Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anne Cain - Guest Blogger - Day 3

Talking about my favorite things I'd need to survive a desert island experience got me to thinking about what draws people to certain themes. I think almost everyone who commented yesterday had at least one paranormal/fantasy novel or movie they couldn't live without, and the appeal of those stories are undeniable. Worlds with magic, werewolves, and elves capture our imaginations and embody all the great fantasies we dream (and daydream *wink*) about! For me, I just love-love-love handsome men and pretty boys with wings. Guh!

Prince's Angel(Illustration for "The Prince's Angel 2, by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael)
There's just something so beautiful about the concept if a man with wings. We associate the ideas of strength and power with the male physique, but wings add an element of grace and unearthliness that totally compliments the association. And what about the mythos behind faeries, gargoyles and winged angels? It only makes the fantasy more appealing! I'm currently working on a novella about a winged warrior who gets stuck protecting an ordinary guy from New York who accidentally pisses off a demon of the strip-the-skin-off-your-bones type of badness, and so far, the bodyguard is turning out to be one of my fave personal characters. I blame the appeal of the sexy wings.

So what fantasy man dominates your dreams? Is he a vampire? An elf? A centaur? (Hey, you never know! *g*) And if you have a favorite read with a hero of that type, please share so I can add it to my must-read list. :D

Thanks again for inviting me to hang out at the DIK blog, Wave! And another big thanks to everyone for posting comments and playing along. I'll have winners for my contest by later tonight. :D


T.A.Chase said...

Angels are something I find fascinating.

Hmmm...then why haven't I ever written a story about them? lol. Guess I should add one to my list, though I do have a WiP about the Master of Hell and Azrael, the Angel of Death.

Anyway, I digress. :D I'm fascinated by angels, not just because of their wings, but because of their seeming perfection. I mean, really, who wouldn't like to see a perfect creature a little rumpled and baffled by his emotions?

Love the artwork, Anne. You're amazing as always.

Keira Gillett said...

Pretty pictures! :D I love angels, vampires, selkies in theory (haven't read any yet), elves (Orlando Bloom whew!), and wizards.

jessewave said...

Vampires and Angels turn me on which is why I love this book by Mychael and Shayne. I think angels are pretty cool, but then so are devils who try to get us to do all kinds of depraved things. yummm. *g*

Yes TA, why haven't you released a book about angels - WIPs seem to take so long before we ever get to read them.

Tracy said...

I love to read about angels in books although I can't say I've read a ton of them. I think this statement: We associate the ideas of strength and power with the male physique, but wings add an element of grace and unearthliness that totally compliments the association. is right on the money for me.

I think my favorites are definitely Meljean Brooks angels in her Guardians series - Hugh and Michael to name 2 - and then of course there's Nalini Singh's angels in Demons' Blood that just came out - Raphael=yum. Those are some fine, fine angels - oh and the vamps aren't bad either. :)

Thanks again for visiting us on DIK, we loved having you!

Marianne said...

Hi Anne!Your friend Marianne here seeing what you are up to today. Loved the excerpt yesterday, YUMMY!

I like angels, but I Love something a little more on the wilder side, such as a man with supple leathery wings that could wrap around the both of us. Feathers would only tickle me too much, LOL!

Marianne said...

OOPS! I see Photo Bucket didn't care much for our feathered friend and his man very much. As if we could actually see anything (Darn!)- Marianne G.

jessewave said...

Did Photobucket actually delete the book cover? I can't believe this. Do they go around checking on pictures? What a riot.

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