Thursday, July 3, 2008

Evangeline's Round Robin

Here are the rules—THERE ARE NO RULES

I have given you the first couple of paragraphs. Now you can run with it. Post a sentence or post a whole paragraph—just let your imagination run free. And if we end up with a book that is publishable, I will cut everyone in on the royalties. Lol. In the mean time, the more you post, the greater your chance to win a free e-book. Evangeline

Twilight was falling on Idlewild Avenue. Rows of identical townhouses, softly lit from within, lined the street which was overshadowed by huge old oak trees. A light evening shower had just passed and now the atmosphere was heavy with moisture. Tendrils of steam rose from the asphalt and the sweet scent of honeysuckle filled the air.
In number eleven at the end of the row a slender female figure moved in front of a large picture window—one of the selling points of the otherwise unremarkable houses. She was walking back and forth, placing objects on a table, or perhaps taking them away—maybe cleaning up after dinner. She moved with ease and grace as she did the mundane chore, completely unaware that she was being watched.
Across the road from the lighted window and the slender figure two pairs of eyes looked on avidly as she moved. One pair was a pale, piercing blue that was almost white and the other was a warm amber-gold that might have looked right in the face of a tiger.
Neither pair of eyes was human.
“Mine.” The low rumbling growl came from the owner of the amber eyes. He was tall, six foot seven at least, with shoulders so broad he would have to turn sidewise to go through most doorways but he moved silently, with a feral grace that belied his muscular physique. Dark stubble covered his cheeks and chin and matched the thick black hair on his head.


Tracy said...

Oh I'm sooo not good at this. Exactly why I'm not a writer! lol

Bridget Locke said...
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Bridget Locke said...

"Yours? I think not."

"I didn't ask your opinion, now did I?"

Mr. Blue Eyes snorted softly, turning his attention back to the woman.

"She is beautiful, isn't she?"

"And too pure for either one of us." The last was said softly, but they both agreed. Much too pure.

KT Grant said...

The Jerome brothers watched as their innocent yet seductive looking neighbor wiggled her hips as she went to the refrigerator, opened it and took out a bottle of wine. She grabbed a glass that she had place on the kitchen counter and poured herself a drink.
Both men moaned as they watched her drink, her lips against the glass, wishing her lips on their mouths.
She was alone, with only her plants to keep her company, no man to call her own.
But that was about to change. She wouldn't have just one man at her beck and call, but two.

Evangeline Anderson said...

****Oh, keep going guys. This is looking hot. Are we gonna have a menage on our hands soon?****

Sarai said...

And everyone knows that 2 men are better then one! She couldn't wait to try them both out. She licked her lips in anticipation

Tracy said...

As she sipped her wine she wondered where that thought had come from. She had always wanted 2 men at the same time, but it's not like 2 great looking men would just one day knock on her door! Life just didn't work that way.

KT Grant said...

As Sarah finished her wine and walked towards her living room to watch some television, her doorbell rang.

Mary M. said...

She stared at the door, dream and reality merging for a moment, then she shook herself and laughed.

"Life sure is full of weird coincidences", she sighed, shaking her head.

Walking to the door, she glanced at the clock. 9 PM. Who the hell could it be? She was still new in the neighborhood, having moved in barely a week ago, and she still hadn't had time to introduce herself to her neighbours. Her mom would be so disappointed in her, she thought.

Checking that the security chain was safely in place, Sarah cracked the door open. "Yes?" she asked with a smile--

And felt her mouth gape open as she gazed up into fabulous, otherworldly golden eyes.

KT Grant said...

Jim and John looked Sarah up and down with lust in their eyes. Sarah gulped and tried to stand still, which was quite hard since she was throbbing in places she never felt before.
"Hey guys." She whispered and swallowed. She had no idea why the two gorgeous Jerome brothers would come to her door this late at night. Sarah didn't recognize her appeal, unlike the brothers who wanted to ravish her on the spot. But they would take care because they knew Sarah was untouched by a male. The innocence around her told them everything they needed to know.
But after tonight, she would indeed become a woman, as both brothers would introduce her to the delights of the flesh and they would then own her body and soul!

Evangeline Anderson said...

Hey guys,
I know my time on the island is up but I just wanted to say good job on this. Too funny and hot they way she's about to get the thre way of her life.
I had so much fun here. Thanks to everyone for participating.

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