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Welcome Guest Author Nancy Madore

Hello Island Natives! It's my turn to take over the DIK blog for the next three days. And I'm starting it off with a bang! No pun intended. My name is Naida a.k.a. Bookworm and I've been an island native since day one. Some of you may have seen me drinking mai tai's with Matthew Fox or just lounging around discussing my favorite book heroes while Gerard Butler gives me a foot rub. I always have fun here at the island and love when it's my turn to post. So I do have a some fun things to post now that it's my turn.

Well, first off, take a look at these beautiful book covers:

Some of you may have heard of Erotic Romance author Nancy Madore. She is the author of Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories For Women , Enchanted Again and The Twelve Dancing Princesses, just to name a few. I read and reviewed Enchanted Again at my blog. It's fairy tales with an erotic twist. The perfect book for the island.

Well, Nancy has been kind enough to stop by the DIK blog today!! Let's give her a warm welcome. **applause and whistles** Welcome Nancy and thank you for stopping by!

Here's Nancy's guest post:

Hello ladies, and thank you (especially you Naida) for inviting me to guest blog on the DIK site. Escape is one of my favorite past times, and I agree that the perfect way to do it is through a great book.

There were two popular topics on DIK that particularly interested me. The first was which six books to take on a deserted island and the second was which heroine I would like to be. I think I can address both of these at the same time, since my favorite literary escapes feature characters I can relate to in some way or another.

I enjoy reading a wide variety of genres, although romance and erotica has always been my favorite. To my great pleasure, I am seeing elements of erotica turning up in all of the genres these days, from horror, to drama, to mystery. This definitely enhances the story and makes things more interesting, to my way of thinking. That's why most of my favorite books have this element in them. But to be a repeat read that I can enjoy again and again, the book also needs to contain a great story. I have been reading for many years, devouring books from all time periods and genres at a rate of about 3 to 5 a week for most of my life. Therefore, my selections for the six books I would want to have if I were going to be isolated on a desert island is pretty diverse. And as for the heroine I would most like to be, that too is subject to change according to my mood. I find that most characters are not multi dimensional enough to represent the whole of my objectives for my fantasy self. Like most of the women I know, I have moments when I aspire to be the perfect, madonna-like mother, while other times I long to be the sensual fantasy girl, and still other times I wish I could be the gun wielding vigil ante who brings justice to the masses. Therefore, depending on the day, I could wish to be any one of the heroines in the books I'm about to list. I can't even commit to the order in which I'm listing them; I simply love them all. And I regret only getting to name six, because I know that no sooner will I finish this list than I'll think of six more books I couldn't live without. However, I'll get on with the list, reminding myself that I'm not really going to be stuck on a deserted island, and so I'll always have access to my many other books if I want them. So without further ado, here are the books I might choose to take with me on an island...

1. THE PASSION OF MOLLY T by Lawrence Sanders. Back in the eighties, when I was still quite young (I would say I was an infant at the time if I were discussing my age), I picked up this book and read it through to the very end in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. Then I read it again. And then again. I couldn't believe what I was reading. And it was written in such a way that made you kind of think it might actually be true, or at least based on a true story. I wanted it to be true. After reading it, I was ready to find the organization mentioned in the book and join up. The heroine, Molly Turner, was everything I wanted to be. Her cause could not have been more meaningful to me personally (although like all good causes, it becomes corrupted in the story). She was fighting for women's rights, vigil-ante style. Real women's rights, not the over the top stuff the 'feminists' are discussing today. These women, under the guidance of Molly Turner would, say, beat up a guy who had beaten his wife, or mangle a guy who refused to pay child support (I was unable to get child support for my own children). The character of Molly Turner was so real to me that by the time I put down the book I was ready to strap on a gun. I was actually depressed when I came to realize that there was no such organization out there.

The Passion of Molly T is an unbelievably good read whether you're a feminist or not. I'm technically not anymore, because I don't agree with the direction they're going in, but I still love the book. It's the kind of story that can really get you fired up, and even if you believe women should be victimized 24 hours a day I think you would find the story entertaining. There's lots of action, lots of intrigue and lots of controversy. I HIGHLY recommend it for women who are feeling know, the day before your period when you're bloated and you're filled with that helpless, out of control feeling. It's the kind of book that can get your spirits up again, although you might be giggling wickedly (cackling?) while you rub your hands together in evil contemplation over the possibilities. Ahhh...I'm almost ready to pick that book up again!

2. JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte. This is another book I came across in my youth, and I have read it at least once every decade or so since then (yikes, it really makes you sound old when you start subdividing your life in ten year increments). Well, anyway, Jane Eyre needs no introduction or description; I would be surprised if I could find anyone who isn't acquainted with her. I love the book because it appeals to the pious (although perhaps latent) goodness in me. The character of Jane Eyre is what I aspire to be. Perhaps aspire is too strong a word, since it implies that I'm actually working towards being like that, which it would appear I am not. Or, if I am, you might say I'm not making much headway in my efforts. But oh, how I would love to be like her! Every time I say or do something I regret I think of Jane Eyre. his book is such a comforting read for me, because when I feel bad, it can make me feel better to simply spend time in the company of goodness. Jane Eyre keeps her cool and perseveres through many hardships, and her very character is an inspiration for me.
And as for romance and erotica, the story of Jane Eyre is profoundly romantic in my opinion. Her enduring feelings for Mr. Rochester make many of our modern day "relationships" look like one night stands. It appeals to my sense of romantic love to imagine that love could really last forever (even though in reality I know that's a crock of ---- ).

3. THE CLAIMING OF SLEEPING BEAUTY by Ann Rice. I think I could actually survive being stranded on a desert island without a man as long as I had Ann Rice's The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty with me (could I bring the whole trilogy and count it as one book?). It is a perfect book to have around when you're feeling in the mood, but have no handsome hero within reach. Actually, even with a handsome hero around this book is great to have too. Unlike most guys, Ann Rice's story works every time! There are just so many well written sexual scenarios in this book, with so much variety, literally covering every possible sexual fantasy you might have, plus a few you haven't even thought of yet. Before you realize what's happened, you're all fired up and so turned on he could be a pillow and you'd have a great time. I'm a big fan of reading erotica in bed to help get in the mood (statistics show that women are slower to become aroused than men). It's a great way to relax, get your mind off your day and encourage that sexy feeling. It's also nice to have it read to you, although this book may be too exciting for a guy to handle. He would be finished before you got started. No, better to keep this one hidden between the mattresses to bring out for your pleasure - and your pleasure only!

4. DOLORES CLAIBORNE by Stephen King. Okay, I know I said that most of my favorite books would have elements of erotic romance in them but something about this book keeps me picking it up again and again. I think what appeals to me is the friendship between the two women, becoming more and more revealed as the story unfolds. There's something so realistic about the characters that I can imagine I am right there with them. Dolores' character is honest, hilarious, down to earth, inherently good yet flawed, and multi faceted, and it makes me want to know her better. I felt quite an attachment to her by the time the story was finished. This is a fabulous book. I love the writing. So many times while I'm reading a book like this I will stop and think; why can't I write like that? On a desert island, Dolores and Vera would be satisfying companions for sure.

5. COLTERS WOMAN by Maya Banks. So far, I've listed a few of my favorites from the classics, relatively speaking (I think of Stephen King and Ann Rice as classic authors, even though they are still very active in the present). It's not because I don't like the newer authors. I'm merely reluctant to pick from among my modern day contemporaries because there are so many that I love and it's just so hard to choose which ones to single out. There's just so much really good erotic romance out there nowadays. How do you select one or two from among all the incredible choices? There is almost too much to choose from. We have exciting, imaginative paranormal erotic romance novels from authors like Sherrilyn Kenyon and Stephenie Meyer, or historical romance from amazingly talented authors like Julie Garwood, Teresa Medeiros and Jude Deveraux. There's also traditional, hunky he-man novels from wonderful authors like Linda Lael Miller and Cat Johnson. All of these authors and so many more have produced books I would be delighted to take with me on a deserted island. I singled out Maya Banks because Colters Woman is a book I can pick up, open to any page, and within sixty seconds I am fully absorbed all over again. I love the story and the characters and especially the erotism of it. I have enjoyed many of Miss Banks other books too, but this is my personal favorite from her.

