Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Goodbyes are as hard as hellos

My last day. ;_; I don't want it to be my last day. I want it to last forever and ever and ever...oh wait, it can...in my head. :D Thank you, everyone, for enduring listening my craziness and love of books. ^___^ Ergo, a little relaxing fun photo day.
Since I’ve been raving about my insane obsession love of stories and books for such a long time, I thought I’d "show" the ladies here a little of my life.
Remember how I said I still have posters on my wall? Well… Twelve Kingdom posters. They're a few years old and no longer sold anywhere, but that's okay. I still have old calendars, bookmarks and postcards around, but you don’t need to see those. ;) Now, see that blue/white strips and squares in the front? That’s my pillow (one of many) and see what’s next to my head every night? Although my Sis tells me that sleeping with stacks of books will ensure I live a life as an unmarried old maid (with a capital V) and I just responded with a resounding “Great! Just what I've been planning all along.” Hehehe. I’m such a brat. You recognize any of the books? ^_~
Please note, I also move these books into a bag (or two) and carry them with me wherever I go. Every once in a while, I rotate my books from on bed, bags, boxes and into my pink bags. The pink bags are pretty specific "current reads." I do take them when I go out even if I'm just hanging out with friends. They're all sick of my weird habits, but hey, they're my friends which makes them weirder >.<My two pink bags up there: gym bag full of books and mini backpack with my one must have book. See that book? It’s almost always in there. Always. Can you find it? It's like Waldo, but finding that book. (Am I a little too obsessed? Maybe?)

I think I brought both bags to RWA, but only carried the little one around. Keep in mind, the gym bag was empty when I went to RWA. It came back full. :D At home, on my computer, stores, libraries…work…books. I don’t really read them all the time, but carrying them around gives me a sense of comfort. I know, issues.

Ah…the book I really wanted to take, but just loving two short stories does not seem DIK 6. When I read Marjorie M. Liu’s short called Minotaur in Stone in the anthology Hotter than Hell, I had this image that refused to leave my head. I slept, ate, and kept seeing this image. So, being me, I debated for an entire week then caved and went out to buy clay. Having never played with clay *coughcough* before, I thought I was going insane, but made that sculpture on the left first (with horns). First ever. Not bad. An image you’ll totally get if you read it. ;) The one on the right came later, but it didn’t work too well. I suck.
After I got into playing with clay *clears throat*, I realized I really wanted to make something. They say home is where the heart is, even so, having no place to really call your own is a very insecure feeling (ergo, carrying over a dozen books daily). If I may never buy my own house, if I should never be able to have my own little safe haven; I've already made one of my own with my two hands. This way, no matter where I go, how lost I become, or abandoned I get; I shall always have my house, that I made for me. See how little it is? I love it! This is my dream cottage and I was able to make it myself and no one can ever take it away. Well…technically you could, but no one could ever take away the fact that I made it myself. Just for me.
Now…to fill my little cottage with books and something…yummi. ;)

He's one of my favorite. So...as much as I wanted to, I didn't take over and liberate all the heroes and reunite them with their respective heroines. No, no, I couldn't bear the beatings from heartbreak of my fellow ladies. Hope you had fun!


Sarah said...

I have greatly enjoyed your posts. I think your place might look a little like mine with all those books. :)

KT Grant said...

Alice you are too cute for words!
You should see me bedroom, filled with books to the point I have no where to sleep.

Ana said...

Awww man, this was the sweetest post ever.....I love your clay house.

Katie Reus said...

Great posts!! I love all the pics of books and especially the little clay house with the stuffed animal behind it, lol :)

Jenre said...

Perhaps you should consider buying an ebook reader and then you can cart all your books around in a handy book-sized object.

I just worry about you throwing your back out.

little alys said...

Sarah- Thanks, I'm glad you've enjoyed it rather than lift an eyebrow in mockery. >_< Teehee.

KB- ^_^ I'd love to see your bedroom filled with books...I've love to go there and 'borrow' a few of those ARCs. >_< Who needs sleep when you've got books, right? Or, you could make a book bed. ^_~

Ana- *blush* Thanks.

Katie- Hehehe, thank you ^_^. The little animals named Mercy. I'm trying to get a Riley soon and then~~~I'd invite all of you to my blog for a little picture show...for Nalini day. ^_~

Jenre- I've been contemplating an ereader, but they are kind of expensive and I could use the money for books. Knowing me, I also worry about 'dropage.' Books =okay to drop. Ebook reader = drop is X_X. I iz debatin.
My friends worry about that too. Well, the more so mock my small stature at carrying such things around until they try to help and say I'm insane. ^_~

Tracy said...

Alice I love your love of books. Of course I think it's wonderful that you sleep with a stack of books next to you. I'm managed to move mine to the bedside stand so hubby doesn't have to wade through them as well, but they're there.

Great post and I've enjoyed your 2 days!!

LesleyW said...

Ahh - I have books everywhere as well. LOL

Rcently bought a new bookcase but still the number of piles doesn't seem to have diminished.

little alys said...

Tracy- Thanks. I had to shift my books to one side so my dog didn't have to be lying on top of them or stumbling through them everyday too.

Lesley- I agree, bookshelves and bookcases don't do a thing to decrease the piles. >_< LOl

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey, How cool! I love those little sculptures. I think it's wonderful you got the idea, then went and did it. And I love this little peek into your life. Great post.

little alys said...

CJ- Thanks for enjoying it and now running away from the craziness >_<. I realized recently that I enjoy working with my hands. Clay, paper, paintings, but like my writings, they're done slowly and quite roughtly. Did the sculptures tempt you do read the book? Cuz you can totally just skim at the bookstore. ^_~ I wonder if Marjorie would freak out if I present it to her. O_o

Shannon said...

Those piles look very familiar...

I love how Gerry and Jensen keep popping up everywhere. And I have no problem with that :)

little alys said...

Shannon- Both Gerry and Jensen are just so very nice to look at, especially topless. ;) Teehee.

JenB said...

OMG, you are adorable!!

This is the cutest post ever. I love that you're so shameless about your obsession with books. What a sweet little glimpse into the life of another book addict. :)

DIK Ladies said...

WOW thank you for letting us in your life. It was great seeing all of that you would be lost in my little apartment stuffed full of shit and cats.
This is Sarai by and by

little alys said...

Jenb- Thank you. >_< It took a while for me to be open about my book love (especially romance), but then I realized, I got nothing to be ashamed of. Even romance, I read more in a month that the complainers do in a year. ^_~ Srsly, booklovers unite. :D

Sarai- Ur welcome. Thank you for letting me share my love off books here too. I can't wait to have my own little studio apartment stuffed full of more books and with my dog. ;) I don't know about getting lost, but I'd be happy to hide amongst the books. ^_~

Thanks everyone! :D You've all been so nice and oddly accepting of my piles and stacks. Quite possibility because you're familiar with said love? ^_~

Bridget Locke said...

I've only tried to sleep with books once, but it was such an uncomfortable experience, I just dump them on the floor next to my bed instead. LOL!

Loved your pics, but especially the house. :) If you're new to clay, you sure impress me with your skillz. :D

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