Thursday, November 27, 2008


So today's the big day. The Big EATING day and GROANING day! Iz a happy, stuffed girl.

And since I promised a fun time to be had by all today I guess I should get on it *wink* Below are some of the wonderful beautiful things I am thankful for (Besides you lovely ladies).

Enjoy and have a wonderful day ladies.

And just b/c I'm in charge today I thought I would share my favorite picture!

And here you thought it would be Jensen.... well you are right what's a Thanksgiving day without Sarai giving some thanks for that sweet smile and wonderful bod. I will keep it clean today ladies but only for today! (Just know this is the only tame one I have seriously it was hard to find a good, decent, clean one let me tell you!)


JenB said...

Mmmmmmm...I love that pic of Butch laying on the couch. Aren't y'all glad I found it for you? :)

Sarai said...

Yes you rock LOVE that picture

Sarah said...


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