Friday, April 3, 2009

Prizes! Yippee! WA-hoo!

Josh: So the winner was


(Lbea applauds wildly)

Well played! So you can have me send a copy of the books wherever or to whomever you like.

And just for playing along, I tossed in the names of the rest of you who played along so generously, and let the SO do the blind pick.

Lea and Kin

You can each pick a story and I'll send it along, just email me.

LBea... here are the answers!

Adrien English=Henley Skullfarquar

Jake Riordan=Boilermaker

Sean Fairchild=Chocolate Martini

Daniel Moran=Martini

Nathan Doyle=Vat 69

Will Brandt=Sam Houston burbon

Tim Martin=Anything alcoholic

Gabriel Sandalini=Pulque

Perry Foster=Hot cocoa

Christopher Holmes=Gin and Tonic

So that was fun! Thanks J. And to all the Dik friends out's my Lisabea post for Friday, April 3rd.

Yup. That's all I got.
Did you need anything else, really?


Lea said...


Wow, thank you so much. This is so nice of you.

Best Regards

Lea said...

By the way, the post, um WOW....

lbgregg said...

Lea~I know. I totally swiped him from my friend Shirley! over at his blog: The Lisp. He finds some wicked good pictures.

Tracy said...

Congrats all!

Nice post LB - totally rocks. :)

Kin said...

Holy -- what?! Really? Thank you so much! My luck is changing! Maybe I oughtta enter the lottery or something.

And now that I've ogled that picture for more than enough time, what should I email and where should I email it to? Just to be sure, you know. ;)

lbgregg said...


Drop me an email at


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