Friday, May 27, 2011

Give me Books! (unless they're paper)

Ciara again. I used to love the feel of a real book in my hand. I loved being able to share the good ones with my friends. I loved being able to throw the bad ones against the wall. I loved going to book signings and getting autographed copies and pictures with my favorite authors.

But I have a shameful confession to make: These days, if it ain't on kindle, I don't want it. I was an ebook reader hold out, but once I succumbed to the glorious addiction that is my kindle, I can never go back. The ease of midnight shopping. The impulse purchases. The space to own as many damn books as I want and not need a single (new) bookcase. Ah, freedom!

And now of course there is the EBOOK REVOLUTION, which is not only a triumph of self-publishing and small presses, but also a triumph of writers everywhere who type their blood, sweat and tears onto the page and beg for someone, somewhere to read their triumphant prose. Let us not forget, it is a triumph for us readers who get access to diverse and bountiful stories. No more will we be regulated to the same story lines that someone in New York has determined is the only type that will "sell". No more will we be told, "Rakes are out! Chupacabras are in!" Now we can have access to all sorts of wonderful, fanciful, gut-wrenching, heart-warming tales. I want to see post-apocalyptic alien cowboy romances. I want to see a new Almacks run by mermaids and claymore-wielding Scotsmen fall in love with purple-haired librarians. In the Paper Age, I couldn't. In the EBook Age, anything is possible. It's a brave new writing world out there, and I'm so excited to be part of it. Creativity breeds creativity. Viva la revolution!

What disparate romantic elements would you most like to see in a love story?


Dr J said...

I am SO with you on the ebook thing. So convenient, and the last couple years when I have been traveling, it is so nice not to have an extra 15 pounds in the suitcase taking along all the books I want to read.

Ciara said...

I used to pack 6-10 paperbacks when I went on vacation, and they were so heavy! I actually haven't gone anywhere since I bought the kindle, but I know it's going to be so much easier. Not that I'll have more space. These days I pack twice as much luggage with diapers and baby toys, and I'm lucky if I get five minutes to myself, let alone enough time to read a single book. Ah well!

Mary Anne Graham said...

First Disclosure - I'm an indie author, so I admit to a convoy of Brinks' trucks full of bias here!

I couldn't agree with you more about the e-revolution. I've read so much amazing work by indies. And haven't we all seen the Indie ET Syndrome? When ET came out, there was little to no advance publicity. People found it and loved it and championed it. There are a few lucky indies who've been found and championed - and then picked up by the Big 6.

I have a house full of paper books but, like you, I haven't bought one since I got my e-reader. I love them still and wish them well and will surely pick up another one, now and then.

But my e-reader bought my literary freedome. And on Memorial Day Weekend, while we're remembering the troops who sacrificed so much for all of us - one of the freedoms I'm most grateful for is freedome from the tyranny of the publishing royals!

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