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Sarah's DIK books.

Hi! I am Sarah and I have a blog called Rain on the Roof. I started my blog back in April after spending loads of time lurking at Nose in a Book and The Naughty Bits. I really enjoy blogging. It is loads of fun and as a result I have read so many books and comics AND I've also got to peruse some seriously smokin art!

I've been lucky enough to do some very cool interviews with several incredible artists and writer Laura Baumbach. I think one of my favorites was Patrick Fillion (there be large male members in this post NWS) who writes and illustrates gay erotic comics. He owns his own company called Class Comics and he is gorgeous not to mention a very really lovely guy! He was so funny to yak to and has kept encouraging me to play Star Wars - Force Unleashed on the PS3, even though I suck at this game! I keep falling off a balcony into the middle of the Death Star. hehe. I also loved interviewing Mike, who does erotic art for publications like Men Magazine. His story was so very personal and heartfelt, he is super cool. In fact, they have all been cool and Laura is so eloquent, she rocks! I have more coming and one in particular I am very excited about! Stay tuned!
So, now that I have worked out what time it is over thar, (I am reliably informed we’re like 17 hours ahead) best I get on with it and share my novels I chose all those months ago!

1st up is Dream Man by Linda Howard. She is, IMHO, the 1st lady of romance! She has been on my keeper shelf for donkeys years. Dream Man is a paranormal about Marlie who has these waking dreams about violent deaths. She can see through the eyes of the criminal and has been used in the past by law enforcement to help solve cases. Her last case was terrifying and traumatic so when the story begins she has kinda retired. Then the visions come back. There are some rather gruesome murders and she has a bit of a job trying to convince the local cops she’s the real deal. One particular asshat is Dane, our hero. Despite being a real hardass and just a bit of a shit he is happily wound around Marlies wee finger. He is very butch and I liked it a lot!

Mr Perfect is a once a year re read, simply for the kitchen scene. In fact I can probably just skip a few chapter and flick straight to it. Sam, naked in the kitchen, with our resident voyeur Jaine watching him from her house. It is a cool book and Sam the cop was a total hottie and rather memorable.

The Tin Star by JL Langley is such a great read because is made me feel so much better after seeing Broke Back Mountain. I know it is a great story, tragic, beautiful but hello depressing, much! The Tin Star is the kind of cowboy story that totally appeals to me. Jamie is one of my favorite characters, he is such a hottie and he rides horses, fixes fences and drives a truck and stuff!! Manly, sweaty cowboy types. Merow! I liked this book so much I have a paperback copy. And, it is freaking hot! You should also try Longhorns by Victor J. Banis.

My next book, The Englor Affair by JL Langley, was a bit of a cheeky selection, as it has not even come out yet! But, I am so hanging out for November when it does! This is the 2nd book in the series, the 1st being My Fair Captain. These are awesome books and who would have thought a m/m, sci fi, regency romance would be so good? This excerpt for TEA is particularly delicious, from the Fiction with Friction blog.

My last book was Dream a little dream by Susan Elizabeth Philips. Gabe has that whole damaged hero thing happening, which floats my boat. I do like SEP and often re read her Chicago Stars series.

Finally, if my handbag was like the Tardis, I’d also take the Leashed seires by Jet Mykles, cause it is a seriously sexy paranormal menage and there is much loving going on between our 2 heroes (so hot) and heroine. Noice! I’d also stuff pretty much anything by Youka Nitta in there! Her Embracing Love series is sublime!

Have a goovy Thursday and tune in same time (I think??) tomorrow for my special guest star personage, the seriously cool Gennita Low.

PS. My replies to any comments might be a little belated. I am usually asleep when you lot are up, or at work. But, I'd love to know what you all think and if you've read any of the above. Smooches from NZ. x x x


lisabea said...

Mike is the most awesome-est. Totally crushing on Mike. So badly. Like. It.


Yay for Sarah! I love love love your blog. It's clever and dirty and unusual and you are my sweet little bambino. With a serious fetish. And you are a wonderful interviewer.


Sarai said...

I love your interviews as well LOL!! OMG I heart you and the comics *g*

Bev(QB) said...

I thought it was way cool that Mike said "I especially wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to the female fan-base that I didn’t even know I had. You ladies rock!"

BTW, isn't it a little dangerous to bring an unpublished and highly anticipated book like The Englor Affair onto the island? Won't this cause a lack of privacy in your hut when all the other ladies line up to read it?

