Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't get short with me buddy!

Ok, so you can get a little short…if you’re talking about short stories. I know a lot of people aren’t fans of shorts or novellas or novelettes, whatever, but I am.

As I was looking at my bookshelves last night trying to figure out what book to read next I realized how many anthologies I have. Most of the time I buy anthologies for a particular story that falls in a series. However, I like having those other stories for time fillers (yeah, like I need more stuff to fill my time). Say I’ve finished a book, and it’s in the evening after the kids are in bed and I don’t really want to start another novel, I’ll pick up an anthology and read a short story before bed. Sometimes I like the stories sometimes not…it just depends. I have learned about new-to-me authors this way and I enjoy a “quickie” read now and then.

Anyway, I thought I’d do my post today on some of the short stories that I’ve enjoyed. I don’t know that I can really tell you why they’ve appealed to me (damn, I say that a lot! lol) there’s just something about each story that’s just struck me the right way.

Falling For Anthony by Meljean Brook (in the Hot Spell anthology)
Anthony is Colin Ames Beaumont’s best friend and has been in love with Colin’s sister, Emily, for years. Anthony goes off to war but dies at the hands of a Nosferatu. He becomes a Guardian and is mentored by Hugh. At the request of Michael, Hugh and Anthony return to England to help Colin & Emily. Not only is this a great love story between Anthony and Emily, but we see how Colin becomes a vampire in the first place.

The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole (in the Playing Easy to Get anthology)
Basically the story of Myst, a Valkyrie, who discovers she’s the bride of vampire Wroth. She in no way wants to be his bride so she kind of leaves him hanging, with a hard-on…for years. Ow. This a great little story. Not much of a romance but the story is very appealing and the sexin is hot. (shallow = Tracy)

Melting Frosty by Maggie Shayne (in the Enchanted Season anthology)
Holly has returned to her childhood home one last time to spend Christmas even though it’s by herself. Matt has come to look at the house that he’s purchased. Holly loves the holidays, Matt despises them. This is a great little tale of two people who find out they have more in common than they think. It’s a very fast romance but since it has a certain paranormal element it just worked for me.

Fever by Kimberly Dean (stand alone ebook)
This erotic novella is about Delia who goes home from work with a fever. She ends up being taken care of by a man…in so many different ways. He’s concerned about her well-being, but only one thing is gonna stop that fever. Ok, yes, sounds totally cheesy – and maybe it is to a point, but there’s just something about it. IDK

Winterborn by Sherrilyn Kenyon (in the Stroke of Midnight anthology)
A short in the Dark-Hunter series. Pandora is an Arcadian were-panther who is at Dragon Con looking for Acheron because she had been kidnapped by a pack of Katagaria and feels Ash is her only hope of getting back to her own pack. Dante is a Katagaria were-panther and is at Dragon Con, at Ash's invite, when he catches Pandora’s scent. He wants nothing to do with her, but can’t seem to stay away. A very short story but I liked Dante immensely and of course when he’s mentioned in a future book I know exactly who he is.

Well that’s it for me. Thanks for letting me spout for the past 3 days – it’s been fun!

(and can I just say that I love the man in the red towel? Love.him.)


Christine said...

Great topic, Tracy! I often have a love-hate relationship with anthologies, and I've even blogged about it in the past. Sometimes I'm only interested in one of the authors' stories and it annoys me to spend $7.99 on a 100 page short. But then I try to look at it like a chance to discover new-to-me authors, but I get annoyed when I discover the shorts are the 3rd or 4th story in a series that I haven't read. The claim will be there that the story can still act as stand alone, but I KNOW! And it makes me batty. But I buy them anyway. *sigh*

You've listed some of my favorite shorts in your post, too. Other favorites of mine include Paradise by Meljean Brook in Wild Thing anthology and my absolute favorite, Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs in the On the Prowl anthology. (And can I just say OMG I'm totally dying over here for Cry Wolf, the full length novel that follows Alpha and Omega that comes out on Tuesday?? DYING, I say!

Tracy said...

Hey Christine - I know what you mean about getting annoyed when you find out one of the shorts is part of a series. But I try to look at it as - Oh hey, cool, I already have that anthology so now I don't have to buy it! lol

I love Paradise as well but I had to stop somewhere in my list! lol I would have kept going.
I haven't read any of the Briggs stuff but I have the On the Prowl anthology I'll have to check it out! :)

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly!

I will comment later once I get past that first picture.......

KT Grant said...

Again Kate can not make a rational thought because she is drooling over the sexy beach men.

Tracy said...

Sayuri and KB - I know - me too. Totally drool worthy. Were there words on this post? lol

Sarai said...

So I love the man in the red towel as well. Geez I get so side tracked the menz had my attention the first 3 times I read this and fianlly I am able to get through it without loosing my train of thought.

Although that rambling may have proved me wrong. I like Christine have a love hate relationship with anthologies (I love to hate them) VERY few can keep my attention and very few make me happy and satisfied. The 2 that worked recently:
Meljean Brook's story you mentioned and Patricia Brigg's Alpha Omega that's it. I'm hoping the Nalini Singhi will work for me too *fingers crossed*

lisabea said...

I never liked anthologies, although often I find one or two of the stories work for me. I started reading novellas (and lots of them) and have had better luck. Buying one at a time seems to lessen my disappointment.

where's this mans happy trail? Did he lose it??

KT Grant said...

I licked off his happy trail.

Anonymous said...

still .can't .stop ogling.

Tracy said...

Sarai - I think you'll like the Nalini Singh Novella - it's was good to read about Tamsyn and Nate.

LB - yes, I've been buying so individual novella's and like them too. Although a lot of the time I ended just wanting more! lol
Happy trail? haha - KB apparently took care of need for him to shave it off! lol

Katie Reus said...

I love anthologies! I just downloaded Alpha and Omega b/c of reviews (looking forward to Cry Wolf now!!) and I'm addicted to the Secrets anthologies. There's usually one story I don't click w/ in Secrets but 99 percent of the time, I'm satisfied ;)

Tracy said...

Oh I'm so glad that you love anthologies as well!!!! I know most people don't but I do! :) I'm gonna check out Alpha and Omega on Wed. when I get home!!:)

Shannon said...

Red-towel boy? That is what we call some serious waxing. Damn.

I too have a love-hate relationship with anthologies. Sometime they have one good story and the rest are horrid. Then I feel as if I was ripped off. At the same time, an anthology ful of meh stories annoys me too. I often finish a novella and think "this story would have been great if it was a full length format."

I just read Falling For Anthony a couple weeks ago (THANK YOU!) I really liked it. I am glad I read it after Demon Angel. I think I got more out of it that way.

I would have to say Alpha and Omega is one of my all time favorites. I need to go to the store and buy Cry Wolf!!!

There was an antholoy I read back when I was in high school. I can't remember the name. It had gohsts and supernatural elements in all the novellas. I think La Nora may have contributed to it. I will just always remember it. So very good. There was a story that took place in a castle. The hero was ill. The heroine nursed him back to health. He thought she was a ghost, didn't realize she was living there (I don't remember how that was explained.) Ringing any bells with you guys?

Tracy said...

Yep - he's waxed to the hilt! lol But I love his face! :)

I have no idea what the anthology is that you mentioned that you read so long ago but would love to know. Maybe you can put out feelers at Smart Bitches - someone's bound to remember. I would love to know what it was - sounds wonderful! :)

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