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It's Day 2 and I can't get enough of Sarai... What?

*clears throat*
So I was thinking of a new twist on the whole bring 6 books to a desert island thing and I thought what if my house was on fire *knock on some serious wood* what books would I snatch from the keeper shelf? (I would more then likely die trying to gather my cats up before the fire got them so I probably wouldn’t have time to snatch some books but I’m willing to play along) So here are the 6 books I would take from the keeper shelf and why (this is including the 6 books listed yesterday already safe on the DIK island okay.)

Roxanne St. Claire’s Kill me twice: Why b/c this was my first Romance Suspense and I LOVE Ms. St. Claire’s writing A LOT. She has a way of sucking a reader in and not letting you go until the story is done. And even then it takes a few minutes for your heart to stop pounding. After reading this book I went out and bough her ENTIRE backlist and I have bought every bullet catcher since. So far my favorite of her back list French Twist OMG I heart that one. My favorite bullet catcher however, would be Alex from this book. WOW just really great writing.

Fire me Up by Katie MacAlister okay what isn’t there to like out of this series other then Aisling can be annoying and make some stupid decisions but at least she always admits it and I can actually see a real person doing the same thing due to *coughmycough* stubborn nature. I really enjoyed the demon dog Jim and the whole set up of this book. Speaking of which I really, really wanted Drake as a hero but the whole dragon thing I figured might be odd. Plus he would steal all of your jewelry (yikes and that would be very hard to explain)

Sunshine by Robin McKinley and for the record I am THOROUGHLY pissed that Ms. McKinley refuses to make a sequel of this book. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? This book totally rocks. Seriously I can’t even describe it so here is the back blurb: There are places in the world where darkness rules. Where it’s unwise to walk. But there hadn’t been any trouble out at the lake for years and Sunshine just needed a spot where she could be alone with her thoughts. Vampires never entered her mind. Until they found her…. OMG this book RIGHT HERE is the reason I got into the whole vampire as lovers crap that I read. The whole paranormal thing YEAH blame it all on this book and Anita Blake (but we won’t go there) this is not a romance so please don’t read it thinking about it. It’s a paranormal horror fantasy book period. *sigh* Gawd I love this book.

Okay I had to go with a Christina Dodd book b/c she’s the first author that I read with romance. She had a book out candle in the window? Or wind? Either way it hooked me into romance. From there I bought and have bought everything the woman has put out MANY TIMES OVER. I swear I single handily paid for her house. Any way the book of hers that I re-read at least once a year is The Runaway Princess. Yes it is stupid but it hits on the fantasy I always had as a child. What if I was born and looked like a princess that had been missing. And what if the prince mistakenly thought I was her as well as his fiancĂ©. What would I do? Well I know what I would do and that isn’t what Evangeline Scoffield did but hey whatever. It’s a cute little historical book that is a fantasy romance seriously when you read it keep an open mind. It’s cute

Alright on to the fantasy side that I was reading when I was 10 and honestly the whole reason I even read when I was that young. However, over the years I discovered a wonderful author named Lynn Flewelling who has a wonderful series going on then took a break to do MY FAVORITE 3 BOOKS IN FANTASY starting with The Bone Doll’s Twin. I giggle every time I see this book b/c I want to re-read it. This book has everything I love about fantasy presented in an unusual way. It has the chosen one whose identity is hidden who has a ghost that helps them form their opinions, it has a love story, a hidden queen, a war for the battle of good and evil and Magic. *drops to ground* OMG this is the best book ever!!!

*clears throat* okay where was I? Oh yeah when I graduated from high school I put romance aside for more intellectual things. Like drinking and partying. Then one day I realized if I wanted to graduate from the university I was going to have to find fun in a more health way. So I started reading again. But no romance could keep my attention for very long. That is until The Abduction of Julia by Karen Hawkins. And then it all came back. The reason I love romance but especially why I loved historical romance. (FYI for those of you who don’t know I majored in history and psychology so I tend to analyze crap WAY too much) any who. This book is again the mistaken identity which is my favorite romance plot. Check out the back blurb: Julia Frant has secretly loved Alec MacLean the wild viscount from afar. So when he accidentally snatches her instead of her lovely scheming cousin for an elopement to Gretna Green Julia leaps at the chance to make her passionate dreams come true. Okay stop right there that might not be all fo it but based on that alone I was hooked. Seriously the girl does leap at the chance and presses the issue. Really a sweet book.

Okay if I could take one more it would be the Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles b/c let’s face it I’m a total fan girl I just can’t help myself.