Or wait, maybe they'll send their menz to borrow it for them. In that case... Good Plan, Sarah! ;-p

Tracy said...

Great books Sarah. I'm not a huge fan of Linda Howards *ducks and runs for cover* but I love all of the other books you've chosen. Although I haven't read the Englor Affair I have no doubt it's going to be fab.

I love your blog too - but you already know that! lol

Ciara said...

I haven't read any of those books! :( Must add to list. I think I have two of them on my shelf... *scurries off to read*

Sarah said...

LB, you know I think I might just have a bit of a girl crush on Mike also... and Patrick and Ismael!!!! They are super cool and so dirty. ;p

I would not have started my blog without you, hows that for lovefestiveness? And fetish? Me???? hehe

Sarai, you're a sweetie! I know they're not everyones cuppa tea but I think they're kinda cool. I think the boys are just so visual sometimes - mind you Amy Colburn is totally up their and she's a she!

Bev, you have such a wicked blog and I always enjoy your comments and ideas. As for TEA - I believe I'd have to just put JL Langley and her trusty laptop in my tardis handbag! Writer in residence! + her writing partner Dick D of course! We could like pay them pineapples for romantic pron!

Thanks Tracy, I like your blog to and I think everyone has such diverse taste and that is wicked cool! I finally (cause I am a slack ass) thanked you also for your blog award on the blog. I am hopelessly slow!

Ciara - how is the steampunk going???

Kim said...

Sarah is my little 1:00am twitter friend. I heart Sarah!

Love Linda Howard books. Mr. Perfect, After The Night, and Open Season are my faves. I haven't read the other one you mentioned...will have to look that one up.

Great list!

Holly said...

Oh, I love our blog, too! And I'm SOO happy you chose Gabe from DALD! He's so under appreciated. I adore him.

I'm a total LH fangirl, too. (Tracy, for shame!!!)

Tracy said...

I saw that you put that up there. Slack ass *snort*

Katie Reus said...

Okay, trying this post again..stupid blogger! Yay for another LH fan :) I've obviously got Mr. Perfect, but can't believe I've never read Dream Man (or at least I don’t remember)!! Thanks for the Amazon link ;)

Sarah said...

Hey Kim! It did not occour to me till last night how late it was! LOL! It is a little addictive - I think my moth post was just inspired. hehe. The worst one was muttering something on their about banana boys and then getting a reply about it. hehe. Did not think anyone was up!

Hey Holly, your posts about mm crack me up. LOL!

Tracy, I am a slack ass really. Such a nz saying, really!

Hey Katie, that LH is an oldie but I reckon some of her older stuff is just magic.

Bridget Locke said...

Cool beans! I like your pics and your choices, though I think I've not read a one of them. For shame on me! LOL!

PS. Is it just me of is it funny that my word verification was cooti? he-he

jessewave said...

You lose on The Englor Affair - I bagged it first. I checked it out with Tracy about a month ago when I got my hot little hands on it and she said no one had dibs on it as yet so I told her that it was mine plus Simon and Payton are two of my 'heroes'. Check them out on my blog *g* they have the place of honour. I gave up on MFC and Nate because Lisabea had them but I'm holding on to TEA and Payton and Simon. Duel at dawn?

I've heard lots of good things about Mr. Perfect so I'll have to put it on my list of new books

jessewave said...


I love Patrick's site and check it out regularly as well as Boytoons magazine - very naughty.
Amendment on TEA - it was actually over two months ago that I bagged it, with Tracy's OK *g*

Shannon said...

Ah, Linda Howard. She is fabulous. You have Dream Man, but I snagged Mr. Perfect for my list back at the beginning. Hands off my Sam!!!

Sayuri said...

The only one of your books I haven't read is Dream man and I do have that in the TBR pile...must read it soon.

I lovve all your picks including TEA even though I haven't read it yet! I'm so jealous right now.

Sarah said...

It might have to be duels at dawn Jessie, cause I blogged about it in April! LOL, maybe bananas at dawn. Or horrors, maybe we should share!

Shannon, babe, there is quite enough Sam to go around! This is only my book list, not my bloke list. My bloke list is here, Maybe we can trade Sam and Clay sometimes???

jessewave said...

I guess we'll have to share TEA - I already gave up MFC.

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