Tuesday, July 8, 2008

About Me featuring Alice

Originally, Alice is from her Mother. Born on an island. Moved to California and has been there ever since. She's a SoCal girl, but she's not big on flipflops. ^_~

PS. Alice is blissedly single right now so she took out everything related to that. She's such a brat ;).

Favorite Reading Position
Doesn't matter. I get comfy and read.

Favorite Heroine
Yoko Nakajima from Twelve Kingdoms by Fuyumi Ono (why, yes, I did bring this book...er, books ^_~).

Author everyone loves but you don't
There are several and I don't want to die yet. In my defense, it's not a dislike them-their books just don't call to me.

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick
This world is wacked out enough, why do I want to enter another one? If I had to choose, in any one of Diana Wynne Jones' books. :D

How old is your inside voice
Which one? I have several >_<....*ahem* 10-genderless.

If you could be a hero who would you be
I am a hero *slaps hands on waist and puffs out chest making the superhero pose*. ^_~ Actually, I don't want to be a man. I like having boobs.

What heroine is most like you
What if I'm more like those tortured emotionally closed off heroes? -_-;
A mix between Sienna, Sascha and Tally from the Psy/Changeling series by Nalini Singh, and not the good aspects (messed up aren't I). In many ways, my life is like Yoko from Twelve Kingdoms (but I'm really not as nice as any of them).

What heroine would you like to be
Mikan from Gakuen Alice by Higuchi Tachibana
Mercy or Indigo from the Psy/Changeling world by Nalini Singh.
Elisa Maza from Gargoyles.
Or Julilee. She's so sweet and uplifting despite all the crap that's been handed to her (that goes for almost all of them...we do see a theme). Although, from what I've been hearing about recent events, she's gotten really gloomy...

What hero would you like to be your significant other
Ummm...Gambit? *bats eyelashes* I could be with Goliath from Gargoyles. :) Momo/Takeshi Gouda from Kimi wa Peto. Okay, okay, no cartoon characters.

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring:
I've answered this question before. Where did I do this? So odd. Water (preferably fresh running water), food, and toilet paper.

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
Water anyone? Kidding. Sparkling apple juice! I'm such a baby. =D

You can visit Alice here or on her blog for peaceful days and dreamy nights.


Ciara said...

YAY KILTS!!! I have to read this Twelve Kingdoms. I am so curious now!

Ana said...

I have this very same Gerry Butler's photo printed and blue-tacked to my computer at the office : ) it is so very yummy!

and yay for another Gambit fan, my favorite X-Men! I think he is on the island, if I remember well Thea chose him before I could. *shifty eyes*

Kati said...

The sparkling apple juice well make terrific apple-tinis at some point, Alice!

I love the Gerry photo. Every morning is better with a little Gerry.

lisabea said...

I love that Gerry. He's so manly. Muy Macho!

lisabea said...

Er...can you spare a square?

Katie Reus said...

Love the picture! Yum! No flip-flops? I'm addicted ;)

Tracy said...

I'm so a flip flop girl - even though I wasn't born in CA!

"I like having boobs" Very funny!!!

I too love the Psy/Changeling world. Nalini does such a great job with that.

LB - Can you spare a square! bwahaha! Ok Elaine!

little alys said...

What what? When did this happen? >_<
Ciara- Twelve Kingdoms is also in anime form for faster viewing ;). Let me know if you want the first book ^_^, although only two are translated in English at the moment. Boo.

Ana- I swear, Gerry is my one few actor weakness. He's just so...mmmm... ;) Gambit!!! Isn't he just so freakin adorable and hot? Thea, you say. *narrows tiny eyes for scheming*

Kati- Woo, apple-tinis! I totally forgot about that. Hehehehe. I wonder which lucky girl will get to wake up everyday to him must of done some serious good karma.

Lisa- Seriously, Gerry's just so freakin nice in so many ways. Square? *blink blink* ;p

Katie Reus- It is such a happy picture. Although, I'm sure we'd all prefer the real thing. If only to look at. Yes...look at. *ahem* Flip-flops hurt me toes. ;)

Tracy- One thing about flip-flops in SoCal are those peeps who don't take care of their feet! Heh. So, take care of your feet! I demand it and throw foot lotion at you lot!
Mine may be tiny, but they make clothes look better. ;)
And yes, Nalini is one of my favorite authors. She so awesome. ^_^

Sarai said...

Actually, I don't want to be a man. I like having boobs.

ROFLMAO ~ OMG So do I great answer

As far as Gambit he's mine BACK OFF! *clears throat*

alright then great anwer I must go check out this 12th kingdom thing.

Sarai said...

Oh PS for those Gambit lovers he's in the new X-Men movie coming out next May (that is all just wanted to share)

little alys said...

Sarai-Don't be so possessive! Gambit won't like it. He's got enough lurve to share. ;) Is he finally? Oh yes! Those meanie have been saying "oh it'll have Gambit" for the past 3 movies!!! Awesome news! :D
Twelve Kingdoms, what I love about it in the beginning, you want to smack Yoko so badly it's insane. By the end of it, she became my new hero. :D

KT Grant said...

