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About Me - T.A. Chase - DIK Day 1

I would like to introduce you to T.A. Chase, one of the best M/M authors I know. TA is a pretty cool guy - that's him in the photo. If you don't believe me, tomorrow he'll show you his face which he's keeping covered today to protect his secret identity. :) Wave

This is TA's official profile:
T.A. Chase lives in the Midwestern United States with his partner and two cats who believe they rule the world. By day, he lives in the real world, doing whatever needs to be done at his evil day job.

After work though, he can be found in all sorts of places. Of course, most of those places are only in his mind. The author of fourteen books so far, he doesn’t see any stopping, because the voices in his head are getting louder and louder every day.

Favorite Reading Position:
Have to say, curled up on the couch with my Kindle, though I spend as much time pushing my cat off me as I do reading. Silly creature believes if I’m sitting, then he must be sitting on me.

Best Love Song:
Gosh…I have to pick one. Seriously? Umm…So She Dances by Josh Groban. I love his voice and it tells of yearning and all the possibilities of finally revealing your love for someone.

Favorite Heroine:
Talia from Mercedes Lackey’s Queen’s Arrows trilogy. She does what she must to survive and complete her duty, but she’s vulnerable and makes mistakes along the way, just like real people do.

Author everyone loves, but you don’t:
Robert Ludlum and JK Rowling. 

If you could be in one book/series/world, which would it be:
Easy…Valdemar. Mercedes Lackey has built a wonderfully complex world peopled by characters who seem real in many ways.

How old is your inner voice?
About 15…lol. And that can lead to some interesting comments slipping out of my mouth at any given time.

Favorite Sex Song:
Deeper into You by Johnny Hazard. ;)

If you could be a hero, who would you be?
Ummm…Joe Ledger from Patient Zero by Jonathan Marberry. I just finished that book and Joe is the man. Wow…flawed almost to the point of having mental problems, but willing to do what needs to be done to save the world.

What heroine is most like me?
I guess I’ve never thought about this before. Now I’m going to be watching movies, wondering who would play me in the straight version of my life.

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)

Favorite book set on a tropical island
I have to admit I don’t remember reading any books set on a tropical island. Boy, that’s sad. I’m going to have to get some recommendations now.

What hero is most like your significant other?
Someone asked me this a few weeks ago, but she was talking about my own heroes. If I had to pick someone else’s hero, I’d say my SO is most like Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Serenity(Firefly).

What hero would you like to be your significant other?
Riddick from Chronicles of Riddick….hey, at least, no one would ever hassle me again, right?

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring?
A buff cabana boy to serve my drinks, a blender to make said drinks, and lots of sun tan lotion for said cabana boy to spread over me. What? I burn easily.

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
Screwdriver. Nothing better than Vodka and o.j. mixed together over ice.


jessewave said...

Thank you for gracing the DIK blog with your presence. I'm looking forward to talking with you over the next 3 days. This will be a gas!

Hey, nice body - can't wait to see the face that goes with it. You'd better not disappoint. *g*

Jenre said...

Very interesting, TA. Your cats are lovely, even if they do have that pissed off 'stop taking photos of me' face that cats do when you're trying to take their picture!

Your SO is like Malcolm Reynolds? You lucky, lucky guy!

T.A.Chase said...

Thanks, Wave and Jenre.

Did I say I'd reveal my face? Hmmm...I guess I should have read the small print when I agreed to show up


My cats often give me that look...not just for taking their pictures. Also, for not feeding them on time, not petting them enough or not leaving them alone when they want to be left alone. :)

I think I am a pretty lucky guy. Considering how hot I think Capt. Mal

Jambrea said...

I'm liking your SO better and better every day. heehee

Riddick and Mal are hot! Great choices. :)

What heroine is most like me?
I guess I’ve never thought about this before. Now I’m going to be watching movies, wondering who would play me in the straight version of my life.

You'll have to let us know the answer to this when you figure it out. lol

Unknown said...

TA, loved getting to know you better!

Tam said...

Hey, you stole my black cat.

And I can't believe you don't love Harry Potter. Sigh. My opinion of you may be changing. Unless you can offer me an unlimited supply of screwdrivers, then I'm good with it. :-)

Enjoy your days on the blog.

Tracy said...

Hey there! Thanks for the visit!

I love that you picked Riddick as you SO. He'd kick anyone's ass! lol Of course if you SO's already like Malcolm well then who needs Riddick?

Love the cats - they look very cuddly - I'm sure it's all a ploy to get onto your lap. :)

Carolyn Crane said...

TA, welcome! Love your answers and cat pics. I have never heard your chosen song, Deeper Into You, but it certainly conjures the images.

Jonathan Maberry said...

Glad you enjoyed PATIENT ZERO. Joe Ledger is a lot of fun to write, and you're right: he does cruise the line between damaged and deranged. He'll be back next year in THE DRAGON FACTORY.

Oh, the cat. When my own cat, Cobbler, passed last year I wrote him into the novel so now he's Joe's cat. He gets to be immortal that way!

Carol, the cat slave said...

I enjoyed learning a little more about you - can't wait for the next two posts.

Malcolm Reynolds, eh? You're a lucky man! And your cats are cute, too!

Unknown said...

Mal Reynolds is one of my fave heroes, you lucky, lucky man...sigh. I can't wait to see the face that goes with that bod, either. lol

Interesting questions and provocative answers. I loved it.

Edmee said...

Oh, the cats are so serious looking and big!
After seeing them i finally understood what do you mean by "who believe they rule the world". :) But i am sure you don't mind if they do so. ;)

Edmee said...

(OMG! I actually blogspot let me comment on this blog. It's a miracle. *happy*)

Emeraldjaguar said...

*Josh Groban squee* so glad he's all legal and stuffs now. Felt like a perv for crushing on him when he was 16 and singing like a big boy, lulz.

T.A.Chase said...

Hey everyone,

Thanks for stopping by.

Okay...all those comments about my cats and the orange one is laying sprawled out on the floor, stomach up, with his front paws crossed over his It really sucks being a cat, I bet. :)

Wow. Jonathan Maberry stopped by. That's cool. I was wondering how soon the next Joe Ledger book would be out. Awesome, I'll be keeping an eye out for that.

Kris said...

Mal and Riddick. *sigh*

*snapping out of it*

Okay, I wanna know why you can put the pics of T A up here, Wave, but he wouldn't let you put the, umm, revealling photos of himself up for the Friday's menz. I recall piercings being mentioned. ;)

jessewave said...

Sorry Tam
You know that I have a private collection which some would kill to see. Let's just say that I know where his most intimate mole is (VERY strategically placed - but you can only see it sometimes)*g*. Guys get all the fun!! It's as if someone upstairs knew he would be famous someday, and that people would pay to see his very buff ....MIND.

Tam said...

Hey, it was Kris begging for nekkid pics, not me. I would NEVER do that, I'm far too innocent for that kind of perversion. *flutters eye lashes* And I'm still tapping my foot waiting for my pitcher of screwdrivers over here. Ahem? T.A.? Drinks?

brooks said...

Hi, TA. Love all your answers. It's fun seeing little glimpses into your mind. :) Thanks.

Bridget Locke said...

Hi! *waves*

I saw you mention Mercedes Lackey & I squealed like a little girl. *rolls eyes* I'm the biggest Valdemar fan. So, so sad. I don't care! :D

Ebook Addict said...

Awesome interview TA!!

Let me help with your deserted Island reading - Island of Temptation by Claire Thompson:-) lol

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