Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and Halloween Romances

So it’s Halloween.  I know in some parts of the world the readers are saying, BFD because you don't celebrate it!  Well in America Halloween is a damned fun holiday.

Lots of people decorate their houses in a spooky manner.  I know in our neighborhood this past weekend there were tons of folks out decorating and even some getting ready for having haunted houses in their backyards or garages.  It’s a pretty innocuous holiday but one I really enjoy.  I hate going costume shopping with my kids (as Kris can attest) because they want to try on everything (even if they already know what they want to be) and never pick what I want them to (lol) but when it comes down to the night of the big H and they dress up and go trick or treating I love seeing them having fun. 

So what do I like about Halloween besides the kids stuff?  That’s easy.  I love reading romances that have costume parties where people meet and fall in love.  I especially like these if one or both of the people are in masks or make-up so that the other person falls in love with the person and has no clue what the other one looks like. 

Sad to say that I haven’t read even one Halloween story/costume party romance this year.  *gasp* Unheard of! Sue me!  There just haven’t been any that have caught my attention!

So even though by the time I get replies and seek out these books Halloween will be over, I’m gonna ask for recs anyway.  Do you have any favorite Halloween romances or romances containing costume parties that you want to pass on?  I’d love to know what they are.  Oh, and you know me – I’ll take m/m recs as well as m/f!

(If you're out and about tonight have a happy and safe Halloween!)


Chris said...

I can save you! You can read Tam's cute free Halloween story - it's only 10 pages! :D

Tracy said...

Oh you were so right! That's a great halloween story - with costumes! Booyah!

Chris said...

And now you're off the Halloween story hook! :D

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