GERRY!!!!! :p
Apple juice? Oh noes! Not on the DIK island.
Better start practicing your drinking for SF young lady!

little alys said...

What? I like apple juice! Especially the sparkling type. Teehee. Start practicing now? >_<

Christine said...

I LOVE flip-flops! I wear indoors all year round and outside April - October. Love them. Black with sparklies are my favorites. :)

I'm reading IRON KISSED right now. I LOVE Mercy.

little alys said...

Wow, many flip-flop lovers here. But, but, but, my tiny feet and toes are sensitive. >_< And I'm shy about my feet. ;)

Black with sparklies sound adorable!

Mercy!!! I must read her soon. After RWA. Or at RWA. Hehehe.

Christine said...

Oh duh. You were referring to Mercy from Nalini's world. My bad.
*face meet palm* She's cool, too.

I just have Mercedes "Mercy" Thompson by Patricia Briggs on my mind. You need to read this series, you would really like this Mercy, too. I guarantee it.

little alys said...

I cannot help it that I'm a teeny bit obessessed with Nalini's world. I LOVE Mercy in there. And yes, from everything I've been hearing about Patricia Brigg's Mercy, I'm going to love her too.

Seems like I'm in a Mercy mood lately. Teehee.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Gerry. *slurp*

He makes my insides all tingly.

ANd it's only about a month to wait for 'Hostage To Pleasure'. Ahh Dorian, come to mama!

Shannon said...

ooh. Gerry!

omg! I loved Garoyles! Goliath rocked.

little alys said...

Sayuri- Yes, he makes lots of people's insides tingle. ;) I love Dorian now. He's just so fine. Nalini's stuff just gets better and better. Better and better. I'm going to expire from joy when Mercy's story comes out. Just -poof- I tell ya. :D

Shannon- Isn't Goliath just the hunkiest?!?!! I loved him!!! And I complete adored Elisa. A strong, independent woman and a forbidden relationship with a gargoyle. Heh.

Mary M. said...

I'm sorry to say I don't know any of the books you mentionned in your interview except Singh's, but I love your choice of pic :). That means you're a woman of taste so I'll try to check out those Twelve Kingdoms books :-D.

Carolyn Crane said...

Sparkling apple juice will be most refreshing! And you are many heroines all in one, I see!

lisabea said...

Tracy....I don't have a square to spare.

Bridget Locke said...

LOL @ the Gerry pic. If I remember correctly, there's another one (in that same series of pics) where you can tell if he's been chopped or not (ouch). he-he. Gerry....*sigh*

Alys-You slay me! I loved your comments. :)

Bridget Locke said...

What?!? Gambit in human form? Oh, me likey! I always loved the banter between Gambit and Rogue. Cher (sorry can't do the little ellipse thingy). Gotta love the Cajun accent. Yum.

He's the first guy that ever got me hot. I think I was ten...watching X-Men on a Saturday morning. Mrowr!

little alys said...

Mary- All I can say is Twelve Kingdoms hit at a time when I needed it the most. It's one of those growing up journey types, with a very different world. The only sad part is no romance. O_o I do review on it soon. Yes...reviews... Love Nalini Singh's stuff. It's awesome!!! >_<

Carolyn-Awww, you're so sweet. I like sweet stuff. Hehehe. Well, I do have all em heroine voices in my head so I guess I'm halfway there, yes? *bats eyelashes*

Lisa-You don't? I don't have any at all. *blinks innocently*

Bridget-It was Gerard Butler! Wet and in very molding swim trunks. We're on an island. It fits ;). Of course, I didn't exactly pick this out. *blinks at Sarai and Tracy* You think this is funny, wait until you meet me in person. Katiebabs and Christine will tell you all about how quiet I am one minute and all rambling the next. Very odd bird I am.
Oh yes, childhood Gambit crush. Rushing home after school and waking up early morning for that series. Gambit and Goliath. Hmmm...I wonder who's going to play him. Woo, in Craving Beauty, Marc also has that nice Cajun accent. It's in my head at least. Hehehehe.

Thank you everyone for reading and commenting. The spotlight feels so nice. I'm not leaving it!!! No, you cannot drag me away. *clutches limelight*

Shaymless Aymless said...

You really need to start practicing your drinking for SF. We have choco orgasms to consume! And I don't care what you say... I think you are sane and nice and wacky and funny and lots of good things! So there :P

Uh... wish I have more boobs without the weight gain.

btw: I will have the defibrillator ready when Mercy's Book comes out so we can revive you!

JenB said...

Gargoyles!!! *happy squeal* I love gargoyles!

And Gambit is my favorite X-Man. I always picture him as Harry Connick, Jr. Yummmmm.

Sarai said...

I know whose going to play gambit he's the guy with long hair in the movie The Covent and he's on Friday Night lights. Now let the games begin go ahead and guess

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