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LB Gregg Three Days of DIK: Music

How swell that Tracy scheduled me just after the release of my third Men of Smithfield novella--Cover Me--which I'm sure you are all sick unto death of hearing about. Instead of promo-ing my book (which you can buy here,--Enter Smithfield0309 and save at checkout when you purchase a copy of Cover Me.--Yes I just did that. Sue me.) I thought I'd share my muse. Since I have so much to do. And I'm a fucking procrastinator of the highest order. Also I swear a lot. Oops.

(BTW: Kris, this post is dedicated tor you, because you are on the top of my list of things to do. Not that I'm doing you. Or...anything. Merow.)

Finding My MOJO

Every morning I get into the car to drive my extraordinarily above average offspring to school. They attend six days a week, and the boy (who boards at school three nights) needs to be driven 26 miles on partially unpaved Connecticut backroads to his highschool high on a mountain. Well, as high as mountains get here.

And every morning, armed with TWO to-go-cups of coffee, I listen to music--as most people do. The difference is that I have put together a playlist which I call "Let's Get To Work" to inspire us. My son isn't amused by 9/10ths of the music, but he's a good sport. Also he's usually asleep against the window. He's 16 and growing.

Initially, I put this playlist together for a friend, but it's really MY music--although I need to add this:
because that's just fricken fun.

Anyway! Here's the playlist:

Love You Madly ~ Cake
I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked ~ Ida Maria
Pump It ~Black Eyed Peas
littlegirl's theme song
15 Step ~Radiohead
Ally Blue take note!
Beautiful Stranger~ Madonna
Must have a Madonna song, yes?
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground~The White Stripes
Funny that a friend just put this song in the first scene of a new book. ;)
Privilege~ Incubus
Brandon Boyd, aka my secret bf
Think I'm In Love~ Beck
video is fab
I Will Possess Your Heart~Death Cab for Cutie
Indie must
Hands Down~Dashboard Confessional
This song builds brilliantly.
Supermassive Black Hole~ Muse
Muse is cool.
Short Skirt/Long Jacket~ Cake
Another fab video.
Samson~Regina Spektor
Drippy girl song. Everyone needs one.
Feeling Good~ Adam Lambert
I luff him


I like finding out which music my friends are listening to. I also discovered, through Teddypig, that you can send a playlist to a friend--did not know that! How cool is iTunes? How rich are those guys?

I'd love to find out what your theme music is--your muse for driving kids, or getting dressed for work, or just putting your head back in the game. What's your song?

My THEME song for the last six months, is on that list. Anyone venture to guess what it is?

OK I'm off to write a pineapple conflict story for my pal Kris, two months late. I heart you all madly, and I'm off for the races--theme song blasting.

Although seriously I'm getting antsy for a new song.


Chris said...

I'm totally a music head! Love that DCFC song, too. Hmm. The song that's been my theme song for the past few months is "For What It's Worth" by Placebo. Other recent favorites include Cloud Cult's "Everybody Here Is a Cloud" and Kevin Devine's "My Brother's Blood."

Jill Sorenson said...

I love Cake! My husband tolerates them also. We saw them at the Del Mar Fair (free with admission!), maybe three years ago? I danced, had fun....oh, man. I need to do that more.

KT Grant said...

My new ear worm song is Evacuate the Dance Floor by Cascada. Makes you want to get up and dance like a freak.

lisabea said...

Jill~They were just here about a month ago and I couldn't go. WAAH. Note that there are TWO Cake songs on my list. I also love Frank Sinatra and I Will Survive. OK I love a lot of Cake.

Chris~DCFC is one of those bands my kids and I all agree on. Also CAKE. Kevin Devine...he's new to me. I just watched the vid. Hm.....

Katiebabs~I like getting up and dancing like a freak. High energy songs are great for getting to work.

Jenre said...

The CD in my car is always a Seth Lakeman one cos Eldest Son loves his stuff and INSISTS that we listen to him. At the moment there's a big sibling fight going on every time we go anywhere in the car over whether we listen to Seth or Abba Gold. Boys v Girls.

BTW, I'm with the girls on this one and I'm beginning to wish we'd never introduced eldest son to Seth.

If I'm on my own then it's either Radiohead, Turin Brakes, TV on the Radio or Arcade Fire - although I have just bought the new Lily Allen CD which I heart muchly but can't put on when the kids are around cos it's tres rude.

Bev(QB) said...

*sigh* I probably should at least TRY to enjoy pop music. Other than being amazed and fascinated by Glambert (what a jaw dropping voice!), I recognized only one other song on your playlist (Black Eyed Peas).

Right now, I've got a very weird... er... eclectic playlist but not much that could be called current.

