Friday, October 9, 2009

LB Gregg Three Days of DIK:Give It To Me Baby

I had an interesting conversation with CJ (see photo) the other day while avoiding my snooping neighbor and using the free internet in the local Panera. Since we're going to be roomies at a certain upcoming event, we were gabbing about this and that. The word Urgency came up.
Urgency! How authors build it, why it's weird to be a blogger promoing, and what books we feel the URGE to read. Also how we're part of the machine (but lets ignore that part of the equation).

You know what I'm talking about as a reader, yes--the books we want As Soon As Possible.

I tried to come up with a list, but my writing and my obsession with crappy tv got in the way. Admittedly, Jim and Pam's wedding was high on my list of priorities last night. They did not disappoint!

Such a fan.

Two Example of Authors whose Books I HAD to HAVE.

  1. JR Ward scammed led us by the straps of our knock off Coach bags-- right to the check out line. Ca-ching! (For me this ended with the pothead book. Still, she's a smart one.) Series bating, fresh hooky kind of writing, and sex on a stick Vamps you just hated to love. She's the queen of crack, yes.

  2. JK Rowling kept me up until fucking midnight making wands out of pipe cleaners and casting spells with glitter (kill me) alongside my kids more than once. I still have wrist bracelets and all kinds of promotional BE THERE FOR MIDNIGHT stuff crammed in desk drawers. I forked over $$$ for the Harry Potter books willingly...nay, gladly...because of my kids. Wonderful.

So. What books do you have to have? Not just want them, but you cannot imagine not reading them on day one of its release. You know, as soon as you can find a place (side of the road; McDonald's parking lot; stop light) to crack that sucker open and crease its spine?

Here are LB's top most anticipated books

Tad Williams releases the third book in this tres magnifique series, Shadowrise, and I'm DESPERATE for it. It comes out about two weeks before my first novel and I can guarantee you I'll be nose in this book. YEARS I've waited. (OK, not just me, but fans in general). Cliff hanger anyone?

On the fantasy front, I'm also eager for Josh Lanyon's Strange Fortune, which looks incredible. BEB's releases this yum yum on G's birthday. Do you think G would like a copy? He loves fantasy. Josh will be here next month (when I host in my lisabea guise) to tell us MORE about it. It's gorgeous.

JL Langley's Without Fear--Stirling and Rhys' story. No cover. No information. Who cares? I'm in, baby! I'll just post this photo of Nate (from My Fair Captain ) to fill some space, yes?

No. There's no book that I know of coming next, but I dream that someday, some way, there will be a new installment to Terry Pratchett's Tiffany Aching series. Yes, I'm a Discworld fan, but Tiffany Aching stole my heart (and the Nac Mac Feegles stole my wallet).

This book. Look at this scary chick in that creepy urban setting. I'm eager for Ms. Carolyn Crane's debut UF novel. Carolyn says " a nutshell, Mind Games is the first in an urban fantasy trilogy about a hypochondriac who joins a psychological hit squad. It takes place in a fantastical Milwaukee/Chicago."

She had me at hypochondriac.

Pretend this is the new one.

Finally--the number one book I'm waiting for comes as no surprise to anyone, I'm sure--Adrien English V-The Dark Tide. I have no information on this book--only that Adrien and Jake are entering a new phase in their relationship, and I must know what happens next.

Conversely, there's this book.

I'm going to admit something to you, I've not read Suze Brockmann's latest book, Hot Pursuit. And here's why (and, this is terrible!)...she revisited an established couple and I didn't feel a burning desire to crack it open. Buy it? Of course! It's Suze! But...I want the conflict in my romances to be between the hero and the heroine, and I'm worried this Sam and Alyssa book will fall flat. Which is frankly ridiculous. Because if there is one thing my hero Suze does, it's to surprise me at every turn. Rule breaker!

So. What are YOU waiting for this year? I expect to hear Kresley Cole, Lisa Kleypas, Charlaine Harris, Elizabeth Hoyt, Joanna Bourne, Ann Aguirre....let me know!


Carolyn Crane said...

Hey! What is happening here! Yes, urgency. Well, good thing you disclosed we are buddies or the FTC would come after you, and you'd be pressing license plates in Levenworth.

Seriously, thanks for including me in the urgents!!! This is a fun list. I'm so super keen on a ton of this stuff, especially Lanyon's Strange Fortune!

lisabea said...

You mean pressing plates-- AGAIN. No jk!

I can't wait to hold your hot little book in my eager hands. NOM NOM NOM.

JenB said...

I had managed to put Sterling's story out of my head because the wait was stressing me out. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING IT BACK UP.

My most recent "must have" was Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren. I love that series like crazy. And the book didn't disappoint. Yum.

I've also been impatiently awaiting the next Nightmare Chronicles book by Kathryn Smith. I was so desperate for it, in fact, that I sold my soul (and possibly my first child) for an ARC. True story.

And, OMG, Jet Mykles' new book. Tuesday can't come fast enough.

Tracy said...

Stirling and Rhys's story, most definitely.

Josh's The Dark Tide - oh baby can't wait for that one.

Anything by Meljean Brook. Seriously, got her new book on Tuesday and was SO sad that I had to finish my current book before I could start hers. But I finally started Demon Forged and it is all sorts of wonderful goodness, let me tell ya.

And of Course anything by LB Gregg. Not. Joking. :)

Tracy said...

Oh, sorry - and I'm TOTALLY looking forward to Ms. Crane's Mind Games. I dig that cover and just know that the inside with be even better than the outside. :)

Joanna Chambers said...

Present company excepted?

Actually, I'm really looking forward to the re-release of Precious Jewel by Mary Balogh. And the next Kresley Cole novella.

The book I'm most look to arriving through my letterbox is Shana Abe's Queen of Dragons.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Mary Balogh (glad to see another poster feels some warmth for her too!) When I'm invited to the DIK Island, her books will be my must have! They are so packed with deep emotion and dead on dialogue, one can believe they are there!

Renee said...

Yes, Sterling and Rhys! JLL has that short story on her site, but I'm dying for their book.

Must check out Strange Fortune.

Also, Tequila Sunrise (more Lanyon) in December.

Blaze of Memory, the next Psy-Changling is a definite buy in November.

Amber said...

Off Topic, but still urgent:

Y'all know that LB's novella Happy Endings is up for a Rainbow Award, right? Vote here:

lisabea said...


Heh. You too, Missy.

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