Monday, March 16, 2009

Hero Head-to-Head

Lately there has been a little discord in my hut. It’s a constant show of one upmanship. I guess it’s to be expected, with all the testosterone in here, but it’s becoming tiresome. So I decided to play a little game called Hero Head-to-Head. It gives each hero a chance to showcase a few of their finer character traits, help them find some common ground with their fellow hut mates and hopefully give me some peace. At least that’s the idea. Let’s see if it works. Today, the first to go head-to-head will be Kenric Montague, The Warlord, by Elizabeth Elliott and Lucas Davenport, The Prey series, by John Sandford.

Welcome to HEAD-TO-HEAD with Kenric and Lucas

Hi Guys!!!

How difficult was it to overcome the angst your authors gave you?

Kenric : It was hard. But I remained loyal to my family and did what was best for them whether they liked it or not.

Lucas: Angst Schmangst. I eat angst for breakfast.

K: Psst…Lucas, what about that little depression problem you had?

Lucas: I don’t recall that

Kenric: Depression Lucas? *snort* Would you like to talk about your *feelings*? Heh

What did your author totally get wrong about you?

Kenric: She tried to make me feel bad for being frugal. I do not feel bad. If you need something from me, you will have to show me proof that you have earned it. Then I will decide if you need it or not. Don’t try to project your feelings on me. Christ woman! I don’t have “layers”.

Lucas: What do you mean? I’m perfect. Well, there was that fear of flying thing that he blew completely out of proportion. I mean come on, if you’re not afraid of sitting in a recliner hurtling through space at 700 mph in a tin can, then something is wrong with you. Not me.

Boxers, briefs or boxer briefs?

Kenric: I am a knight in the 13th century. I don’t know what those things are.

K: I know. That's what I love about you.

Lucas: Why don’t you come over here and find out for yourself, sweetheart.

What is your favorite weapon?

Kenric: My sword and my body. If I ever lose my sword during a battle, not that I ever would, I can kill you just as easily using my bare hands. *I* fight like a man.

Lucas: Yeah Kenric. Whatever. Just don’t bring that sword to a gunfight, dude. I am a gun freak. I have 13 guns. My favorite is a Heckler & Koch P7 automatic.

What have you learned about each other?

Kenric: Lucas has a big ego.

Lucas: Kenric has a big ego.

Well, I’m not sure this game helped us. At all. But maybe they found something they have in common? Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.


Kim said...

You know, I opened this post up in preview 4 times and everytime it was different so I just left it. Now look at this crappy formatting job I did. Sorry, I will do better tomorrow. Hopefully.

Hey, who is this "geepot" in the first comment? I see them everywhere.

Tracy said...

Kim that was great! I don't think I'm too familiar with either of those characters but it's pretty damned funny! Great post! And it looks fine in Firefox!

LesleyW said...

Very funny, and the formatting looks fine to me. :)

Kim said...

Tracy and LesleyW

Thanks! You don't wanna know how much trouble I had with this post LOL.

I think I fought with it for 3 hours. I need Firefox.

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