Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Time of Year

Just thought I'd start the day off with a little eye-opener ;)

Excuse me for being immature, but it's October 22nd. Which means soon, it's . . . . . . . .


Though I outgrew trick-or-treating in like, eleventh grade, Halloween is  still one of my all-time favorite holidays. The costume parties, the haunted houses, the bobbing of apples -- definitely a rush of blood to the head.

It isn't very widely celebrated here in Korea -- major sadness -- but I still bought costumes from an online shop. Just to get myself in the mood and all.
Parisian Provocateur - CostumeShips Ahoy - Costume
My options: slutty maid or slutty pirate.

Considering I won't actually be attending a costume party here (unless I host one.......hmmm...), I'm not quite sure why I have these. But I'll figure out a use for them sooner or later. I'll save them for next year when I'm back in the states if I must!

I suppose the excitement of Halloween is the same idea as the appeal of paranormal romance; people love the adrenaline, the supernatural, the magic of possibility. Even if nothing actually happens by the end of the night, we at least keep in mind that it is that initial, fluttering hope that makes it all worth it.

May your Halloween be magical!

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Lindsay said...

Yup I remember saying that I would never dress up for Halloween again, I think I was 10. Now I spend hours every year trying to find the perfect costume. Do I go detailed and gorgeous or give in to the sluty side? It is the best kind of holiday because there is no food that HAS to be cooked, no family that has to be invited and very little traveling involved. Plus as you mentioned, there is a bit of magic in the crisp fall air. Hope that you are able to find a place to go out and wear your costume!

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