Monday, October 25, 2010

Top Ten Guilty Pleasures

Hello ladies. I'm The Bookworm and I'm up at the lovely D.I.K. blog for the next three days.
Today I'd like to discuss Guilty Pleasures.
You know, those favorite things that make life oh so much sweeter.
Here are my Top Ten Guilty Pleasures:

10. Johnny Depp
My longest running Hollywood crush. He's talented, sexy and is aging like a fine wine.

9. Cosmopolitans
One of these on my girls night out with good friends, and I'm a happy lady.

8. Chocolate
I could live off chocolate.

7. Hugh Jackman
Another long time running Hollywood crush. He's tall, delicious and has a sexy Aussie accent.

6. Books
I do enjoy my books and cherish my reading time.

5. Yarn
Yes yarn. I crochet and always love going to the yarn shop and picking out something nice then creating something unique with it.

4. Romance
I'm a sucker for romantic books and movies.

3. Shoes
Oh, pretty shoes! One can never have too many.

2. Dunkin Donuts
There's always something at Dunkin that I like. Whether it's coffee, hot chocolate, muffins...donuts....ok, now I'm sounding

1. Sleeping in late
One thing I always enjoy is sleeping in late. There's just something awesome about getting up out of bed at my own leisure.

Well, those are my Top Ten Guilty Pleasures. What are yours?


Lori Brighton said...

Seriously, I totally agree with all of your picks!

Katie Reus said...

I've had a mad crush on Johnny Depp since his 21 Jump Street Days (yes, I'm awesome). In addition to almost your entire list (except for maybe the yarn) my guilty pleasure is really good Pinot Noir.

The Bookworm said...

thank you ladies.
Katie I agee with Pinot Noir making it on the list.

Heather D said...

Is it just me or does Hugh Jackman remind anyone else of a young Clint Eastwood? (especially in Australia co starring with Nicole Kidman)

The Bookworm said...

heather, I love that he does have that old style classy look to him.

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