Monday, June 13, 2011

Comfort Reads 1.

Reading is one thing at the moment that I find comfort in. When work and family problems mean I'm lacking sleep and feeling petty crabby, reading seems to keep me from climbing the clock tower. In the last couple of weeks I've turned to my comfort reads. Books that I've read a gazillion times and that I can just curl up with in front of the fire. It's freezing at the moment!

My most recent comfort reads have been the Chicago Stars series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. It seems silly to just mention one book when I've devoured two in the last 24 hours! Nobody's Baby But Mine and It Had To Be You. I just adore the whole series.

I think what appeals most is her unabashedly masculine characters who act like jerks. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's the big muscles or possibly it's the whole football thing. I am such a sucker for sports romance, even when they behave badly. Crazy, I know. But they make me smile just a bit with all their posturing and grumbling.

They've made me laugh, forget my troubles and escape for just a little while. Does anyone else have a favourite Chicago Stars novel??

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