Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Comfort Reads 2.

My next comfort reads on the list are Ginn Hale's Lord of the White Hell series. The 2nd book was one of the last reviews I did for my blog. After this review I think I suffered from reviewer burnout. I kinda lost the will to live regarding reviewing and ran out of words. I mean seriously, how many ways can one think of to say, ur book is made of awesomesauce. Now I just stick to stars on GR.

I've been wondering if the author will write more in this series. I don't think it needs to be done, the story is very much contained in the books, but I wish she would! I am enjoying her new series of books, but I would prefer something complete. I'm too impatient to wait each month for a new installment!

Lord of the White Hell is gorgeous romantic fantasy. There's just enough angst to make me a little maudlin and moochy. Plus there is some nicely smokin exploratory 1st time sex. The world building is exquisite and sitting in front of the fire reading them is pure pleasure.


Dr J said...

Your posts about "comfort reads" really got me thinking . . . yes, there are some books that I seem to drag up on the computer, re-load them on my eBookwise reader and enjoy once again. It's like sitting down and having coffee with an old friend and since I have so much better access to books I really enjoy like this, I find I don't go for the "comfort foods" as often now. Best of both worlds, eh? Very nice post.

Anonymous said...

I like your old friends comment. I think that's exactly what it's like :)

Renee said...

OK, you're making me want to re-read Lord of the White Hell! :-)

I'd LOVE to read more in this world!

Sarah said...

Ilona Andrews too. I spent the weekend before her new book re reading the entire series. I luff her!

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