perfect. And Jake needs something to look forward to when he gets back to the hut.

Joder~Not just any men--alpha heroes. Ok I also have Savitri Murray from Demon Moon...she's not naked.

Most of the time.

Josh Lanyon said...

Ah, tanks, Sweetbea. Happy Birthday to you!

Emilie said...

Have fun at Rocky Horror! Picturing Jake facing off with Nate Hawkins made me giggle. I took a look at who else is in your hut -- I'd think everyone else, no matter how alpha, would be at least a little unnerved by Vishous. Happy Birthday -- hope it's a great year for you. :)

lbgregg said...

I'm cracking up.

All Saints Day is Nov 1. I have a day and a half left of 43! DON'T AGE ME.

But thank you, everyone. :)

Thanks Emilie--It will be a great year. If all my heroes don't kill each other.

I think my daughter is going to Rocky Horror, too, and I'm not sure what the protocol is. Do I sit with her?

Please lord. no.

Josh Lanyon said...

I think my daughter is going to Rocky Horror, too, and I'm not sure what the protocol is. Do I sit with her?

Please lord. no.


lbgregg said...

It's a problem.

Maybe if I dress up, she won't want to sit with me!

Kati said...

Not just any men--alpha heroes. Ok I also have Savitri Murray from Demon Moon...she's not naked.

Hah! LMAO!

I got nothin' but love for you LBea.

Tracy said...

Ah LB you always know how to make my day a little brighter. Jake is not a nit and I love that you made him say plunder. Good word that.

Happy ALMOST birthday to you. I hope the end of DST doesn't screw you up too badly. :)

Sounds like an awesome deal @ Blind Eye - thanks for the heads up.

ISSW...I want. :)

Tracy said...

And my men aren't ALWAYS naked in my hut. But sometimes they are. *waggles eyebrows*

lbgregg said...

Kati~ Our list of 5 +1? Savitri is my alternate female if Angelina is too exhausted.

Tracy~Thank you for noticing that I made Jake Riordan say plunder. ::swoon:: Is it hot in here? Or am I having one of those damn flashes people talk about?

Anonymous said...

It's a problem.

Maybe if I dress up, she won't want to sit with me!

Just go as a toaster

LesleyW said...

Is the Strange Fortune offer for the US only or is it open to those of us on the other side of the pond? :)

Unknown said...

Hi LBea

Happy Birthday! I think all the huts should come freshly stocked!

Dottie :)

lbgregg said...

liade--Oh. My. yes!! A toaster! Why didn't I think of that?

LesleyW-I will have to wait for Josh to answer that one! It's a good question.

Dottie~ Thank you--and yes. Freshly stocked and with perhaps a handsome bartender?

Anonymous said...

I tired to keep clothes on the men in my hut, but everytime I turned around they were naked again!



sula said...

that is one helluva photo of RC...i mean JAKE! nom nom!

Renee said...

Such a crack up post!

Just the idea of Nate and Jake in proximity to each other . . . Oh my . . .

I can't wait for Strange Fortune!

Happy bday, Lbea. :-)

lbgregg said...

MsMoonligh~What's a girl to do? I mean, anything to keep our lads happy!

Sula~Note I was compelled to use it at both blogs. I'll be very surprised if CJ doesn't pilfer it for future RC worship.

lbgregg said...

Renee~Thank you, toots. We have fun time under my thatched roof--er--but I have to say, Adrien and I are most entertained by the Nate/Jake possibilities.

Don't tell Monsieur Lanyon. :P

Tam said...

Naked is good. Sigh.

Oh, that's quite a lot of loot to plunder there with the offer. I'll be checking it out. Great post.

Josh Lanyon said...

Hey there, Leslie, the SF offer is good all over the planet because the goodies are all downloads. And BEB ships everywhere (as a good publisher of spec fiction should.)

booklover0226 said...

That was a great post. Jake was so... Jake!

Tracey D

lbgregg said...


Josh~thank you. I knew that, didn't I?

TraceyD~He is deliciously alpha, that Jake is.

Kris said...


Regardless of where I think your taste is, LB, *smiling sweetly* I hope that you have a fabulous b'day!

Unknown said...

Goodies!!! I cannot wait!

Sarai said...

Well I know I"m late but that dang internet crashing thing sucks! LOL But I hope you had a wonderful BDAY LB!! Next Saturday is our Birthday celebration so sit tight for that!

lbgregg said...

Kris~Thank you! And I can't wait for this interview...and the book. :)

Steve~It's going to be great.

Sarai~Thank you sweetie. I'll be sure to stop by.

Anonymous said...

Oh yey, can't wait to read more Josh - the Jake/Adrien interview will be worth the purchase price alone :))

lbgregg said...


Uhm. Now is the time to order, and then you download the freebies. It's a regular windfall--but I have to say, the interview is my favorite item.

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