We're talking a wide range from David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust is on my short list of best albums EVER) to Garth Brooks (okay, a LOT of Garth) to Queen to Blake Shelton (I stay current with his CDs) to David Cook to Jethro Tull to Jimmy Buffett to the Beatles to Sugarland to Michael Stanley Band.

BTW, I scooped up that pic of Guitarzan so fast that I gave my fingers whiplash. ;-p Expect him to pop up my blog. Um, assuming I ever have time to blog again

lbgregg said...

Bev-- where the hell have you been? I MISSED YOU. ::cough:: I listen to a very eclectic mix too. SKA being one of the surprise favs on my iPod (thanks to my eldest child)--but also Zeplin, Bob Dylan, and Pearl Jam...also Tool. And Queen. I'm a mess!

Good to see you. Hope you're well.

Jenre~There comes a wonderful moment when you can listen to the tres rude with your children. Except Disco Stick or W/E that stupid Lady Gaga song is. EWwWWW.


Renee said...

Beck is awesome! Had to run over to YouTube and watch video after reading you post.

When I need a kick-me-in the ass song, I go for White Stripes' "Conquest"

When I'm mellow and moody, I go for Rufus Wainwright, esp "Cigarrettes and Chocolate Milk" or "Poses."

Mandi said...

You need a Killer's song on there! Read My Mind or All These Things.

I heart Muse too..Starlight is my fav from them.Both Killers and Muse are going to be on New Moon soundtrack. (and Death Cab for Cutie).

Tracy said...

Great list! I don't actually have a playlist...I just jump around on my XM and listen to what I like. I've been very into the Octane (metal) station lately. Loving Skillet, Seether, and Course of Nature.

lisabea said...

Dustland Fairytale is my fav. Killer song but it's not UPBEAT. I love them, though. You're right Mandi!

Renee~Look at you typing! Heh. White Stripes are big with the teens here, it's true. Rufus Wainwright reminds me of Adrien English. YAY!

Tracy~my xm runs out soon. I'm trying not to get addicted (G has it in his car) and...ok the Broadway channel can be fun on occasion.


Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

Could it be Brandon perhaps?

Muse is coming in Jan. And I am going to see them. Even if I have to eat carrots for months. They're playing at the big day out and I must go this year. Srsly. Or I'll be too old and have to be wheeled in. heh.

I am into the radio in the mornings at the moment and I kinda like Pitt Bull. Is catchy!

lbgregg said...

Sarah~You have to go! I'd say get me a t-shirt...but...


Lea said...

Thankfully Chris sent me CD's with a mix of eclectic music which are great. Otherwise I would have no clue. Man, I'm so old...


Tracy said...

ok the Broadway channel can be fun on occasion

I like Broadway tunes while watching Broadway shows....I don't think I could take listening to them in the car. Well, unless it's Evita, Fame or Mamma Mia...maybe a few others. Oh, alright I could!

lisabea said...

Tracy~ Musicals just creep up on ya! Guys and Dolls, Music Man, Spam-a-lot, Les Mes, Grease!

OH GOD. I'm pathetic. Also I was a theatre geek. Hence my drama teacher in my EXCITING NEW MEN OF SMITHFIELD NOVEL AVAILABLE NOW FROM ASPEN MOUNTAIN PRESS!!!

There. Promo done for today. Phew!

lisabea said...

Lea~That's what friends are for! Swapping music and books and men!

Ok scratch that last bit...

Anonymous said...

Music just doesn't do it for me before or during writing.

Unknown said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that your theme song is Adam Lambert's "Feeling Good". Just a hunch.

House of Pain/Cypress Hill is fun, but so is Muse, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Lady Gaga, etc. I'm kind of all over the place. I'm currently stuck on ELO's "Confusion".

Clare London said...

Wow. What I love is finding 'new' music because many of your choices over there in the USofA don't figure as prominently in a UK playlist. I've exchanged playlists of favourite tracks with friends and it's been great.

lisabea said...

DING DING DING!!! Whateverfor! Heh. Yes, Feeling Good has perked me up most days for the last few months. I'm a sucker.

Anonymous--Yeah that's true for a lot of people. I tend to keep music low when I'm working--or off.

Clare~Trading music is the best--unless it's awful and you have to listen to be polite. Not that I'm saying that happens to me (often). :)

I think radio is vastly different in the UK than it is here in the States. I have so much trouble finding a station when I'm over there! I'm sure there's a secret to it.

Joanna Chambers said...

Everything everything.

My latest obsession is this quite strange album by a classical singer called Amy Elizabeth Wheeler.

lisabea said...

T--I actually find new music through you. :)

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