Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the Hell was That??

Today I'm sitting down to chat with the one and only Phineas Tucker.

Thanks for sitting down with me Phin. I asked all the other guys to sit for a strange, eclectic, completely off the wall, non sequitur question/answer session and they ran for the beach like the friggin devil was after them. What’s up with that? You’d think after everything they’d been through this would be no prob.
Phin: Hey, my pleasure. As long as I’m with you it’s all good.
Me: Phin, you’re gonna get some whether you brown nose or not so cut it out.
Phin: I’m just messing with ya. Ok, let’s get started.
Me: Right. On to the questions…and let me warn you – there’s no rhyme or reason here.
Phin: That’s cool, I’m used to that with you.

What was your first impression of the island?
Phin: Well I thought there were a lot of men here that were kind of strangely dressed, especially from that chick Tumperkin’s hut, but I figured what the heck – maybe they’ll share their clothes.
Me: Uh, Phin – your not allowed to wear clothes remember?
Phin: oh yeah, my bad.
Me: And those men in T’s hut are from historical times and ya ain’t wearin their bloomers!
Phin: Dammit! Ok, whatever.

We’ve all (everyone in our hut that is) gone out on several dates and it’s been a bit of an argument each time because we all like to do different things. What is your idea of a truly romantic evening?
Phin: Staying at home with candlelight, good food and music. Gotta have the music.
Me: That sounds really nice but don’t you think it might get a little crowded in there with everyone hanging out?
Phin: I’m thinking we can probably loan them all out for a night, don’t you?
Me: I don’t know, they’re all pretty attached to me. Especially Z – he’s doesn’t really play with others well.
Phin: Ok, Z can stay but the others can go find their own fun.

Apart from the most obvious one, which other two areas of your body are the most sensitive and responsive?
Phin: Wow – you’re going right to the personal questions, aren’t you? Why don’t we just go find out? *waggles eyebrows*
Me: *laughing* Come on, it’s not like I don’t already know – this is just for the other ladies to know.
Phin: Well in that case, I’d have to say the arch of my foot – man it feels good when it’s kissed or stroked and right behind my left ear. Not so much my right though.
Me: Yeah, I noticed, what’s up with that?
Phin: I think someone hit me with a pool cue there once, I can’t remember though.
Me: Makes sense

Which fruit/vegetable do you think I resemble and why?
Phin: Do I really have to answer that?
Me: Yes, and be honest.
Phin: All right…a pear. There I said it, do you hate me?
Me: LOL Hell no! If you’d said anything else I’d know you were lying.
Phin: *wiping sweat from brow* That’s a relief.

Little CJ - funny or creepy?
Phin: Oh definitely funny...in a creepy sort of way.
Me: I understand completely.

If someone told you they saw me with another guy (besides the ones in the hut), what would your first reaction be – she’s cheating on me, he’s probably an old friend or I need to get to the bottom of this?
Phin: It would be – can I join?
Me: God I love you!! Good answer!

Have you ever found yourself attracted to someone of the same sex?
Phin: um, well…
Me: Come on, it’s cool.
Phin: Ok, that guy in Sarai’s hut I've been corrected: Lisabea's hut, Jake Riordan.
Me: *laughing hysterically* yeah, good luck with that one honey!
Phin: Yeah, I know, he said he’s not gay.
Me: *laughing while holding sides* He what? Ok, I’ve gotta stop laughing! Oh that was funny!

Ok, thanks for answering my questions – strange as they were. I’ll meet you down at the dock and we’ll gather the guys for a naked beach party.
Phin: I’m there!

Anyone who wants to join us for the naked beach party grab the rum and come on!


Anonymous said...

LMAO! I oddly enough, I thoroughly enjoyed reading that conversation, lol! Oy...

Kris said...

Ok, the whole 'he's not gay' thing was very friggin funny. Good one.

Renee said...

Great interview!
Jake just can't stop attracting the boys, can he? ;-)

Tracy said...

Ahhh - proof positive that I'm not the only crazy one out there in the world! lol Thanks ladies.

And Renee - no he can't!

lisabea said...

Baby, Jake's in my hut. Sarai and I did the swap BEFORE DOPK came out. Heh hehe HEH.


I love Phineas Tucker. Especially when he tosses alarm clocks.

Shaymless Aymless said...

Great interview... Will grab the guys and be out there in a jiffy!

Tracy said...

Lb - I'm so very sorry. So which one of you heroes went into Sarai's hut? Oh I gotta keep this strait!
Yeah, that Phin throwing things is hot, hot, hot!

Amy - see you there!

KT Grant said...

Ohhh I would love to interview one of my boysi in my hut!
Great job Tracy :D

jessewave said...

What a wonderful interview. I want to come to the beach party, naked.

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