Well there you go 7 books I would take with me from my bookshelf if my house were on fire *knocks on wood*
Which ones would you take?


Anonymous said...


I was going to leave a comment ut I think I may have to go watch some Dark Angel and Supernatural now.

Sarai said...

Yeah he has that effect on me too!

Katie Reus said...

It's too early to answer your question, lol! I really need to get French Twist. You're not the first person to tell me it's fantastic.

Ciara said...

You liked the second book in the Aisling Grey series best? YOU SLAY ME is the first one - my fav. :)

JenB said...

*snickers at Sarai for having "serious wood", "snatch", and "DIK" all in the first paragraph*

You dirty, dirty girl.

Tracy said...

Ok - great post and I just know you're trying to make me look bad when it's my turn cuz I have no flippin clue what I'm gonna post! lol Ok, maybe not.

I really like the whole "what would you grab if your house was on fire". Like you I probably wouldn't have time to grab books but I like the idea. :)

Sarai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarai said...

Okay this bites Blogger ate my totally witty comebacks. *sigh* alright them from the beginning:
Katie: French twist is great Janie with an accent gives me goosebumps now

Ciara: I preferred the second simply b/c we got to see Asiling growing and Jim is funnier, drake is hotter plus we get to meet Raphel! YUM

Jenb: OMG you actually caught that! LOL I didn't even try ha see I am witty without knowing it *g*

Tracy: Yeah I have these down now my next turn will be absolutely scattered and messy

Carolyn Crane said...

Great post, Sarai!
Oh, you are SO funny! Okay, I need to read the Aisling Grey series! It sounds great.

Ciara said...

Have you read the first book in Katie MacAlister's new series about the Silver Dragons? PLAYING WITH FIRE? I hope she redeems Gabriel.

little alys said...

Everything sounds so wonderful-I want to read them all! Great mini reviews and I'm totally hooked. Must get those...later... :p

KT Grant said...

huh??? sorry busy drooling here.
be back when I can think again.

jessewave said...

Sarai I haeve not read a single book on your list except of course for the Heaven Sent series. Obviously I need to change my evil ways.

Jen only you would notice "serious wood" snatch" and DIK all in the same paragraph LOL

Sarai said...

Okay so whoops meant Gabriel not Raphel got the two confused.

CJ: Thanks sometimes I'm the only one that gets the sense of humor glad you caught it.

Alys: hey thanks I worked really hard at them. helps that I love them all

Katiebabs I know my obession is totally healthy I swear it!

Wave: The sad part is that I have become evil in my ways

Ana said...

I SO second you on Sunshine! I adored this book and even though it was not a romance I also loved Con and Sunshine's relationship. Le sigh, I wish there was a sequel.

Sarai, you are so funny. /random.

Christine said...

I loved Sunshine, too. Well... let me rephrase that. I loved the first and last thirds of the novel. The middle kind of lagged for me. But the ending was quite riveting so in retrospect it made the lag somewhat forgivable.

Sarai said...

Ana: Yeah I was beyond pissed when I heard she is refusing to write a second book? WHY NOT?????
You the sad part my mom and friends say that all the time. They are always amazed at the random things that come out of my mouth *g*

Christine: True the middle did lag but I swear there is just something about that book that gets the heart racing... Dang now I need to go back and re-read

Shannon said...

I am joining the "Sunshine was fantastic" camp. It was such a different book for Ms McKinley. (She tends to be a bit too verbose for me. Seriously, I don't need ten pages describing the garden!) Have any of you ladies read her new book? I've heard it is pretty good.

Yeah, she is a bit strange about sequels. Sunshine deserves one. I organized an on-line summer book club for kids at my school. We read her book Beauty (so very good!) I cantected her to inquire if she would be willing to field question from them on the blog. She said no with some weird explaination about how she thought they should just "get it" from reading what she wrote. That she shouldn't have to explain things to anyone. Her email was pretty weird and kind of off putting. I have it svaed on my account somewhere. I need to read it again...

But yes, Sunshine = fabulousness!

Sarai said...

OMG I had an author do that same crap to me. When I was student teaching I mean I GOT HIGH SCHOOL KIDS TO READ YOUR FRIGGIN BOOK at least show some support. HIGH SCHOOL KIDS. But no she was too busy editing the next book.
Well she lost a lot of fans and I have never bought another book. Without us there is no other book worth while right?

Man I love me some Sunshine I think I feel a re-read coming on.

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