Saturday, January 24, 2009

Its our final day with Katie

I know, I know we are all very upset about that. But Katie has elected to give us a glance at Everything to Lose. So here it is! And don’t forget to pick up your copy of Everything to Lose by going to Katie’s author page at Ellora’s Cave:

And on with the excerpt
“How long are you here?” He took a step closer so she forced herself to stand her ground.
“A few weeks. I’m not sure… That’s not important though. I came here to give you this.” She held out the manila envelope and when his eyes darkened, it was obvious he understood what was in her hand. Hell, if he didn’t know by now why she was here, then he needed his head examined. She’d only been sending him the same familiar packet for the past twelve months.
“What the hell is this?” He snatched the envelope from her hand but didn’t open it.
“Don’t start that. You know exactly what it is.”
“I’m not signing these.” He started crumpling and twisting the pack in his hand.
“I don’t understand why not. It was your idea in the first place.” She felt as if her insides were literally shaking but she managed to keep her voice even.
“Damn it, Caitlyn! You know I didn’t mean it.”
“Then you shouldn’t have said it.” She crossed her arms over her chest. Her heart pounded against her rib cage with such force she was fearful he could hear it.
“I shouldn’t have said a lot of things,” he murmured.
She rolled her eyes. “You’re right about that.” She couldn’t keep the hint of anger out of her voice. She wasn’t one to hold a grudge but he’d never actually apologized for the things he’d said a year ago and that just pissed her off even more. How hard was it to say the words ‘I’m sorry’?
“Listen, I—”
The door flew open, causing them both to turn toward the disruption. After a cursory nod in her direction, a young man in uniform she didn’t recognize spoke to her husband. “Sullivan, Captain needs to see you now. It’s important.”
Sean turned to her. “Wait right here. I’ll be back in few minutes.”
Without waiting for a response he strode from the room. If she’d had anything handy, she’d have thrown it at his retreating figure. His behavior was so typical. He didn’t ask her to wait. No, he ordered her to.
“I don’t think so,” she mumbled under her breath. When she opened the door, the hall was empty. She half walked, half sprinted back down the hallway toward the elevators. Once she finally made it out of the building, she expelled a breath of relief.
She squinted against the afternoon sun and her throat tightened when she didn’t see the cab. Just as she was about to panic, the bright yellow car pulled out of a parking space and picked her up at the curb. She slid into the back seat, ignoring the smell of old takeout food. She heard her name being shouted, but instead of following her instinct and turning around, she pulled the door shut and rattled off the address of her hotel.
“Uh, Miss, I think that man wants to talk to you.” He motioned behind her but she still wouldn’t look.
“Just go! I’ll pay you extra.”
That got his attention. He turned around and a second later, the car jerked to life. Before they left the parking lot, she risked a glance through the rearview window and immediately regretted it. Sean had always been in good shape but he looked leaner, as if he wasn’t eating right. Not that it took away anything from his warrior stance. Nope. One hand was on his hip and the other clutched the brown manila envelope. Maybe this would get her message across loud and clear. She was through taking orders from him.

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Tracy said...

Sounds really good Katie!!! I can't wait to read it! :)

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