Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Nalini Singh Hostage Crisis: Day 2

Welcome to Day Two. As we continue with the interrogation, we have brought in the Psy-Changling hunky heroes (borrowed from various huts, thanks ladies) to help. So let us continue... (sure, the HLO!!! Ha! )

Nalini Singh's MEN
Okay, I'm going to choose heroes aside from my own (Lucas, Vaughn Dorian, Clay, Hawke, Dev and...more!), because where they're concerned, I'm a hussy (I want the women too, what does that make me? O_o They shall be happily taken care of as my pets.). I love them all! (All of them.)Here are my six, in no particular order.

Lucivar from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy - He's so rough on the outside, and he's been hurt so badly, brutalized really by his slavery(bad kind of hostage system...we have the good kind, honest!). And yet, he's incredibly gentle with the woman he loves. He tries very hard to give Marian space (though he doesn't succeed *g*). Their story in the Dreams Made Flesh(hmmm, so many flesh in dreams...) anthology is one of my all time favorites - there are just so many great moments, such as when he teaches her to defend herself by throwing a skillet!

Kel Paton from Linnea Sinclair's Games of Command - his devotion just made my heart melt. On the surface, he was this perfect robotic male, but on the inside... The way he kept loving the heroine no matter Who wouldn't want a male who can love that deeply? (*dreamy sigh* Who wouldn't...especially the rich sexy ones...mmm.)

Roarke from the JD Robb books - he's more than a little bad, gorgeous beyond compare and he adores his wife. What's not to like?!! (Hehehe)

Cade from Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole - I think Cade would be a great one to raise hell with. This guy knows how to have fun. I plain out liked Cade - I liked that he just said what he thought, that he wasn't sophisticated and didn't pretend to be, and that he fell for the heroine like nobody's business. (I keep waiting for the horn licking. Such a needs a nice lick of his horns. Lick. His. Horns.)

Jonas from the Breed books by Lora Leigh - ok, this is probably taking my life into my hands, but I'd love to have him to myself so I could find out all his secrets. What do you think my chances are? To be honest, Jonas a little scary (ok, maybe a lot scary) - but that makes me even more excited about his mate. I want to see the woman who brings down a man who is very used to being the boss. (Don't we all. That man needs a good whippin. A real, hard good... *g*)

Gabriel from A Secret Love by Stephanie Laurens - this was my very first Stephanie Laurens and it got me hooked on her books. Gabriel's so refined at first glance, and yet, there's a very protective alpha hero beneath the trappings of the elegant male. I like how he helps the heroine, how he's so mad at her for not coming to him earlier, and I most especially like how he tells her he loves her - that particular bit of the book is one of my favorites.
(Gabriel's one of my favorite Laurens creations. Agatha was just too cool and was a great match for this refining hotness. And that wall scene...mmm, nothing compared to the Lisa Kleypas raspberry scene, but very nice all the same.)

Now, for little treat and offering by yours truly (no, not me, Amy!). *knees and forehead to the ground with both palms out* Ohh, gratious one, please accept our gift of a mini show with various styles of the male body in wonderous nothings. In return, we ask for nothing more than peace upon our island and more naked men, unending supplies, and early releases of books we WANT: such as more smexiness of burning boinkings, or the horrifying dangers that exist for ethereal creatures of gray.

*lifts head and sits back with an exasperated sigh* Oh just beam the stories into my head. What do you mean you can't do it? Beam in gosh darn stories! I can see you, you know. Fine, be that way. Just keep your eyes on the little black screen...and it'll all be okay~~~

Intermission for the Runway Show!

Nalini Singh's Books

1.The entire Black Jewels trilogy - hey, it's one book if you get it in an omnibus! It's dark, it's dangerous, and it has some of the sensual men I've ever read. This is one world I can happily get lost in over and over again. I'm DELIGHTED that Anne Bishop is writing more books set in this universe. (yes, very dark...that way, no one can see anything except hear the screaming...the lovely sweet sound of deep rumbling screams...)

2. Remembrance by Jude Deveraux - it always makes me laugh and cry, no matter how many times I read it. It's a story about the most unbreakable of bonds, of two people who are literally one half each of a soul. It's so very deeply romantic. (the sex helps)

3. The Magic Trilogy - Mercedes Lackey (we'll just pretend this comes in an omnibus). The entire Valdemar series is amazing. If you haven't picked it up, why not?! I really love the characters in these books, the relationships, and the incredible world Ms.Lackey has created - it feels so real, I wish I could visit it. (But where's the hot steamy - you know where this is going.)

