Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mystery Guest

Hiya all! I got a surprise for you!!!!

We have a mystery guest join us today. I will be posting facts about our mystery guest throughout the day. The first person to correctly identify our guest will win a mystery prize (kindly provided by our guest).

So on with the show!

1. Can play the organ, piano, harp and guitar.

2. Has hatched two ducks from eggs. "There's no experience like incubating an egg and then having it hatch right in front of you. Miracle."

3. "Eu falo mais nao bem." Used to be fluent in (Brazilian) Portuguese and also can speak/read French, Spanish and Italian. Has been trying to teach self Russian

4. When she was around four years old she wandered away from her parents who were checking in to a Las Vegas hotel. They found her sitting on a couch in the lobby chatting up actor George Burns "(if you don't know who George Burns is, you've missed much in life. OH GOD!)".

5. When she was about five years old (you'll see a trend here) she wandered away from her parents in the Miami airport. They found her sitting on actor Jerry Lewis' shoulders--he was filming a movie there and she wandered onto the set.

6. She met the Beatles when she was ten years old and in the airport outside Zurich, Switzerland.

7. The first fan letter she ever wrote to an author was to Melissa Scott for her FIVE-TWELFTHS OF HEAVEN. This was pre-email days. Melissa Scott wrote her a lovely personal letter back. She still think Melissa Scott's one of the premiere SF authors out there and one classy lady. (You've not read it? DO SO!)

8. A cancer survivor.

9. Canoed through the Okefenokee Swamp.

10. She was born without tonsils. So was her mother. "We're mutants. ::spooky music please!::"

11. Loves Brussels sprouts.

12. Chocolate is NOT her favorite flavor (coconut is).

13. Picked up Met her husband in a bar. On a Sunday. She was there with a gal friend, watching an ice hockey game. He was there--he said--to meet his wife. SOON TO BE EX WIFE. She gave him her business card and said, "Call me when you're divorced." He did. That was Feb 1979. They'll have been married 29 years in Oct 2009.

14. She and her husband were born roughly nine months apart. So when he was being born, she was being conceived. Talk about custom order!

15. She once studied to be a minister.

16. Her first commercial radio job was at WTTS-AM and her radio name was "Sunshine." "Sunshine and the Colonel" was the early morning radio show.

17. She wouldn't be published by Bantam if it wasn't for author Robin D. Owens. "I owe that fine gal my career. She's another top class act."

18. She try to mentor two unpublished writers a year. She deeply believe in karma.

19. She was a Guest Author last year.

20. She's a PEARL award and a RITA award winner.

21. She has survived a small plane crash and has used this experience and wrote it in a scene in one of her books.

22. She used to have a cat named Fat Tammy the Slut. "Captain Folly" (a cat in her most recent book) is her body-double.

The last hint:
23. Her cat, Daiquiri, was used as a cover model for one of her books and was the inspiration for "Tank".

Make sure come by tomorrow for a chat with our mystery guest...

The One and Only...



LesleyW said...

So far I'm stumped, :), I can play the piano, but not the other three, so I guess that rules me out.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm . . . . ???

Lea said...

Yikes, no clue!

However, I'm impressed with the talent. :)

KT Grant said...

I played the clarinet when I was nine. lol

Anonymous said...

Linnea Sinclair?

Renee said...

Musical and authorly? hmmm...

My musical confession: I played the accordian AND the organ (not the cool Phantom of the Opera pipe organ, either, but the very un-cool mall type. Hey-it was the 80's!)

Shaymless Aymless said...

sorry I was late with more clues!

Just put up another 5.

Shaymless Aymless said...

Any guesses? I see we have one bold person putting a name forward... Anyone else want that a swing?

LesleyW said...

I haven't got any idea. Any more clues coming?

Shaymless Aymless said...

There will be a total of 22 clues!

I'm positive you'll guess correctly... eventually!

Shaymless Aymless said...

More guesses anyone?

Kris said...

Is it Ann Aguirre??

Shaymless Aymless said...

Here's another clue for all of you!

Kris said...

So it IS Linnea Sinclair. Willa was right. :)

Shaymless Aymless said...

Hey the last hints up and if you haven't guessed already... but yup Willa was right!

Shaymless Aymless said...

willa: please e-mail me at:

totally2aymless at yahoo dot com

with your contact information so that I can get your prize to you! Thanks and congrats!

Anonymous said...

Squueeee and other sounds of excitement!!

I've won something! Thankyou! *off to email*

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