Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LB Shares Photos

Last month I was lucky enough to spent a couple weeks with G in Asia. We traveled like crazy people, two days here, three there, G working and I...working...and even as crabby and exhausted as I was from all the travel and working, we managed to have some fun (when I wasn't crabby and exhausted or working). I haven't had time to share any photos until now, so lucky you, here I am on the island with my photos!

Some Things I Loved About My Trip To Asia

Korean Animal Sculptures
I told G I wanted one of these for the house. He didn't get me one. :)

 Alcohol with lime

(I'm sure you can get this anywhere but I discovered it in Thailand.) Take rum, add lime and brown sugar, and you get LB asleep in a lounge chair for two hours.

 Palace Guards

I spent the day taking in Seoul and the lovely woman I was with took about forty photos of me making a peace sign. I gotta tell you, it never grew old. Peace!

Street Musicians

There was so much I loved about Hong Kong. It's vibrant and urban and international and everywhere there's something new and exciting to see. Places to shop. Weird and wonderful things to eat. Here's a street musician. We were on our way to the Fish Market to pick out our dinner.

Mango and Sweet Sticky Rice

We bought this at a hawker market in Thailand for like fifty cents. Extremely fresh Mango, the rice is sweetened with fresh coconut. We ate this little pan in about fifty seconds flat. Delish.

A Cave Full Of Penises

I am not making it up. That cave is full of penises.

Strange Bar Fun

Beer is served while the fish enjoy feeding on your feet. I guess it's some sort of novelty, but trust me when I tell you I declined sticking my toes into that water.

Buddhist Temple

This is Hong Kong again. Sunset from the Gondola


Okay, I enjoy coffee everywhere, but I binged on cappuccinos while I was away.


One of the things I loved best about my trip (and G took real pleasure in this, too) was being introduced to all marvelous and new-to-me foods. While there were many things I wouldn't eat (Chicken Feet and Jelly Fish and Hairy Crabs) the fresh fruit and veggies were heavenly.

So there you go--a few things I loved most about my trip to Asia.

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Chris said...

Not entering the contest, since I've already purchased and read and enjoyed the book. :)

Cave full of penises?! O.o

It looks like you saw a lot of very cool things! I'm not a fan of mango, but I love sticky rice with custard, which is made from coconut milk. Yum!

Sarah said...

So magical!! I am totally jealous and maybe a little scared of the penis cave. haha.

lbgregg said...

Chris--The guide who took us to the penis cave snickered the whole time and we didn't realize why until we arrived.

I'm trying so hard not to make an inappropriate comment about wet, hot, dark, open caves right now.

lbgregg said...

Sarah-At some point, I am going to arrive in NZ. It's TOP of my list.

You've been warned. :D

Tracy said...

Ok those foot bugs are disgusting! That's a novelty? ewww. lol

Great pictures - thank you so much for sharing.

Dr J said...

Beautiful pictures -- a part of the world I have always wanted to visit. I also love contests so would be delighted to be included.

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