4. Naked in Death - because it started my JD Robb obsession. I love this series to pieces!! The characters, the world, the stories, it's all an amazing package, one that just keeps getting better book by book. (I like your's better and I'm NOT kissing up. I wouldn't need to now that I've put ... nothing, drink that butterscotch. It's good for you.)

5. Dark Prince by Christine Feehan - this was one of the first paranormals I read and I devoured it. I love how the hero knows from the start that the heroine is his, and that the story is about their coming together. His protective, possessive nature is also very alpha, and I love me some alpha men. (She jump-started a lot of my more...err...hard *coughsexcough* paranormals :D).

6. A blank book - because I can't imagine not writing! (Can I mooch off you? Hehehe. It's okay, I can make paper and write with blood...I didn't say anything about my own blood...)

And don't forget a free copy of THE MAGICAL CHRISTMAS CAT (to be posted out when Nalini gets her author copies) is up for grabs, just leave comment during the Nalini Hostage Crisis to be entered into this drawing. Winner will be drawn at random on Saturday! Please have you entries in by noon PST. (You're just too, if I could just have Branded by much is my soul worth? How much is Amy's soul worth? What if I get you whichever soul you want? I can start from the left panel list down. Wait, let me grab some rope.)


Kati said...

Hi Nalini! I read the Black Jewel trilogy this summer and adored it. That omnibus though is VERY heavy! LOL!

Love your hero choices! I agree completely on Roarke, of course! I just finished listening to Naked in Death on audiobook. It was just as good as the first time I'd read it. Now I'm listening to Glory in Death.

Anonymous said...

The Magic trilogy by Mercedes Lackey are the books that I credit with turning me into a reader. I still remember browsing in the library for something to read (I think I was about 13) and being attracted to their covers. I grabbed all three and my lifelong obsession with reading really took off. She is such an amazing author and her world is so well-developed.

This comment still counts as entering me to win your anthology, right? Because I'm definitely excited about it.

Anonymous said...

I just started JD Robb's Death Series and I totally agree about Roarke.

What's not to love about him. :OP

KT Grant said...

Roarke gets pass around way too much. Poor guy must be very tired.
Ah, Dark Prince by Feehan! I adore that book and still have my original copy, which I just got back a few days ago after it being in the UK in Ana aka Booksmugglers hands. :D

Tracy said...

Lucivar....yummy. Love him. He is sooo wonderful to the women he loves and it just makes me love him more. Yes, that whole "how to fight with a skillet" segment in DMF was awesome! Hey, work with what you know. :)

Cade - lickable horns. *pant* He's so down to earth and I love that about him. No pretending...just Cade.

BJT is one of my favorites trilogy's of all time. Anne Bishop just does an amazing job of creating such a wonderful world.

I don't know if I've read that particular Feehan. Now I have to go home and look. lol

Great slideshow ladies!!!

Crystal Adkins said...

HI Nalini!! I bet you've enjoyed being captured by the DIK ladies... I would be! It is always great learning about you and your books :)

alanajoli said...

Wow, as a hostage she gets hot men and good reads? The DIK team can take me hostage any time... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nalini!
I own all of the books you listed except for the Magic trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. I now have to find this series and read it. I read the Black Jewel this year from your recommendation on your website. It is now a favorite of mine.

My favorite hero would also have to be Roarke from the In Death series. He is so perfect.

I hope I am now entered in the contest for the anthology. --

Rashda Khan said...

Hi Nalini,

Thanks so much for posting those HOT, HOT, HOT Hrithik Roshan pics. Yummy.

And right there with you on Roarke. I've read more graphic books, but I keep returning to the Naked series for Roarke. He is in a class of his own.

Keep writing!


Anonymous said...

Man, I really need to read this Black jewels trilogy. Everyone raves about it.

Gail Leinweber said...

I remember when I read the first book in the Black Jewels series. I checked it out from the library as an experiment. The next day I walked into a bookstore and bought all three. Definitely Desert Island material.

It looks like I need to try Jude Deveraux.

Nalini Singh said...

MK - I recommend the trilogy to EVERYONE! They're just so good.

Joni - I adore her Valdemar books. Wish she'd write more!

Ann - exactly ;)

Katie - wow, your books travel!

Tracy - yay, another Lucivar fan! I think I like him even more than Daemon.

Hiya Crystal - well, they've soothed me with hot menz *g*

Alana - it's a good gig ;)

Jennifer - I think you'll enjoy the Magic trilogy. And then you'll have to find the Arrows trilogy, and the Wind trilogy. You've got some much good reading to look forward to!

Rashda - Can HR dance or what? He's the most natural dancer I've ever seen.

