Monday, July 21, 2008

Kicking off the DIK

Alright ladies Let’s get ready to rumble….. (yes it's Jensen again I'm mildly obessed... okay really obessed but damn him he's so fine)

Seriously though I am kicking off the official DIK blog with a bang (per usual *g*). What does that mean? Well I’ll tell ya. It means I’m in charge for the next 3 days until Tracy wrestles the power out of my hands…

Alright I’m going to post the books I took to DIK today and tomorrow will be about the books that *coughwerestolenawayfrommecough* others beat me too or I just didn’t have room to bring.

Starting off the list of books I took is Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews and there is NO way I regret taking this book. The world that Ilona Andres (husband and wife team) have created rocked my world. I LOVED Kate and all the unique characters we are introduced to along the way. This is a urban fantasy, rough and gritty with no HEA in sight but I still dig every moment that I had with Kate.

The next book I took was The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly this has the ultimate HEA trust me. We meet the main characters when they are 15 struggling in England and are separated due to (stupid decisions) and plotting. 15 years later they are finally reunited with the best SIGH moment. I think the reason this book touched me so deeply is the simple fact that LIFE happens. We all plan for the best and yet road block after road block pops up (stuff the two characters have to deal with) sometimes we get that happily ever after and sometimes we don’t for these two characters though… they got it and it gave me hope. That no matter what something good is waiting for you down the road.

Okay, okay gag me with a spoon let’s move on. OH crap it’s another tear jerker. Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I DON’T CARE what any of you say THIS was the best book of the series (now granted I am only on book 6 I think but still..) This book really touched me. The crap that Zarek had to deal with in life, the mistreatment the horrible conditions, and the just the basic Shit that he went through and yet all he wanted out of life was someone to love him. Usually in books I fall so hard for the hero (not literally but close enough) that I never think the heroine lives up to it. HOWEVER, in this book the heroine met and exceeded my expectations. She was everything that Zarek needed in order to move on and realize that others love him. PERFECT just perfect. (PS the flashbacks killed me with how they treated the slaves. Ms. Kenyon did a fantastic job at making us realize it wasn’t all roses for everyone in that time period)

Next I went with Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon why? Because it was my first M/M and I fell in love with Adrien (I would have picked him for a hero but I knew it would kill LB so I went with Jake speaking of LB are we still deciding about a trade here????) Anywho was an excellent read and was my crack because of Mr. Lanyon I am addicted to Adrien, Mr. Lanyon’s writing and of course now M/M. Thank you.

I decided that I needed some old school on the island (well actually in my group of books) so I went with The Duke and I by Julia Quinn. Why did I pick this one? Because I love the stuttering duke I just can’t help it I’m a sucker for a duke or marquis or hell even a baron with a disability as such. I just can’t help it especially when they overcome it but still fear it. And I totally got why he didn’t want to tell the heroine about it. I mean his dad treated him like crap b/c of it why would she be any different. It was a HUGE secret he had kept from everyone. *sigh* I heart heroes like this.

Lucky me was able to snag the last one before anyone else. Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh. Those of you that have read it understand why I am SO happy to have it on my list. For those of you that haven’t you need to seriously pick this book up. The world building, rules and characters are all unique and WONDERFUL. I love the different aspects Ms. Singh has in her books. The feeling, touching and contact driven changelings against the no emotion, withdrawn, serious psy. It makes for wonderful conflict internal and external.

Okay well there you have my 6 books and why I chose them TOMORROW will be the books the others picked or ones long forgotten *evil grin*


sula said...

woohoo! Onward to the DIKs. heh.

Ooh, Adrien and Jake. I want to strangle the latter but I so heart the former. *sigh* Good choice.

I too have a soft spot for heros with a disability. Poor Simon. Sometimes I wanted to knock him over the head and other times I wanted to hug him. lol. Good book that. I may need to reread it now that you've reminded me.

Katie Reus said...

As a new SK fan I've only read two of her books but that one is on my list to buy! I read Valerius' (his half brother?) story and actually cried.

As for Julia Quinn, I'm a die hard fan and that's one of my favorites. My heart went out to the little stuttering boy who just wanted to be accepted and normal. When he was driving me mad, I just reminded myself of his past. *Sigh*

Kati said...

I also had originally chosen Slave to Sensation, but was very happy to add Visions of Heat to the library too.

It's my favorite paranormal series, that's for sure!

Sarai said...

Sula: I know right if they have a disability I tend to go easier on them *sigh* I just loved that he stuttered.

Katie: SK RULES well up to book 6 haven't read past it but up to that book she totally ROCKS

MK: I have to agree this is my favorite paranormal (although I'm in the middle of a debate on if its really paranormal or sci/fi romance...)

Tracy said...

Hey there - great way to kick off the DIK!

I loved Dance with the Devil! Zarek needed a good woman and I, like you, really loved his heroine. should start at the beginning and work your way through the series - so good!

Adrien, Jake. Love them. Love Josh's work. Great choice

Slave to Sensation - such a great book. The whole series is seriously amazing. Nalini created characters that you either love or hate, but that's what makes them so real! Love the changeling world. Can I be one? :)

Sarai said...