6. NOBODY'S ANGEL by Karen Robards. Am I down to my final selection already? :-( I actually discovered Karen Robards through a reviewer who wrote a glowing review of one of my books! She really raved about Karen Robards too, so I had to buy her book, even though I had never heard of Miss Robards. Well now I don't know how in the world I missed her. I've read some of her other books since, like This Side of Heaven and Hunter's Moon, and loved them as well. I can't really even say what it is about this book that I love so much, but something about all the characters and the story yanks you right out of a funk when you need it most. I just love the main character, Suzannah, and of course, her goody two shoes personality as it clashes with the hunky ex-con (unjustly accused naturally) really works for me. It's a feel good romance that has all the ingredients for a winner. I really enjoy Miss Robards' writing style.

So in closing, those are the six books that I...
What? Are you kidding? No, I can't go now, I have this...
Wait! I'm not ready yet! I think I might have missed a few important books. You can't do this to me...what about all my other books? You said this was just a blog! Naida! Help me!

Nancy Madore


Nancy, don't be silly! As part of being a guest blogger here, you are obligated to stay 10 days on the island. But not to worry, there's plenty of gorgeous DIK heroes roaming around to keep you company. Plus the other DIK ladies are very nice! Stay and chat. You have your own hut and unlimited supply of coconuts and liquor. What more could you want?

And what awesome book selections! I have now some of these to my TBR mountain. I have heard of Anne Rice's book, you make it sound great. Too hot for a guy to handle?
Sounds like my kind of read!

And I do like Stephen King, I haven't read Dolores Claiborne yet, but have it sitting on my bookshelf. The Passion of Molly T sounds excellent as well.

Thank you again for stopping by Nancy and enjoy your stay on the island. I think I just saw Captain Jack Sparrow waving you over. Go see what he wants :) And remember what happens on the DIK island, stay on the DIK island.


Lea said...

Good Morning Nadia and Nancy:

Wonderful fun post, and I was surprized to see that the majority of Nancy's selection of favorite books are housed on my keeper shelf as well.

I read the Sleeping Beauty trilogy some 20 years ago and I still have my original set. Charlotte Bronte - amazing talent. And, Coulters' Woman? I couldn't agree more.

All the best to you both and have a great day on the island.


Sarai said...

Hey Nancy! Welcome to da island!!! And thanks Nadia for bringing her. Now i just have to write down some books, I wonder if the library carries them?

The Bookworm said...

lea and sarai: hello :)
I agree Nancys post is wonderful and she has such great taste in books.

KT Grant said...

I remember reading Jane Eyre at 16 and thinking this is one sexy book! :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy!

welcome to the island! Have fun around!

CygneNoir said...

Hi Nancy!
I loved the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy and still have my copies from all those years ago. I haven't had the opportunity to read any of your work but I'm putting you on my shopping list. And I must say... the covers of your books are just stunning!! They are frameable (sic) Continued success.

Nenz said...

great list. I have some of these and the others I'll have to check out. Thanks.


Joanna Chambers said...

Gosh what fabulously beautiful covers!

I love fairy tales anything - Angela Carter's retellings are a great favourite and another good recent one was Bearskin by Janine Ashbless. Now I have another name to add to the list!

jessewave said...

I just saw this post and I have to tell you how much I love Colter's Woman. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is a gem - I have the entire set and re-read the books whenever I feel in the mood.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Love your books!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lea, Sarai, Katiebabs, Ana, CygeneNoir, Olga, Tumperkin, Jessewave and Stephanie; thank you ladies for joining in. I have enjoyed my stay on the Island. I’m glad to see that others love reading sexy books as much as I do. Thank you for all your kind words about my book covers. I wish I had designed them! The Harlequin team does an excellent job, and they just keep getting better and better. The one coming out in November is absolutely to die for (you can see a sneak preview on my website It’s in the February Newsletter). Well, thanks for having me and happy reading!

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey nancy! thanks for coming, and thanks SO much for reminding me i totally need to read Colter's Women! Not to mention Enchanted Again. I read the review at Naida's and it sounds wonderful!!!

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