Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stories & Such

I've been working on a new story for a few weeks now.  It's got it all: intrigue, sexy characters, fun dialogue and awesome sexual tension.  Well, I say it's got it all, but it doesn't yet.  See, here's the thing.  No matter how you see the story in your head, the first draft never has it all.  It would be lovely if it did, but for me it doesn't.  Nine times out of ten, I end up with more of an outline than an actual story.  I then have to go back and add in all the juicy bits that I skipped when I wrote the first draft.

My story usually reads "action, kiss, run away, shooting, flirty dialogue, another kiss, sex, argument, more sex, final showdown with bad guy."  LOL!  Simple, but it gets the basics across.

My biggest frustration I have with myself is trying to silence my inner editor.  I can never shut it up completely, but I've learned a few things over the last year or so that allows me to actually finish stories instead of writing the first chapter five hundred times & then being sick of the story.

My critique partner on the other hand, writes amazing stuff from the get-go.  I admit to being envious of her abilities, but I can't wait for her to get her stuff out for you all to read.  It's amazing!  I think that's the thing I love the most about having a CP...the push from them.  If she's getting something finished, my competitiveness kicks in & I want to finish something to.  Here's hoping one day we'll both be published and best sellers.  :D

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Dr J said...

Thanks for the insightful post. I, too, am plagued by that inner voice whenever I am trying to put something together -- a public presentation, or even writing posts for my blog or as a guest reviewer--I have to ignore that penchant for reading and re-reading and then tossing and starting over. Glad to know that is not a unique phenomenon. Thanks for sharing . . .

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