No sorry Tracy you can not be a changeling simply b/c that would complicate things in my well ordered life. However, I believe you can pretend to be one anytime you want *g*!!!
If you couldn't tell I would like to be a psy simply b/c the changelings have so much fun teaching us how to feel *g*

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the Psy front. My own changeling...Hmmm Hawke!

SO this is going to kill my wallet cause now I have to go buy the two titles here I don't already own. You can't tempt me with the phrase, 'the best HEA EVAH!' and not expect me not to get this. (Although it's gonna have to be pretty good to beat Paradise by Ms. McN)

I am rushing to get through the Dark-Hunter series in preperation for Acheron! Eek! I am so excited about this book I just know it's gonna be a letdown. *sigh*

I have bothe the Julia Quinn and the Iilona Andrews books ut haven't read them yet. They will get bumped up the TBR pile.

And I am currently crushing on all kinds of m/m book at the mo so the more the merrier.

Sarai said...

Sayuri: Word to the wise the tea rose is HUGE and expensive I would borrow from library or buy used. The winter rose (2nd in the series) isn't out in paperback yet and I still need to read *drops head on desk* but it was like 700 pages and very intimidating.

little alys said...

Woohooo! Let the DIK begin! (why did I get a weird imagine from that line?)
Cannot wait until I get my hands on Magic Bites. I liked the stuttering duke too, teehee. And yes, Nalini! You have Lucas, darn you woman!!! Lucas!!!!

Sayuri cannot have Hawke! He's taken! By a young redhead *cough* and she might, ya know, take offense. ;)

Is The Tea Rose angsty? I don't like angst. :p Hehehe. And I keep hearing about this Adrien/Jake. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Sarai -

Huge does not scare me! *g* I'm talking books of course! When you have slaved through 12 volumes of Robert Jordan or 10 volumes of Terry Goodkind each probably around 1000 pages and given up the will to live at times, wondered why you are still reading when there seems to be no ending in sight just for one frickin HEA then one book seems like Paradise. *sigh*

I just had a thought, are you guys going to do this every year? Or is it just a one off?

Sarai said...

I think we are going to keep doing it for awhile you mean add people? I think we are doing some guest bloggers and what not. As far as picking books we might mix it up next year and be specific just to see if the claws can come out? Like 3 historical romance YOU MUST HAVE. or 3 M/M you think you would like to bring... would be interesting to see the scramble LOL!!!

Shaymless Aymless said...

Woohoo... CONGA!

Zarek too was my favorite, though Wren is really yummy too. SK's DH series is good, but the Dream-Hunter spin offs books (partially related to the ongoing story line) really haven't gotten good review so far (they're in my TBR, so I can't give my opinion of them yet). Can't wait for Acheron! Should be really cool (the word is that SK wrote it a while back, but decided hold it back for later). Per SK, Acheron is the middle point for the overall story arc.

Love Nalini's world. I wanna live in (wanna be a tiger-changling *sigh*)

Magic Bites is in my TBR, will have to move it up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant are you guys picking books every year? Is it going to be a new tradition?

JenB said...

Don't all men have a disability?

I believe it's called "testosterone".

Sarai said...

Say: IDK it might be something worth looking into


Bridget Locke said...

My heart will always be with Vane Kattalakas, but that's because he thinks big girls are hawt! *sigh* I just read his book...again. Can I say how much I wish he'd jump out his book & jump me? *whimper*

Great choices though. Can't wait to discuss mine! Whee!

dd03 said...

I'm so with you on Dance with the Devil!!

Zarek so rocks! I fell in love with Simi!

I'm waiting for Acheron's book as well...very excited to go to my 2nd SK signing in August!!!

LesleyW said...

I'm pretty sure you picked the following three books before I could snag them for my hut - Magic Bites, Slave to Sensation and Dance with the Devil.

DWTD is also my favourite of the Dark Hunters, though Night Play is not that far behind. Vane is a great hero too.

Ana said...

Great post Sarai! I need to read Tea Rose asap, everyone recommends it. I am glad someone brought a Julia Quinn!

Christine said...

Hi Sara.
I love all the books you mention that I've read as well.

Dance with the Devil is definitely my favorite Dark Hunter novel. Zarek is tied for first place of my most beloved tortured heroes (with Ward's Zsadist).

You know I love Ilona's Kate Daniels series as well. What fantastic world building. You should really check out Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series. I LOVE that series maybe even a bit more, and I think you'll love it as well.

And I can't think of a single negative thing to say about Nalini Singh's books either. She has awesome world building skills as well, and consistently writes some of the best alpha males around.

Great picks!

Sarai said...

Bridget: when I did the list I hadn't read Vane's book yet now that i Have he is no. 2 I really enjoyed it and I'm dying to read Fury's book

Aymless: Yes move Magic Bites up you won't regret it. Keep in mind it's UF not HEA for it.

dd03: I haven't been to a SK signing yet I would love to go but she never comes to kansas!
Your right this is the book I fell in love with Simi she tickles my funny bone. Can't wait for Acheron even though I'm only on book 6 I think?

Lesley: I was so happy to discover that no one else had snagged them yet! Yeah for Sarai with the fast as ligthening fingers *g*

Ana: The tea Rose rocked and I had to bring the stuttering duke? No one else would have.

Christine I have started the Patricia Briggs series and I enjoyed the first one I don't know why I didn't continue with it. I am really digging Alpha Omega story line though. Thanks for the suggestion!

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