Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Give me a...

As a child, my family moved quite often. From Chicago to Arizona, then on to Oregon. A short stint in Colorado led us right back to the Chicago area. In order to visit family, we would have to travel cross country. Sometimes we would take a plane, but often that meant a road trip. Ah, the road trip. Hours and hours and hours trapped in the back seat with my brother. My little brother. My stinky, annoying, obnoxious little brother. There were only a few things that kept all out war at bay: books, travel sized board games, and Mad Libs.

Something about Mad Libs was wildly entertaining. The sillier the word combinations, the better. When a randomly chosen noun or verb fit logically into the story, you were disappointed. It just wasn’t as much fun. Apparently, part of me is still that same 9 year old girl, because the Mad Libs have not decreased in entertainment value. These days my friends and I have been known to write our own. There was the Mad Libs story of how my best friend met her soon-to-be husband for her bridal shower. There was the raunchy erotic Mad Libs we whipped out for the bachelorette party. Add a few glasses of wine (or tequila) to that scenario and you have the makings for laughter induced tears.

Don’t believe me? Well, here is your chance to experience it first hand. Today I need your help to complete my post. By 5:30 tonight I need suggestions for the following:

2 prepositions
3 verbs ending in “-ing”
5 adjectives
body parts (3 plural, 2 singular)
2 adverbs
1 verb
3 past tense verbs
1 sound
1 emotion
3 colors
2 scents

Once I have your suggestions I will plug them into my pre-selected story excerpt and share the results. Tonight you can pour that glass of wine (or Jagermeister) and chuckle along with me.


Anonymous said...

How about some of these:

Prepositions: under, beyond
Verbs in “-ing”: sloshing, wilting, cavorting
5 adjectives: hairy, tumescent, stalwart, slithery, slick
Body parts: breasts, feet, fingers, elbow, nose
Adverbs: tauntingly, hotly
Verb: eat
Past tense verb: ground, pumped, exploded
Sound: Chirp
Emotion: arousal
Colors: pink, green, tangerine
Scents: fishy, eucalyptus

Shannon said...

eyre- Thanks! some of those are going to be great!

Tracy said...

I'm just gonna pick a random few for you: (And you mean 5:30pm central or eastern?)

Preposition: during
adverb: quickly
Sound: Screech
Emotion: anger
Scents: burnt tires, cinnamon

Shannon said...

Tracy- great words! I will cut off "submissions" at 5:30 Central time.

lisabea said...

2 prepositions: inside, behind

3 verbs ending in “-ing”:belching, smacking, twiddling

5 adjectives: turgid, smooshie, flat, chiseled, little

body parts: (3 plural, 2 singular)~ears, hair, small of the back, that weird little spot behind the knee that has no name, knuckles

2 adverbs:smartly, glibly
1 verb: fly
3 past tense verbs: sang, buried, drifted
1 sound: Kerthunk!
1 emotion: embarrassed
3 colors: aquamarine, sapphire, mustard
2 scents: mustard, bayrum

Sorry! It's Obama's fault I'm so late!!!

LesleyW said...

my grammar sucks, lol

preposition - through (?)

verbs - sliding, biting, singing

adjectives - bright, wonky, bulbous, stupid, flighty

body parts - arms, legs, toes, nose, ear

adverb - quickly

sound - woof

emotion - anger

colors - teal, taupe, scarlet

scents - floral, musk

Thea said...

Oh how fun! Ok here goes:

Prepositions: on top, between
Verbs in “-ing”: humping (hehe), drooling, dissecting
5 adjectives: bionic, engorged, moist, vigorous, interphasic
Body parts: balls, armpits, nipples, vajayjay, belly button
Adverbs: incredulously, self-righteously
Verb: blow
Past tense verb: chopped, gargled, conquered
Sound: Squeal
Emotion: apprehensive
Colors: puce, umber, sable
Scents: bleach, sandalwood

Sorry I'm so late too! *blushes* Mad libs rule :)

Shannon said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. The Mad Libs is now up!!!

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