Thursday, May 26, 2011

Post-Rapture Reading

Ciara here. So. The world was supposed to end at 6 pm PST on Saturday. Everyone still with me? You? How about you? Anyone get beamed up? See the vampires and demons trolling the streets? From the little I know of what post-Rapture life is supposed to be like, it sounds like a paranormal romance novel. Well, maybe not romance, but with vampires, demons, etc you get the same feeling. Civilization crumbles and the supernatural creatures come out to play. Does that jazz anyone else, or is it just me? ;)

As a writer of apocalyptic paranormal romance, I'm digging the current blitz of post-apocalyptic books. With the tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, and massive political unrest in the news these days, it's easy to imagine the ecological apocalypse premise put forth in some of these books. It's a bleak picture, but in romance we are given the hope that even if the worst happens, things will get better. Cities might crumble; a lawless wild west or repressive totalitarian government might replace collapsed governments; electricity, running water, and food might be rationed or unavailable; all hell might break loose; but we are shown the promise of the genre: Love will save us.

Nothing is too big for love to overcome. With love there is hope, and with hope anything is possible.

Want more? Here are two post-apocalyptic books I'm super excited about:

1. BLOOD OF THE WICKED by Karina Cooper (May 31). Set in a post-apocalyptic Seattle (be still my heart!), 50 years after a geologic apocalypse. The rebuilt government has pinned the blame for the disaster on witches. The new-age Salem witch trials are back on track. I read Ms. Cooper's short pre-release from Avon Impulse, BEFORE THE WITCHES, and loved it. I'm counting down the days until this one comes out!

2. NIGHTFALL by Ellen Connor (aka Carrie Lofty and Ann Aguire) (June 2011). Set in the Pacific Northwest (Do we sense a theme? I should probably start building my bunker). I'm not even sure what this is about other than paranormal post-apocalyptic and the cover is hawt. I'm sure some of you lucky book bloggers are reading the ARC as we speak. I'm green with envy.

3. MAGIC SLAYS by Ilona Andrews (May 31). The Kate Daniels series is Amazing, Awesome, and All-together brilliant. This is the fifth book. I think I need to clear my calendar May 31st, don't you?

What are you excited for? Are there awesome post-apocalyptic romance novels coming out that I've missed?

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Tracy said...

I don't read too many post apocalyptic novels but they the ones I've read in the past have been good. The Ellen Connor sounds good if only because of the Lofty/Aguirre pairing. :)

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