Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Six DIK's Heroes Edition

Yay! It’s that time again. Time for more heroes! I wasn’t in on the original rounds of the hero pickings so I will do my best not to choose someone else’s man. Something you should know about my hut. There is a strict no shirt (and sometimes no pants) policy. That’s right. We are all National Geographic channel up in here.

First dude into my hut is: Sir Kenric of Montague from The Warlord by Elizabeth Elliott. Kenric is a Baron. A scarred and fearless warrior known as the Butcher of Wales, he fought in the Crusades and the Battle of Wales. Brave, ruthless and powerful, he will kill you dead. Twice. But he’s honorable and loyal to his family, friends and King. He is treated like crap by his family, his own father tried to have him killed, his sister treats him with cold disdain, but through all that, he remains faithful to them. Larger than life, I love having him in my hut. Paging Elizabeth Elliott…where have you been since 1995?

Next is Lucas Davenport from the Prey series of books by John Sandford. This is a really long running series and JS’s website says he will only write 3 more books with Lucas. Lucas is a man’s man. He’s tough, smart, oh so sexy and can be a real mean dick. He is an investigator in the Twin Cities where the weather almost matches his coldness. (I have never been to Minn/StP but it must be cold there year round because it’s cold in almost every book). He kills people all over the damn place and fucks like a bunny all over the damn place (early books) until he meets Weather (later books) who takes some of the coldness away from his heart. He’s rough and battle scarred but has great taste in music and cars. He will be the designated DJ of my hut. Check out Lucas’s 100 top rock songs on his iPod in the book Broken Prey. He’s got some Dylan, AC/DC, The Hollies, The Stones, Clapton, Zeppelin, Steppenwolf… so if our hut is rockin’ don’t come knockin’. (Shit. If that phrase and music doesn’t date me…nothing else will).

Third is Maddox from The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter. I love Maddox. He’s noble and chivalrous. A protector of Gods and humans, he longs for peace. He dies and suffers in hell every night because his body plays host to the demon of Violence. Then he wakes up and has to do it all over again and again. He is growly and possessive and will twist off if someone threatens his woman. You don’t want to make him mad. Hopefully we can rid him of his curse before he gets to the island. I would really, really hate to have to gut him every night. It’s messy and will attract insects.

Fourth is Rydstrom from IAD series by Kresley Cole. His book is coming out soon! I can’t wait. Rydstrom is the demon King, bitches. He’s noble, steady and reliable. He wants to take the throne so he can take care of his people and restore honor to his family name. Plus, the horns are hot. I am looking forward to this book and learning more about Rydstrom. But for now, he is in my hut.

Fifth is Cougar McKinley from Promises Keep by Sarah McCarty. Oh Cougar. As Sarah, from NZ says, “Merow”. Which I think is antipodean for “You’re a sexy cat and I want to lick your face” or something like that. Cougar is big and dangerous. He’s especially skilled with his big honkin’ knife. That may or may not be a euphemism. He kills things with it and shaves, um, certain things with it…whew, is it hot in here? If you haven’t read this book you really, really should. Even though he is deadly to his enemies, he’s kind, compassionate and gentle to the woman he loves. I love it when he gets all possessive and protecty. Ms. McCarty is doin’ it right when it comes to writing heroes.

Last, but not least. Drake Vireo from the Aisling Grey series by Katie MacAlister. Everyone and every island needs a fire breathing dragon. Drake is the wyvern of the Green dragons. An unrepentant thief, he is sexy, smart, determined and stubborn. He’s got this cute little curl of smoke that comes out of his nostril when he’s miffed. So adorable! I’m going to have to put flame retardant material around the hut. But just think how handy he’ll be when we have bonfires.

That’s it for me. I have to go mop up all the testosterone in my hut. That shit gets everywhere. Enjoy the rest of your week!


sula said...

oh noes! how did you snatch Rydstrom? *sob* I am so in love with that demon and he hasn't even had his own book yet. hmph. i wanna lick his horns. *g*

Jenre said...

I haven't read any of these books so can't comment on the heroes...but...

...can I be the first with the bucket and spade digging that sexy man out of the sand?


Kim said...

Sula~ I know! I was worried that someone else would grab him. And oh yes...those horns...MMmmmm. They are good. Heh. I think his book comes out in a week or so...Right?

Jenre~ Isn't he pretty? I tried to post more pictures but blogger and I were fighting this morning. I need someone to tell me how to put more than one pic in a post because I have more pretty menz. It's a shame for them to go to waste.

Tracy said...

Fab heroes, Kim. Very nice choices. I think having the no shirt and most of the time no pants rule is one I may have to institute in my hut. Just sayin.

Oh, and the picture thing - just pop it in there (load) and then drag it to where you want it. :) Should work.

Nicola O. said...

Rydstrom's release date is 1/20 but it looks like some folks already have their hands on him, er, I mean, his horns, er, I mean, his book.

Hmmm. Adding Sarah McCarty to my new authors list... can't resist a man who's good with a knife.

Oh, and good choice with the dragon dude. Anybody who watches Survivor knows that firestarting is not as easy as it looks on a deserted island.

Kim said...

Tracy~ I had no clue. Blogger and I went 5 rounds before I forfeited the match. I kept looking for an undo button. I never found it. I'll do better next time. Yay for more pics!

The no shirt, no pants is good, but you have to be careful cause sometimes it turns into a show on Animal Planet. Bend over to put to pick something up and ...BAM...

Nicola~ Thanks! I knew it was soon...maybe I will do a looksee and try to get it early too.

Sarah McCarty is a good choice. Cougar...mmmmm I feel a re-read coming on.

I watched Survivor once. It had very skinny, dirty, wet and angry people on it. So you're right, my dragon will come in handy!

LesleyW said...

One of my favourite lines ever was from the first Green Dragons book - going blank on the name. When Aisling calls Drake Puff the Magic Dragon. lol.

That has to be my favourite bit in the entire series and makes me smile every time I read it.

The Bookworm said...

Maddox!! Awesome hero. I just picked up the second book in that fabulous series :)

jessewave said...

I don't know any of the books but the photos sure are hot, hot, hot. I must expand my horizons.

Shannon said...

Oh, Drake! He's just so...manly and dominant. Yum!

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