Sayuri - don't wait! And make sure you have uninterrupted reading time because you won't want to stop.

Gail - I adore Remembrance to pieces. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini! I enjoyed reading your book/hero choices and comparing them to mine. It's always fun to hear what one of my favorite authors has to say about books other than their own. I really feel like I need to read the Black Jewel trilogy. I've heard so much about it, but I have such a huge TBR pile already staring at me that I almost feel guilty picking up something new!

Shaymless Aymless said...

*hands out drinks to everyone* Ooohh So glad you all are enjoying yourself! Isn't the floor show great! *g*

Jonas is my favorite Breed too! A bit bossy and manipulative, but hey he's totally hawt!

And love the book choices. I got into Anne Bishop because of Nalini and totally LUUURVE it. And I have picked up lots and lots of others reviewed by Nalini and haven't yet been disappointed!

Marg said...

Great choices with the Black Jewels trilogy and Naked in Death! As I am wasn't really much of a fantasy reader, it took me a while to get into the Black Jewels world, but once I was there....Oh man! Since then I have read everything that Anne Bishop has written (except for her latest book which I have here to read at some point!)

alohahelper said...

Hmmm, I haven't read ANY of the books on your list so I have a lot of great reading to look forward to. Heh, I'm currently re-reading Hostage to Pleasure so that I can catch the stuff I might have missed during my first reading. LOVED IT!

Anonymous said...

Alright! Book recommendations! I am highly interested in the Magic trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. It is the only one I haven't read you have listed. Must have.

For this, I thank you!

I also thank you for releasing/writing Hostage To Pleasure. Teh exerpt was driving me batty to know what happened next. You have no idea how crazy I have been going any time I read that excerpt before the book was released.

Pamk said...

okay that added some tbb to my list. lol. Just wanted to add I am halfway through hostage and am loving it. was the first thing I looked for when I get home from vacation

JenB said...

Oooh, GREAT book choices! I have the first Black Jewel book on my TBR shelf. Guess I need to finally dust it off and read it!

It's been great reading your posts, Nalini. :)

Bridget Locke said...

I'm thinking that I've got to read this Black Jewel thingamajig. I don't think I've ever read anything by Anne. Hmm... :0

Your choices are very intriguing. I chose the Dragonriders of Pern over the Heralds of Valdemar when it came to my choices for books. What a difficult decision that was b/c I love them both! The Vanyel books introduced me to homosexuality in literature. It was definitely an eye opener. :)

Bridget Locke said...

Oh and Cade's already in my hut. You can borrow him, but the horns are mine! Bwahaha! :)

Anonymous said...

Kelbar77 - I know how that feels. My tbr pile is many good books, so little time!

Amy, thanks for the refreshments. :)

Marg - Tangled Webs is great. I loved the feeling of visiting old friends.

Alohahelper - I'm delighted you loved HtP! :)

Shar - sooooo have you read the excerpt for Branded By Fire? ;)

Pamk - hope Hostage kept you well entertained!

Jenb - you're going to become a Black Jewels addict, trust me *G*

Bridget - OOOOOH!! How could I not put in the Dragonriders! I love, love, love those books! I think it might've been the first series I glommed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini! I see you're holding up well as a DIK hostage. I heart your books! I'll be increasing my TBR list to include your book choices, they sound interesting.*g*

Anonymous said...

Ohhh... such good choices for fav heroes!

Gabriel is one of my all-time favorites, too. Running a close second is Vane. That barn scene... mmmmm.

Not sure about Jonas, tho. He might be a little too scary for me. Now Tanner on the other hand... *g*

I'm with the others who haven't read Anne Bishop. Gonna have to add her to my BooksOnBoard list now!

I'd have to add another male that I adore is Vane from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Night Play. Another hero tortured by his past and just so sweet and gentle with his woman. Oh... now I'm gonna have to go grab that book and laze in bed and re-read!

And I just realized I chose two heroes named "Vane". Now, what does that say about me??? lol.

Barbarita V said...

Hi Nalini!
What is the tittle of Lucivar's story. I went to the author website but she only has covers not description.

Nalini Singh said...

Alicel - I hope you enjoy my recs :)

Tracy - I love Vane, too! He's so wonderful to Bride.

Barbara - Lucivar's story is in an anthology called Dreams Made Flesh. It's great!

Barbarita V said...

Thanks for the tittle!

Kristie (J) said...

Brandon Kel-Paton is a great choice. So great in fact I'm pretty sure I already grabbed him *g*
I'm not much into sharing - but I guess exceptions can be made - heh heh heh

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