Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Ask Myself Why

I was just kind of sitting in my office today and for some reason staring at my bookshelves and I thought to myself - why do I read the kinds of books I do? What's the appeal? I normally read contemporary, historical, paranormal, & urban fantasy romance. I used to read medical thrillers like they'd stop writing them the next day. The same goes for courtroom dramas - loved them, couldn't get enough of them. These days I pretty much am a romance only girl. Yes I throw suspense in there from time to time but out of my norm the others just don't hold the allure. Why is that?

I like contemporary romance because I can feel like it's really in the here and now, maybe it could even happen to me - which is silly since I'm very happily married and don't plan on that changing any time soon. But it could have happened...when I was younger, and less saggy. lol I also like the fact that even though most of the heroes are hotter than hell there are those that are just a little off (gotta love the broken nose syndrome) but yet, still incredibly attractive to the heroine. It also seems that the heroes can go for the not-so-model-like girl and I love that.

With a really wonderful historical it's the gowns and the balls and the titled men, because of course the majority of them are titled...or will be soon. And there's such a variety of heroines...meek and mild one minute, tough and brave the next or there's the women who are barracudas and have to take care of their family (gambler anonymous would have made a killing in the regency period that's for damn sure). Or God forbid the ones that have been given away in a poker game *shudders*. And then there's the horses and the carriages and the simpler yet sometimes more complicated life. It's all a fascination for me. I won't even get into how much I love Scottish historicals...let me just say men. in. kilts.

Paranormal and urban fantasy romance takes me into a whole other world where anything is possible. My hum-drum little life is suddenly exciting with my Guardians and vampires and were-wolves and were-other things. Most if not all of the heroes in these stories are abnormally gorgeous. I have no idea where these men are coming from but I can tell you - not from my town! The heroines are kick-ass and don't take shit from anyone and I love it.

So those are a few of the many, many, many reasons I read the types of books I do. What are your favorite types of books and why do you love them?

I completely forgot....don't forget to drop by tomorrow for a special, special, special guest. Actually 2 special guests.


LesleyW said...

Urban fantasy. I like the gritty realism coupled with the improbable. In my favourite stories the presence of werewolves, vampires etc. isn't treated as fantasy, and I like seeing how different authors deal with that.

Sarai said...

Urban Fantasy (Like Lesley) I love seeing what the world might have been like or might be like with magic.

SciFi/Fantasy again I like being taken out of the present and put in a world full of things that could never happen to me.

Historical romance: I'm a lover of history so I read these to get my dose of dukes, earls and ladies. Plus I have always loved England's history so I like seeing what authors enjoy. LOL
Great post!

KT Grant said...

I have been reading everything and anything lately, but I always go back to my favorites, the historical romance. Also I am reading so many UF and PR because the market is being saturated by then.

Tracy said...

Oh and forgot m/m romance that I love. That's usually contemporary but not always. I can't say I picture myself in the books, obviously since I'm a chick. lol

Katie Reus said...

I go through phases of what I read. Romance and HEA are always involved, but the genre varies. Currently over my historical phase and now getting into paranormal and sci-fi. I also love contemporary RS and erotica in a big way :)

Shaymless Aymless said...

Urban Fantasy/SciFi/Fantasy for me. Reality just bites most of the time so take me far far away!

Jenre said...

I love historicals, the dresses, the tight breeches, the long hair, the 'brutus'. It ties into the princess fantasy of wearing beautiful long gowns, having your hair done and going to the ball.

Then I love m/m contemporaries which are a different fantasy because they are so far removed from my own life. I love the excitement of instant gratification, the gay lifestyle, the different themes of GYF or the closeted gay.

There are many other romance genres too, which I dip into from time to time, but these remain my favourite

Shannon said...

I guess I lean more towards contemp/RS and paranoral. I need my HEA. Ultimately, I am like Kati. I go through phases and my mood plays a big role in what I will read next.

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