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Bookworm Day 3: Favorite Erotica

Hello ladies. I've been blogging here at the D.I.K. blog for the past two days and it's been fun :)
Today I brought along Pina Coladas for everyone.

Day 1 we talked about Television Crushes. Day 2 we chatted about Heroes Who Cry.
And today, I'd like to discuss Favorite Erotica.

These are my top three favorites. Feel free to share yours too.

Wicked Ties by Shayla Black has everything that good Erotica should. There's a good plot, steamy dialogue, ménage & bondage, plus great sex scenes.

Have you ever wanted to put yourself in the hands of a man whose sole purpose is to give you pleasure?

Cable sex talk show host Morgan O'Malley, has a stalker after her. In fear of her safety, she moves from LA to New Orleans.
While in New Orleans she meets bodyguard Jack Cole..a.k.a. Master J. Jack is a self-proclaimed dominant. She plans on interviewing Jack for her show, but Morgan is attracted to him right away.

Jack winds up taking Morgan to his isolated cabin for a few days to keep her safe. Being a bodyguard, he is committed to protecting her and finding her stalker. But Jack has more than just finding Morgan's stalker on his mind.
Jack's best friend and business partner Deke, decides to help find Morgan's stalker and he winds up joining them in bed. The ménage scene in this one is HOT.

And if Jack was just using her for sex....well, why couldn't she use him too? A mad sex scientist in decadent bedroom experiment. He was absolutley no hardship to look at, and when he was buried inside her, the pleasure was intense enough to make her lose her mind.
-Wicked Ties by Shayla Black

Kathleen Dante's Entangled is erotica with a bit of the paranormal thrown in.
Kiera, the head of a toy making corporation, hires a security expert named John Atlantis a.k.a. Lantis, to find a leak in the security system. Lantis turns out to be tall, dark and handsome.

Kiera is a healer and Lantis can work magic through his thoughts, the two quickly become involved.
The sex scenes between these two were really steamy, especially since Lantis can work magic during sex, reaching all over Kiera's body with just his thoughts. Interesting concept! Here's an example:
He touched her all over. Incorporeal hands stoked her legs and belly, fondled her breasts, delved between her thighs-all at the same time. Unsubstantial mouths nibbled and sucked her nipples, trailed along her spine, swirled over her clit.
She tossed her head in a surfeit of pleasure, unable to bear the sensual overload for long. As she hung teetering on the pinnacle, another stinging caress shoved her over, straight into a powerful torrent of darkest rapture.
-Entangled by Kathleen Dante

In Nancy Madore's Enchanted Dreams Erotic Tales of the Supernatural, there are seven erotic supernatural stories that are sexy, raunchy and sometimes scary! There's vampires, aliens, ghosts and even fairies involved in the stories. My favorite in this collection was The Enchanted Forest where a woman on a hike trips and bumps her head then wanders upon a beautiful section of the forest where nothing is what it seems.

All of this was a mere fleeting thought in the back of her mind as she excitedly took off her clothes. Uppermost in her thoughts, overruling everything else, was her desire, pure and raw and true. She was unabashedly grateful that the root protruded so far out of the ground as she carefully moved herself over it. The angle, too, could not have been more suitable. All she had to do was ease herself back, little by little, opening herself to the object of her desire in small, slow increments as she inched backward onto it. The clear, sappy fluid that was released by the root not only made the entry smoother, but it seemed to heighten her pleasure as well, increasing the friction as she slid back and forth.
-Nancy Madore, Enchanted Dreams Erotic Tales of the Supernatural

So, there you have it. Those are my top three favorite Erotic reads. Have you read any of these? What are your favorites?

It's been fun posting here at the D.I.K blog these past three days. Thank you ladies! You rock!

I've got to go now.....Hugh is calling me. Doesn't he look fantastic in the water?
"What was that Hugh? You'd like me to go skinny dipping with you? Sure...."

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Dr J said...

I would have to say that one of my favorites that I have re-read a couple of times is "Nothing But Sex" by Fran Lee, one of the Cougar Challenge series at Ellora's Cave. Second, I liked "Blaze's Desire" by Leah Brooke and lastly, "Beautiful Stranger" by Katalina Leon. It's hard to choose, but these seem to pop in my head for right now. Enjoyed to discussions these three days.

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