Thursday, October 20, 2011

What to Read?

Some of you may already know, but considering I haven't blogged in a really long time, most of you may not; in July, I made a move to Korea on an abroad program for school!

Wish I had some cool pictures to share with everyone, but unfortunately I A) Happen to be an awful photographer and B) Haven't gotten the chance to travel anywhere cool.... so here's a picture I took with my laptop. I call it A Room with a View:
I know this isn't that impressive, but trust me, it's way prettier at night. And when there aren't trees in the way.

Since I'm at an international school, I don't feel as much as a foreigner as I expected. What I did expect was to be much busier because of balancing classes with the foreigner-ness, and boy, have I put my money where my mouth is. I haven't blogged in SO long :'( and I only get to go to Seoul (the NYC of Korea; only about an hour away from my town!) once every few weeks. Welcome to the student life.

What I have been able to keep up with, however, is read. Of coooourrse. *Collective eye roll* Here's a picture of my book lovin':
Yes, I am the sort of freak who reads four or five books simultaneously. What can I say, I'm a restless person. One book is just not exciting enough for me ;)

Here's what's beside my bed:
Alison Wonderland by Helen Smith: About two-thirds of the way in, I like it so far -- it has a sort of a British charm and bluntness, but so far it's been really slow. The plot is interesting enough to keep me hanging on, but not enough to thrill me terribly. Be on the lookout for a review at my place soon!

Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice: Visiting the classics, oh yes! To be completely truthful, I haven't really started this one, LOL. But it is literally waiting at the side of my bed (as pictured above!), wishful of my TLC. Which I will give soon! Once the half-semester is over :)

Until There Was You by Kristan Higgins: My newest Harlequin obsession. I'm only about a quarter in, but I'm already in lurve. In lurve, I say! Kristan Higgins is a godsend to the contemporary romance genre.

Atonement by Ian McEwan: One of those books I know I would not have been able to get through, if it weren't for good ol' lit class. Just turned in my final analysis essay for this one, actually! It's a brilliant novel, but way too flowery and slow for me. I know it's a perennial modern classic and all, but come on; you and I both know I'm more of a penny dreadful kind of girl. Otherwise known as: cheap romance junkie.

The Things they Carried by Tim O'Brien: Just got into this one. It's in the same unit as Atonement for class. It's much more fast-paced (at least of what I've read so far), which means I like it better (so far). Me and my prejudgments. 

So what's everyone got beside there bed? Read anything good lately that you recommend? Dish! I'm always in search of new books to read, even though the list is unending.


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