Tuesday, August 10, 2010

KB's Guilty Pleasure Addictions and Ryan Reynolds Appreciation

I admit it, I'm a total book addict. So much so, that my other addictions seem to have been pushed to the side and forgotten. But I do have a few others I'd like to share, to show that I don't just live and breathe books.

I'm a pop-culture junkie. I love movies and television. Right now my top three television addictions are:

Mad Men on AMC. I watched the first season on dvd, and then took an entire weekend to watch season 2 On Demand. Now I'm head over heels in love with this show. The fashion, setting and man whore ways of Don Draper and his crew makes me ache for more. This show can never, ever go off the air, if I have my say.

Design Star on HGTV. From the producer who brought us Survivor and Apprentice, this reality show that takes place in Manhattan is a contest between some top notch housing designers. The ultimate prize is one hosting their own design show on HGTV. I've come up with so many ideas on how to make a room shine from watching this show.

True Blood on HBO. I've only started watching the first season, but I'm hooked, like you wouldn't believe! I laugh so much over Sookie, her romance with Bill (who is so dreamy), and the outspoken Tara, the walking STD Jason, and the small town life and prejudices about vampires that bring forth the whole civil rights movement that still rings true to this very day. Now if I could just conquer my monster TBR pile, perhaps I'll join those fellow Sookie Stackhouse readers.

When it comes to food addictions, I can be very picky with what I eat. But my day is not complete until I have:

Coffee. I'm not human until I have at least 3 cups of coffee with my Coffee Mate creamer. I live and die by coffee.

Pretzels. Give me a bag of pretzels. And you've made me a very happy woman indeed. Roll Gold Pretzels are near orgasmic.

This food addiction is a very quirky one. I love egg whites. I can't get enough of them. If I could I would eat them morning, noon and night. With some turkey bacon, this is a hearty meal.

And my one lusty addiction that makes me swoon I this guy right here. This 5 minute excerpt from Blade 3 showing Ryan's humor and OMG his drop dead body is worth watching. Perhaps Ryan is the reason Balde 3 has reach cult fan status?

The minute I saw Ryan Reynolds in Blade 3 and saw him in Wolverine, even going a far a ignoring Hugh Jackman, I knew I've developed a bad crush on the man. Perhaps it makes all sense then as I was writing For the Love of Mollie, I envisioned Conner as Ryan.

So these are only a few of my guilty pleasure addictions. Any of yours you would like to share?


Tracy said...

Oh honey I'm with you on the coffee! If there is not coffee in my house it's off to the cafe I go. I NEED it. And believe me, my family needs me to have it! lol

Let's see, things I'm addicted to:
I'm, of course, addicted to books and reading.
My kids :)
My hubby :)
The Wii - although I try to keep my usage down to once a week or I'd get nothing else done. lol

KT Grant said...

My hell would be no coffee. I needs it also, oh so badly.

s7anna said...

Let's see...hmm..well some of my guilty pleasures are :
- poutine (mmm...yummy cheesy gravified fries)

- pistachio ice-cream or gelato (I'll take either)

- books (no-brainer on that)

- lemon tart (tangy tarty goodness with a yummy buttery crust) *I'm drooling*

Anonymous said...

Guilty Pleasures...
Summer- Mountain Dew
Books-Romance and...well are there any other kind, oh yeah, fantasy.
Male-Ryan Reynolds is nice, but my heart and lust belong to Gerry Butler.
Snacks-Cocoa covered almonds (Emerald), Sun Chips-Garden Salsa
TV-Dancing with the Stars and Castle
Food-lemony goodness on almost anything...ahhh

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Is not Mad Men the best! While Don is a total jerk by any day's standards, he does have his moments. So as much as I detest the business man/husband, the dad got a heart hid there.

my guilty pleasures are :sitting up real late and reading with a cup of french vanilla and peppridge farm cookies to nibble on

The Bookworm said...

I love Mad Men too...yes, man whore Don Draper intigues me.
I have to have coffee daily also :)

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