Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I have a couple of pictures, a question, and a recipe for you!

Be sure to wear your green undies!
The question!
If you had to choose one or the other---

1. Would you rather go without sex and orgasms for the rest of your life


2. Go without reading another book for the rest of your life

The recipe!

Sometimes I get stuck on things. Like green vegetables. I make the same veggies over and over and over again. So this St. Pat’s day I decided to release my inner rebel and make an orange vegetable for dinner tonight. I found this recipe for roasted baby carrots on a food blog and I love it. It’s so easy. Throw your baby carrots in a roasting pan and add a few tablespoons of olive oil and a few tablespoons of honey. Toss it around in the oil mixture add a pinch of salt and some pepper. Roast at 450 degrees for about an hour. When they come out of the oven sprinkle with more salt. I used a pink Himalyan salt. I have also made it without the honey and instead added Thyme, more olive oil and tossed in some julienned potatoes and fresh portobello mushrooms.

Have a great day and kiss someone Irish!


Lea said...


Thats and easy question, I could easily do without #1, do without my books - no way!

I don't think I have any green undies but I'll check.

Thanks for the recipe.

Happy St. Pat's

Tracy said...

Man! Loaded questions! I don't think I know the answer! lol I'll have to think about it.

Happy St. Patty's day - thanks for the recipe!

Kim said...

Lea~ I am jealous of your decision making skills!

Tracy~ Agreed. It's tough to choose. Would it be easier if I changed "sex & orgasms" with "the internet" ?

Sami said...

First off Thank You, that pic was the first thing I saw when I opened my reader. Lovely.

Second I am so begging off that question I just couldn't choose, I might give up sex but I'm keeping my orgasms.

Third, have you tried parsnips? We had them for the first time tonight in some Irish stew I made and they seriously taste just like the really good in season sweet carrots.

Kim said...

Sami~ You're welcome. He sure is nice to look at isn't he?

LOL, I know. I couldn't choose either.

I have never had parsnips. I am ashamed to say I don't even know what they look like. I will have to ask at the grocery store. Thanks!

Marg said...

Couldn't go without books!

Nice green undies! Much better than looking at food that is green that really shouldn't be!

Bridget Locke said...

I could do without the sex (tho I want some! sheesh!). I could NOT live without my books. That'd be like giving up an arm. :P

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