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Over the past couple of years my reading habits have changed hugely. I now primarily read ebooks and very few paperbacks. I think I'm a little choosier about what books I do buy for my shelves and I'm cheap too. Huge fan of the Book Depository!

What genre's I read has changed a great deal too. I now read mainly gay fiction and occasionally erotic comics, paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I feel so very out of touch with other romance genres. Case in point, I wanted a paperback to read for a weekend away and just stood in Borders like a bump on a log. Out of touch much? I finally picked up Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost after furiously trawling my way through my good reads app. Unfortunately, I have to say I was pretty disappointed. I have 3-4 paranormal authors I do read like Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris and Kelley Armstrong and Frost just didn't cut the mustard.

So, my question for you is... In the last 18 months, what are 2 or 3 of the best books or series that you've picked up? When I need a paperback fix, what do you recommend I try?


Kris said...

Have you tried Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels/Magic series, Sarah? I love that one.

Sarah said...

No I haven't. Is it good? Is the heroine likely to send me into a ginger rage?

Jenre said...

The only paperbacks I've bought recently have been the last two BDB books by JR Ward. That series is like crack.

One series which I'm also hooked on is the Jaz Parks series by Jennifer Rardin, who sadly died recently. Her heroine, Jaz, is just everything I love in a UF heroine without any of the TSTL tendencies, and the hero Vayl, who's a vampire, is charming and very different from other vamp heroes I've read before. There are 5 books in the series so far, with books 6 & 7 in edits to complete the series. The first book is Once Bitten Twice Shy which you can get at TBD here:

Anonymous said...

I don't understand... you say: "I have 3-4 paranormal authors I do read like Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris and Kelley Armstrong and Frost just didn't cut the mustard."

You say you like them but they don't "cut the mustard", I don't understand that statement- aren't you contradicting yourself here? *confused expression*

As far as best books and series I've picked up in the last year or so I'd say Karen Marie Moning's "Fever" series, Patricia Briggs 'Mercy Thompson series' and Jeaniene Frost's 'Huntress' books for urban fantasy stuff, anything by Lissa Matthews for erotic romance, and Charlaine Harris' 'Grave series' for mystery with a twist books (love em!). Favorite YA stuff is the Carrie Jones 'Need' series and Cassandra Clare's 'Immortal Instruments' series- all re-reads for me.



Tracy said...

I'm bad with UF because I just don't read it that often. I'd Carolyn Crane's Disullusionist series would be a good one.

Ms. M: I think what Sarah meant was: I do read, like Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris and Kelley Armstrong (pause or comma here) and Frost just didn't cut the mustard. At least that's how I read it. :)

Sarah said...

Hey Jenre, I've read JR Ward up to Phury I think. Didn't like that one, and I have Covet sitting there unread too.

I shall add Jennifer Rardin to my list and see if I can find her when we're in the city today! :)

Sarah said...

Hey Elizabeth, it was only Jeaniene Frost who didn't cut the mustard. Apologies for the confusion.

I've read Karen Marie Moning, but Lissa Matthews sounds interesting!

Sarah said...

I looked for Carolyn Crane the other week Tracy, but didn't manage to pick anything up. I was so sure I'd seen it in the city, but can only assume they sold out. Meh.

Kris said...

Sarah: She's great. A heroine in the style of Mercy, but not a clone... if that makes sense.

Tam said...

I haven't bought a paperback since I started reading m/m two years ago. Well, maybe one or two. I did enjoy Halfway to the Grave and bought the third one and promptly left it on an airplane while functioning on no sleep for 36 hours.

Sorry I can't help. In my PNR days I really enjoyed Nalini Singh. But since I also enjoyed Frost maybe my recs aren't that appropriate. LOL

Sarah said...

Cheer's Kris. We've not made it into the city today. Had to deal with bloody teen.

Oh the night I've had. O-o. I could wring his neck. Sigh. The joys of having an 18 yr old still at home. Do you want one? He's free to a good home. Actually any home. Little poo.

Sarah said...

Hey Tam, I think you and I must have dived into the m/m around the same time!!! I unfortunately cannot go into a book store with getting something. Although, sometimes it's a fancy gel pen. I have a stationary fetish too. heh.

I've read one of Nalini Singh's very early books and felt her world building wasn't that flash. But, maybe she's improved? Frost just didn't feel fleshed out enough. It needed better world building for me and I wasn't that keen on the dynamic between the characters. Dunno. Maybe I need to read them when I'm feeling less crusty. LOL

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